The New Noah's Barn Bandung

The first Noah's Barn opened in 2012 located at Jalan Garuda (near my church!) and it took Bandung coffee-lovers by storm. The new one opened in the late 2014 located at Jalan Dayang Sumbi (right across Beehive, read my Beehive post here) and it is so much bigger than the ones at Jalan Garuda. I am definitely happy with so much more space and a more homey interior with plenty of woods and leather covered sofas.

Ocean Blue

I always find blue color works for all kind of skin colors and all kind of style. One thing for sure, this shade always remind of the ocean with its calming superpower thanks to the breeze and the sound of waves combo. I am a confessed insomniac and the sound of waves helped takes away my messy thoughts.

Tired Wings

The little birds
                 who dream of flight;
                                 who gaze into the starry night.

Their tired wings
            fold down and up
           they try their best
               but it is not enough.

Grounded by Lang Leav

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