Padded Headband Trend

Hi, guys!
Hair accessories are at all time high this year. From your pearl hair barrettes to the padded headband trend, it's not so daunting to have a bad hair day this year since we have so many options. This version of padded headband was first noted at Miuccia Prada who incorporated them into Prada Spring 2019 runway show.
A padded headband basically looks like your regular headband but, as you guessed it, there's some padding involves. That padding gives them a few extra inches of volume and a more luxe feel. Your padded headband can comes in any color and any fabric. From satin, velvet, to braided, the options are endless.

New La Costilla Bandung

Hi, guys!
La Costilla recently relocated and on their opening week, my last La Costilla post was the number 3 most read post that week. Hence, I feel some responsibility to update that post so without further ado, here are my review on the new La Costilla Bandung. 
If you guys remember their iconic pink wall with cactuses, it is a little sad to see that pink wall go. However, the new La Costilla Bandung does have a more upscale vibe now while it used to be more casual. You can feel such vibe just by looking at their new upgraded interior. 

Fall Lookbook 2019

Hi, guys!
It's officially fall and without further ado, here are my take on a fall lookbook 2019. Mind you, I live in a tropical country so there isn't that much layering but you can always add a legging or tights to most of this outfit once the weather in your place drops. But as for these early fall days, I feel like these looks will work just fine.
Without further ado, here are seven looks I put together for fall lookbook 2019.

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