Dazzling Night

Good afternoon, bloggers!
 On Thursday, I went to a Blogger Gathering held by Lux who is launching their latest two new products collaborating with Preciosa. The two products are Lux White Glamour which contains microcrystal while Lux White Radiance contains crushed shiny pearls. I prefer the White Radiance because it has more feminine scent while the White Glamour is slightly too sweet for me because of the vanilla. And I'm not exactly a fan of musk. 

The Senior Brand Manager, Afriani Karina, explains that their goal are similar with Preciosa, Czech Crystal Company, to make women shine and sparkle and dazzling so they can radiate their inner and outer beauty. Thus, the collaboration. Lux also annointed five beautiful, gorgeous, sophisticated, and of course, dazzling ladies to share their dazzling moment. The five ladies are Stella Rissa (fashion designer), Lala Karmela (singer), Joseph Fitria (fashion editor), Andra Alodita (fashion blogger), and Alanda Kariza (youth activist). All five were spreading their sparkles and twinkling around us blogger. All five are truly inspiring and I am so happy they are representing these two products because they do shine in their own field.

I also got a chance to meet new blogger friends and can not wait for more blogger gathering.

Oh and the dresscode was dazzling white! (the lace dress is from JessJess, bag by Guess, dettachbale collar by Miss Selfridge, and heels by Bellagio.)And the decor was all white with flowers, white lamp stands, crystals, and everything is impeccable to the tiniest detail. T'was a dazzling night indeed.

Hopefully all of you are having a lovely Sunday!

Blue Liners

 shirt - Vintagers, skirt and loafers - thrifted from Melbourne, bag - gifted, watch - Forever21

Hello! I keep telling myself in the mirror "Today is a good day to have a good day."
I feel like things have been going against me. I'm not sure if I'm the one who's going the wrong way or I'm in the middle of a process. However, I try to always keep my spirit up and your uplifiting comments help me a ton. Thank you. And I guess, lots of prayers wouldn't hurt either.

As for the outfit, I wore this variation of outfit about three times but never got a chance to take pictures for the blog. So I guess, although I was feeling woozy and nauseous, I took outfit pictures anyway! I really like how the blue and the white gives a cool vibe while the brown gives a sense of warmness into the whole outfit :)

Hopefully everybody is having a good day!

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Blind Spot

studded collar chiffon blouse - JessJess, hi-lo skirt - Liqueur, wedges - Bata, gold necklace - Topshop, maroon messenger bag - Hubsch

"Many people don't know that the human eye has a blind spot in its field of vision. There's a part of the world that we are literally blind to. The problem is, sometimes our blind spots shield us from things that really shouldn't be ignored. Sometimes, our blind spots keep our lives bright and shiny.
When it comes to our blind spots, maybe our brains aren't compensating. Maybe they're protecting us.." - Meredith from Grey's Anatomy.

If any, I am grateful we have a blind spot. There are things that we are not supposed to know, that would only do us too much damage. I'm actually content right now. Life has not been what I expected but I refused to be sad. Lately, it has been harder to do so though. But as I said before, sadness is easy because it means surrender. I say, open up your window and let the breezes wipe it away.

As for the outfit, I am so so happy with this chiffon blouse! It's super comfy, great fit, and the studded collar is my favorite part of all. Decided to pair it with my maroon mullet skirt for a chiffon over chiffon delight. 

Let's fight the Monday blues!

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Back To My First Love

chiffon blouse - bought it in a boutique in Haji Lane, highwaisted denim skirt - Topshop, shoes - MKS',  bag - gifted from a friend

Studs and distressed denim still very much fascinating to me but for now, I thought I should go back to my very first love. Dainty vintage dressing. Chiffon blouse, highwaisted skirt, and floral semi-boots are those I know best. Again and again they prove themselves to be the ultimate combo I hold dear in my heart. 

Hopefully everybody is having a great weekend!

