Honey Lemon Shot : How To and What For

Hi, guys!
I posted my honey lemon shot on instagram two weeks ago and my friends as well as followers have been asking questions about this shot. I took it for 6 days and then stopped because I ran out of lemons. I started again two days ago and I thought I'll just do a post to explain all of your questions. 

Epi Magic

I have never been a fan of Louis Vuitton monogram and hence, I steer away from the brand. But upon having a chance to entered their amazing headquarter store at Champs du Elysses, I stumble upon the epi leather items and I irrecovably fell in love. It was magic.
Yes this BB Alma is way to small to be an everyday bag but I didn't buy this pretty baby to be an everyday bag afterall. I bought this to be something which I only pull out for special occasions because this bag is special to me. It's my very first high-end bag on my very first Europe trip. You can bet I will cherish this bag until I can pass it down to my daughter/nieces.

Anyway, let's have a good Monday!

Key Pieces with Lenovo S850 : #StyleSnapShare

When thinking about what I want to wear the next day, I always pick one or two key pieces that I want to highlight that day. Today is the day for Lenovo S850 in hot pink! I keep everything in neutrals to make sure the pink color pops in screen. Although all items that I wear is in black and white, I make sure it has different textures such as my lace top and a fun print like my polkadot shorts which I just have to match with my polkadot headband. After taking my outfit of the day, I continue by posting it on my blog and media social accounts. So my daily activities are basically #StyleSnapShare. Which also happens to be Lenovo S850 tagline, making this gadget a new favorite in the family.

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