Sam Poo Kong Semarang

Hi, guys!
This post will also have more pics than usual but not too much so no worries. Sam Poo Kong is a complex of Chinese temples for Kong Hu Cu religion located in Semarang. This place have five temples with the building style following a mixed of Chinese and Javanese architectural style. We went there on a Friday around 11AM and the place was not crowded but there were quite some people roaming around. There is an entrance fee (Rp 28.000 or around US$2) that we also bought at Traveloka but you can definitely bought one on the spot. 

So there were only two temples you can enter. The one behind us and the main temple. But even the main temple, there were a line to border the prayer ground; so if you're not praying, you can't enter. I think it's a really good idea since even tho it is a historical building for tourists, it is also a functional temple and we must respect those who pray.

Main Temple (left), Kyai Juru Mudi Temple (center), and Tho Tee Kong Temple (right).

There were also stalls that sell food and drinks after the entrance. You can also rented traditional Chinese outfit and get your photo taken. We didn't check those out so we're not sure how much renting those costumes will cost you. Anyway, all five temples were clean and well kept I would definitely suggest you to visit if you have the chance. There were also some guides at the front but that also will cost you money.

Anyway, wishing everyone a good day!

Jatim Park 2 Review : Batu Secret Zoo, Museum Satwa, & Eco Green Park

Hi, guys!
Again, this post contains A LOT of photos and it's longer than my usual post, so get comfy. We went to Jatim Park 2 on a Tuesday during school holiday and the place was crowded. We got there around 10 AM and spent about five hours inside. Jatim Park 2 consists of Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, Museum Satwa, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land. And that is us just breezing through everything. If you want to soak in each place, you will need all day. Jatim Park 2 opens from 10 AM to 6 PM while Eco Green Park closes at 4 PM. We got our tickets at Traveloka but you can also buy one on the spot.

Bucket Hat Trend

Hi, guys!
Bucket hat is one of those trend that I wasn't sure going to be picked up by the fashion community but through resilience, it is finally one of the it hat for the trendy people.
At first sight, bucket hat seems to be a difficult item to pull off since the fishing dad' vibe is strong and it cuts off my already round face but I learned the trick is to pull back the hat just a little bit.

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