My Best Twirl Game

Who's excited for Chinese New Year? I know I am!
So yes, I'm excited mostly because of the red envelops filled with money (as we Asians call it, angbao) but also to see all of our relatives. If in US and UK family usually gathers in Christmas time, we Asians gathers in Chinese New Year. You can say.. we are highly motivated ;)

Just popping in to show you my best twirl game in this lovely sabrina dress. And it's in red, so it's very appropriate for this time of the year because as Indonesian Chinese, red color is believed to bring good luck and scare away the evil spirits. I'm not much of a superstitious but I do love red. It's a fun vibrant color that suits all kind of skin tone.

Have a good weekend, all! 

In A Red Dress

Just popping in to say hi and have a great Monday!
I had a tiring weekend out of town for an aunt' birthday and can't wait for it to be a weekend once again so I can just chill out and relax. I did spend a good time surrounded by distant relatives and seeing my cutie patootie niece who has grown up so much since the last I saw her is the best. Well, how can we not talk about family when family is all we got, right?
Was wearing this simple red dress to get in the mood of Chinese New Year :)
One week away and I'm so so excited to get the red angpao #wheresmymoney
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

Into The Wild

An extended stay in the wilderness inevitably directs one’s attention outward as much as inward, and it is impossible to live off the land without developing both a subtle understanding of, and a strong emotional bond with, that land and all it holds.” 

It's no secret that Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer is one of my favorite book. I quoted this particular book many times throughout the blog. Despite the overly romantized Chris McCandles and his unrealistic dream for living off the land, I do admire Mr. Supertramp for his pure idealism (and his guts to actually live in the wild). Also, there are so many wise words that got me thinking and couldn't help but to agree with. Such as "for each day to always have a new and different sun" or the fact that "happiness only real when shared". There is also "how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong".

Anyway, this photos are from The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park (Cibodas). A credit here to my boyfriend for always putting up with my annoying wish to visit super tourist-y places in our own hometown.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

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