About The Author
On one fine Sunday in fall 1989, Stevia was born. A second child from three daughters. She hold dear her childhood memories growing up in a small countryside village of Subang. However, she learned to love the city live when she moved to Bandung at the age of eleven. She spent an unforgettable of three and a half years in UPH, Lippo Karawaci where she earned her Bachelor degree. Stevia is now living a sweet life in Bandung with the family and helping out her father on his waterpark. Stevia has a strange obsession for puppies, tofus (yes the food), coffee shops, bags, and anything vintage. Lately, she's really really into travelling.  

About The Blog
The Sweetest Escape was established in May 2010 by Stevia and her sister. However, the dear sister doesn't feel like blogging anymore so Stevia took over this blog. The dear sister has her own blog now (do head over to Little Thing About Life to get to know her more It's currently inactive, but she's quite unpredictable so she might pop in once in a while). This blog is mostly an outfit and food diary. You might also find a little bit about Stevia's family, friends, and her random musings. The reason author chose The Sweetest Escape as a name is because this blog is an escape from her humble ordinary life. And so far, it has been the sweetest escape <3

About The Tools
All pictures in this blog are mostly taken using Fuji X100T camera but as per 2022, most of the pictures are taken with iPhone 13. Her second chosen gear is Canon G7X . Such a great little compact camera.
Majority of pics here is taken by her devoted husband. Sometimes author loves taking pics with a tripod.
Author use Adobe Photoshop 5 CS and GIMP 2.6.11 to edit pictures.