Oui Oui Paris

The post that I have been waiting for! From Paris with bisous.
I usually post my travel pics randomly but for my Eurotrip, I decided to just post according to the natural timeline. Paris was towards the end of my 3 weeks holiday and I guess it's definitely perfectly designed so we all have something to look forward to during our long hours in mini bus.

The Eiffel Tower did not dissapoint and what used to be a sticker on my bedroom wall has become a reality. It stands tall with its own majesty and beauty, I cannot help but to feel super grateful. Eiffel Tower' beauty comes out at night with its twinkling lights. I do wish each of you who read this will experience Paris on your own someday.

St. Tropez and St. Maxime

Lots of loves from Saint Tropez! It's an easy breezy seaside town with touches of luxe everywhere. When people asked which is my favorite place from my Eurotrip, it actually took me a while to realize that I like St. Tropez the best.

Carpenter and Cook (Singapore) Review

I was so excited to finally try this cafe. I spotted it from a famous instragamers and it has been haunting me eversince. Hence, a few days ago, when I was in Singapore with a friend, I made a conscious effort to visit Carpenter and Cook. It's located at Lorong Kilat and we went there via taxi because there is no MRT station within a walking distance (the nearest is Clementi and you must take a bus from there) and we are practically blind in term of buses. I highly suggest to do the same if you're a tourist like me. From Lavender MRT station a taxi costs three of us each five Sing dollars.

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