Life is . . . Amazing

necklace - Topshop, studded ombre denim jacket - WeAreAllCurious, velvet skirt - The Editor's Market, creepers - Glitz, sunnies - Zara, watch - Guess

This outfit is slightly different than my usual getup. When I'm not strolling around in my floral and vintage dresses, I wake up in my velvet and studded + ombre denim jacket. That's just how I do.

Hello, 23 year old me. Yes, I am indeed a year older. Last year has been amazing. I don't feel like I changed that much. But I do change, for the better I hope. It's funny when I think about the fact that when I was younger, I always thought about how much I have gained or how much I have accomplished in the past year? These days, all I'm thinking is about how I haven't love enough, I haven't touch enough hearts, I haven't give enough, I haven't create enough smiles in someone else's face, and most importantly, I haven't serve Him enough. I guess it's just me getting older inside. 

So this paragraph is dedicated to my parents, my sisters, my adorable grandma, all of my relatives, my deceased dog, my real-life friends, my blogger friends, and everyone whose path crossed mine. I am grateful for each and every one of you. You guys put colors in my life.

I can not say thank you enough for my God, my rock and my refugee, my biggest motivator, my consolation, my source of peacefulness, and my restless guardian. All I want in the end is just to hear You say "well done".

So here's to another year of more love, more new friends, and more smile :)

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Life can be amazing if you are brave enough to take risks

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