Shiny Happy People

Hello, lovelies!
I have the worst headache due to all this hangul.
It sounds like I studied a lot. Well.. I did open my book for hours.. But not exactly getting anything inside my poor jammed brain. I have the worst focus span ever. Between the TV, my annoying yet adorable dog, and my blackberry . . .

This dress is one of my impulse buys. I added at least 10 items to my closet over the last month.
(So I declare myself on a shopping ban and delegated my sister in charge to keep me off shopping. Besides, what sisters are for?)
And I haven't got the chance to wear even half of them.

I am completely in love with this dress.
I love the color. The prints. The shiny fabric. The color. 
The dress makes me happy  ;)
The dress is pretty loud for itself so I refrain myself to add any accessory.

 cardigan - BTC, dress - Velvet, flats - The Little Things She Need

I apologized for being so lousy at replying comments. I managed to do some using my blackberry when I'm in the car. But it's so difficult to read your lovely posts using that small screen.. I just don't have that luxury to do blogwalking yet.. But I promise I WILL get back to all of you! Be patient will you? :)


  1. very lovely, new, royal blue with red hearts dress! i like how you paired it with that sweater. please be kind to yourself stevia, headaches are the worst! ok studying isn't much fun either. try to rest, if you can.

  2. cute dress! very you :) love the colors and the loose fit. I've been trying to do a shopping ban too but it's so hard when there's a whole world wide web to shop on!

    The House of Shoes

  3. I totally understand! School is sucking my life away from blogging...

    And seriously how cute is your dress, I LOVE it!

  4. pretty drees,cardigan and flat all perfect match :)

  5. hi there thanks for the comment,come back anytime to check out more of my latest posts!
    see u around

  6. super cute dress!!! i think i need to go on a shopping ban...forever LOL

    and omg you're learning korean? SO COOL! i've always wanted to learn but am horrible at learning languages hehe.

  7. The print on that dress is very sweet. And I love the colors! :) Your red flats are super adorable too!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  8. Lovely dress and I think it's really a great buy. It even looks custom made.

    Get well soon. :)

  9. you look so cute in here. I love your dress so much ;)

  10. AH, this dress is really lovely!<3
    Yea I designed it by myself;P

    Ello super gantengg!wkwk sayang ga foto bareng.

  11. great impulse buy in that dress!!! the print is absolutely darling and the colors are beautiful... love that you made them pop with the complimentary blazer and flats. and you look SO happy <3shelby

  12. I like your ideas and sense of style.

  13. this is such a cute and summery outfit :)!
    I can't wait for summer here :D

  14. cute style,love the color casual chic stevia :*

  15. hi my dear dear stevia! I've just finished a tough week of tests too, and glad its over for both of us for the moment. I totally love the mood in these pics! so happy and bubbly, just like you....!

    hope you have a great weekend :D

  16. you look really pretty on those outfits!
    mind to follow each other? :D


  17. aaaw love the print on the dress!

  18. Cute dress, I love it :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  19. That is a great dress! I love the buttons down the back. I agree, it was a good idea to keep it simple, and you did it wonderfully.


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