Airport Fashion

pink oversized blazer - Forever21, scalloped blouse + pointy black flats - one of the many shops on Haji Lane, black skater skirt - HongKong, bow and polkadot stockings - PVJ, brown drawstring bag - from a friend, rose gold watch - Guess

It's the key in dressing up for airport and long hours on the plane. Also, loose fitting everything! I know, I'm sort of obnoxious when it comes to tight-fitting dress. I against all of them. I need outfit that I can eat in it. I don't supposed you can argue with that. Especially on a holiday!

I always bring a stocking (cute patterns and colors are very welcome to spice up your look) with me as I easily get cold. This pink blazer has travelled to Korea and Australia and countless time to Singapore. I love how it's oversized but still look cute, plus it's super warm! Loose vintage blouse and a basic skirt and your comfiest (and coolest) pair of flats and you are ready to go international :)

Hopefully not too much blabbering from me. 
Wishing everyone a good midweek!

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