Gingham Style

Hi, guys!
If you get the title reference from Gangnam Style; hi there, fellow K-Popers. Anyway, gingham is definitely a popular print this summer. Thanks to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, it has been on our radar for quite some time. It was a huge hit last year and you still see it in every store this year too. I'm not complaining since I do find gingham prints to be both cute and casual yet still very chic and on trend. Here are two cute summer looks with this classic prints.

Ombre and Neon

Hi, guys!
These set of pics is from three weeks ago but three weeks ago the weather was still a bit cold and I actually wrapped myself in a scarf after these pics were taken. But anyway, since the weather have been warming up, I thought I would post this look now.

Ombre and tie dye is making a come back this summer but not just that, neon is also back this summer. I was really hesitant about this trend since I feel it's such a bright color and while I'm all about colors, this blinding colors was too much for me. However, since I'm all about experimenting when it comes to fashion, I bought a set of hair ties and earrings to start small.

Three Ways to Wear Fruit Prints This Summer

Hi, guys!
One of my favorite summer trend is the fruit prints. It’s such a fun and flirty trend that you can only rock when the sun is shining bright. Now I understand that fruit prints can be a little much for people while other people (as yours truly) would love nothing but to wear fruit prints from head to toe. So here I put together three sweet looks incorporating this vibrant print.

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