Cheery Yellow

I think yellow is one of the most fun color to wear. 
It just oozes cheerfulness and combining it with floral prints, I can definitely rock this look all spring long.
I hope you're not bored with me wearing floral just yet. It is spring afterall!

Spring Essentials

What are your spring fashion essentials? I like my spring outfit to be colorful yet with a dash of romance in it. What could be better than floral prints right? Okay, floral prints and spring is not exactly ground breaking but I'm not one of those trendsetter, I like wearing my old stuff! This pants have been with me for over a year now and I never fail to pull it out spring time come.

4th Blogoversary Giveaway (Romwe Vouchers)

I'm closing this week with a giveaway for you! I have been a loyal fan of Romwe. I guess it's safe to say that it's the first online store that put bloggers on such high attention to be a niche in marketing place. Romwe was kind enough to send me a $19.99 shopping voucher and I'm giving it away in the name of my 4th Blogoversary!

Yes, my blog is four years old and it's only the beginning. I want to thank my old and new readers who has made all of this possible. I definitely wouldn't survive so long without your constant support either it simply be one pageview or a lovely comment. I will continue this blog for as long as I could and as long as I enjoy it.

Anyway, you must do all three to be eligible in this giveaway. Good luck!
I will announce one lucky winner on 26th of May.

Bogor Botanical Gardens

I spent my Easter Sunday at Bogor Botanical Gardens. The place was packed with other churches holding egg hunts scavenger. The day was humid and I was practically bathing in my own sweats. It sounds so unpleasant! I'm sorry, let's go back to the fun stuff. Bogor Botanical Gardens is a vast area of natural beauty and although I did visit this place when I was in high school, I couldn't help myself of being a complete tourist and took pics in every corner.

Not So Pastel

I hope you guys have a great Easter weekend! Mine was hectic and definitely draining my energy but it was blissful and I'm so grateful for the friends and family that are all so supportive and loving. Especially, big thanks to Jesus who had died on the cross to redeem our sins and yes He is risen! It's not just Easter Day, I hope you continue to give thanks each day of your life for His grace and mercy.

Anyway, I wanted a super pastel outfit for Easter day but ended up with a floral blazer instead (more about that on the next post). This look is actually almost a week old but I feel this one is perfect for an Easter day out with the family. It has this softness with the pretty shade of purple on the skirt but the blacks keep it classic and not so pastel.

Flirty Fuschia

I have never been a fan of fuschia but I do admit it looks absolutely darling in pictures. Not to mention how it flatters my pale yellow-ish complexion. I made this dress for a cousin's wedding and this fun number is starting to grow on me. Not to mention the lace details. Lord have mercy on me and anything lace (and flowery prints!).

Do follow my new instagram account @EscapeSweetest ! My @steviatepi account is still active but I reserved it for friends and family updates ( I also made it private for personal reasons) while on @EscapeSweetest, you'll get to see more about my day and my outfits :)

Mama San Kitchen Bar and Lounge Bali

I visited Mama San Kitchen Bar and Lounge last January on my short holiday to Bali. I was planning to do a review but I sort of forget everything! LOL. Do pardon my forgetful self. Hence I'm just going to post some pictures and left you with the fact that Mama San is a great fancy place to have your Asian fusion meals. I love the food and my friends enjoy it too. Price is quite expensive so be ready to spend some cash. I guess you'll have a hearty meal with 200k rupiah / person.


This dress is a darling and a must have for you who loves flowery prints and elegant looks. Other plus points about this already pretty dress are the little sleeves and the backdetails. I don't have much confidence about my upper arms so that little sleves helped a lot to conceal excess flesh. Anyway, the title snatched from my current favorite perfume, Florabotanica by Balenciaga. Which I think, suits very well with the dress. 

Hopefully you will have a lovely day ahead!

Swing into Spring

Excuse my pale face! When I took this pics, I forgot to reapply my lipgloss. Anyway, that's probably not what you care about since spring is in full force with flowers blooming everywhere. I must say, I love this particular season mostly because my style fits very well with spring. I love flowery prints, pastels, and light layering. What is your favorite season?

Sheer Business

This a potential weekend get up. The sheer panel is the perfect mix of sophistication and seduction. I was considering to get one in white but decided to get this in black considering I will wear this for a semi-formal ocassion such as a friend's birthday party or a fancy dinner with my family.

What are you all planning weekend? All I know, I'm just so so happy it's weekend again.

Gan Bei Kitchen Review

During the long weekend, which was filled with soirees involving some of my favorite people, I had a chance to visit Gan Bei Kitchen located near to my house. It was a brutal trip from my place cause as a supposedly a-20-minutes-drive turned out to be a one and a half hour drive thanks to the traffic. I expect the place to be full but to our delight, the recently opened restaurant was quite empty. At first glance, I was impressed with the vintage feel of the interior and surely, I have had enough of industrial cafes that this fancy place was a welcomed change.

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