Hey Baby Blue

Hello, dolls!
It is Monday again and somehow my dress matches the "Monday blue"! How cool! (such a dork, I know). Well, personally, I don't feel blue at all. If I would put a color on my mood right now, it would be brown. I just feel really calm and at peace now. Very zen indeed.

This dress is definitely my favorite dress. One of many. I think it's silly to only have ONE favorite item. I have a lot of favorites. It is difficult to only have one single favorite. It's like you have to choose one of your favorite kid. How unfair. You know what, I'll just say, I love this dress :)

cardigan - N61, dress - thrifted, bow belt - Myoung Doung street market, 
shoes - The Little Things She Needs

Lebaran holiday is finally over. I hope all of you who celebrates Ramadhan had a splendid time with your family. Everybody is back doing their business.The stores are back open. People are back being hard at work. And rush hour when everyone is going at work or when everyone is going back from work finally returned. I do miss the busy-ness and the hectic from my days and the roads. It makes weekend so much more sweet. Agree?

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