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In Memory of Summer

sunnies - Zara, top - Forever21, skirt - Bershka, bag - from a friend, sandals - Marie Claire, watch - Guess

So the leaves are turning brown and starting to take a dive to the ground. Sure enough we love it now. With the colder weather that doesn't make our hair looking limp. But I'm sure soon we will miss the colorful flowers and the warm sunrays on our skin and the hot coffee we have every morning.

These pictures were taken about a month ago on my latest short trip to Singapore. 
I thought I post it before we miss colors too badly.. 
To Summer!

PS. Apologies for falling off the grid. Been a little busy bee. Off in the morning and back after sun down. Will try to get back to comments super duper soon!

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Hot Mix : Red and Yellow

mustard blazer - JessJess, Nikolai dress - Velvet, red belt - vintage from Mom, red heels - IWearUp, floral crown - ViaDeLaRosa

".. all of them, all of this, we knew we would never see again. So we came to understand that small and important thing, that our lives could be large with interesting strangers who would pass us by without any personal involvement."  The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje

Been pretty much in love with this book and I'm only halfway reading it. I dog-eared almost all the pages it's sort of useless. I practically found amazing sentences or a paragraph that makes you think and makes you feel a little sad. Although it's a good kinda of sad. The kind of sad you knew you should feel, in order to be happy again. Another silly musing by my famous brain. Sometimes I pray to God I can switch off the part of brain that does too much thinking.

As for the outfit, I am completely head over heels with this dress. It has such a vintage print but the mix of primary colors make it feels more "today". I guess it's the haircut, but I feel like dressing up in a slightly modern way as opposed as my usual vintage dainty self. Couldn't help but to put on my floral crown tho.

Hopefully your weekend will be sweet.

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The Other Side of Me

dress, chiffon blazer, and heels - all from HongKong, headband - thrifted, bracelet - H&M

"Early on she had confessed a pleasure in danger. She was right about that. It was there like a joker, something that did not quite fit in her nature. There were always to be discoveries about her, some of them as small as that wink on the pier in Aden when she wanted me to guess at something. But a good part of her world, as I would come to know later, long after our time on the Oronsay , she kept to herself, and I have come to realize that the gentleness of manner I spoke must have grown naturally out of a disguised life." - Michael Ondaatje, The Cat's Table

I love discovering another side of me. God is so complicated and I gues humans are a complicated being with unpredictable sides as well. Yes, I can be contemplative and quiet but once every blue moon, I got all dancy and chirpy. Please click this link and like our dancing video :)

PS. I am so sorry I have been really out of touch with all of your lovely blogs. I haven't replied comments for what it seems like forever. Or blogwalking, for that matter. Please continue to come back and relentlessy leave comment as I'm sure at some point I will reply! Your patience is highly appreciated.

Hopefully everybody is having a great midweek!

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Life is . . . Amazing

necklace - Topshop, studded ombre denim jacket - WeAreAllCurious, velvet skirt - The Editor's Market, creepers - Glitz, sunnies - Zara, watch - Guess

This outfit is slightly different than my usual getup. When I'm not strolling around in my floral and vintage dresses, I wake up in my velvet and studded + ombre denim jacket. That's just how I do.

Hello, 23 year old me. Yes, I am indeed a year older. Last year has been amazing. I don't feel like I changed that much. But I do change, for the better I hope. It's funny when I think about the fact that when I was younger, I always thought about how much I have gained or how much I have accomplished in the past year? These days, all I'm thinking is about how I haven't love enough, I haven't touch enough hearts, I haven't give enough, I haven't create enough smiles in someone else's face, and most importantly, I haven't serve Him enough. I guess it's just me getting older inside. 

So this paragraph is dedicated to my parents, my sisters, my adorable grandma, all of my relatives, my deceased dog, my real-life friends, my blogger friends, and everyone whose path crossed mine. I am grateful for each and every one of you. You guys put colors in my life.

I can not say thank you enough for my God, my rock and my refugee, my biggest motivator, my consolation, my source of peacefulness, and my restless guardian. All I want in the end is just to hear You say "well done".

So here's to another year of more love, more new friends, and more smile :)

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Life can be amazing if you are brave enough to take risks

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