Monarchy Bistro Bogor

I didn't know what to expect when I was about to visit Monarchy Bistro but nonetheless, I was quite impressed. I had no idea Bogor has a nice cafe/restaurant. The place is spacious with smoking and non-smoking area separated nicely.  It has industrial theme but I didn't quite hate it... Perhaps because they have quirky yet adorable sketches everywhere. The place was full and we have to waitlisted for a while but they have such comfy sofa to wait so who can complain?

Carnivor PIK

So this Carnivor is different from the one located in Bandung. This one in PIK is definitely a big brother of some kind because it's better than the one in Bandung. Space-wise this place is huge if we're comparing to PIK cutie tiny cafe standard. Hence, I would recommend this place as a family-friendly place! I love the warm ambience with exposed brick wall here and there. It feels very rustic. Like a dining room of a traditional American house. Food-wise is good but I found nothing special...

Shop at RoseGal

It has been awhile since I was approached to do a sponsored post so I'm quite excited with this one! Not to mention that Rosegal has great fashion items, not just clothing, but also accesories and even the latest craze of temporary tattoos. They also have an impressive collection of hats and my favorite is this stripey number. So perfect for your little black dress or even your little black romper.

This pretty stripey straw hat is just the best because it's unlike other hats that I've ever seen. Very rarely I see a stripey straw hat. In case you want to grab it, you can click here

You can definitely pair that cute stripey hat number with a solid black romper. Romper is still trending thanks to its chic sillhoutte. Click here to place your order.

This jewelry tattoo is the perfect accesory for those late night party. It's cute and cheap and you don't have to be afraid of losing it while dancing! You can get one by clicking here

My favorite part is the free shipping worldwide part of course! I always dread those $20 fee when something I bought is not even that expensive! Anyway, they are having an anniversary promo so it's the perfect time to shop :)

Have a nice day shopping, all!

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