To Be Loved Is The Greatest Gift of All

I celebrated my 22th birthday last Saturday. I got plenty of presents and I love all of them (boy, my friends sure do know little ole me!). But truly, the greatest gift of all is the feeling of loved. That day I was just the happiest quaint birthday-girl. <3

 Apparently, I failed to take any outfit picture, so this one must do :)

chiffon blazer - Korea, dress - Gaudi (one of my birthday present!), 
belt - thrifted, wedges - Charles&Keith

You can't really see it, but my dress has the cutest elephant prints!
Can you see it?
Apologies for not having a decent outfit pictures, bloggers. 
It felt weird to take a solo picture at event like this. 
Anyway, I was having a major fashion-emergency the day before. I couldn't figure out what to wear. Then out of the blue, just at the last minutes, a package came and it comes with this cutest dress I ever laid my eyes on. Saved!

Wherever you are right now, whatever you are doing, I hope you are all safe and feeling the love :)

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