Shiny Happy People

Hello, lovelies!
I have the worst headache due to all this hangul.
It sounds like I studied a lot. Well.. I did open my book for hours.. But not exactly getting anything inside my poor jammed brain. I have the worst focus span ever. Between the TV, my annoying yet adorable dog, and my blackberry . . .

This dress is one of my impulse buys. I added at least 10 items to my closet over the last month.
(So I declare myself on a shopping ban and delegated my sister in charge to keep me off shopping. Besides, what sisters are for?)
And I haven't got the chance to wear even half of them.

I am completely in love with this dress.
I love the color. The prints. The shiny fabric. The color. 
The dress makes me happy  ;)
The dress is pretty loud for itself so I refrain myself to add any accessory.

 cardigan - BTC, dress - Velvet, flats - The Little Things She Need

I apologized for being so lousy at replying comments. I managed to do some using my blackberry when I'm in the car. But it's so difficult to read your lovely posts using that small screen.. I just don't have that luxury to do blogwalking yet.. But I promise I WILL get back to all of you! Be patient will you? :)

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