Holyland Tour Day One : Egypt

Holyland Tour was lifechanging. You should do it when you have the chance and the opportunity. I'm glad that I'm home with a new spirit in Jesus! You can't really describe every feeling when you visit a place but I do hope these photos will give a little picture. First country was Egypt! Enjoy :)

Have a great midweek, all!

It's a Hello

So happy to be back with my laptop in front of me and the pillows surrounding me. Anyway, I got home from my Holyland Trip last Thursday. Do bear with me while I sort through all the pictures. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from Red Sea, Egypt.

Green Act

Decked myself in greens for Helo Strangers lookbook shot a month ago. I am so sorry we weren't able to give you a September Collection because of our Israel Holyland trip. But we promise there will be good stuff in our October Collection! Don't forget to follow at @HeloStrangers instagram :)

Have an amazing day!

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