Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurer

I guess the title said it all. When you're young, you should go to as much adventures as you can. I find things I would never think of about myself when traveling. Being an adventurer also turns me into a storyteller. I don't talk much especially to people I didn't know but there are so much story to share that it forces me to be able to talk to a complete stranger altogether. I also find traveling makes me a much flexible person :)
This set of photos are from a few weeks ago at Green Forest Bandung wearing the cutest easiest jumpsuit to wear from www.yoins.com
Anyway, have a great Thursday!  (Do excuse the excessive photos)

Concrete Jungle

Been away from laptop for a while. The last three posts you saw was scheduled posts. What can I say, it's just life gets in the way :)
These set of photos are from a couple weeks back when I went to Jakarta. I quite like the concrete jungle view for a change. There's not much skyscrapers back in my hometown. Despite the traffic jam and the humidity, I always find Jakarta to be a cool place for a quick change of atmosphere from the laid-back Bandung. Everything and everybody is always so busy there. 

Well, wishing everyone a great week!

Secret Sunset

"My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea, 
and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me"
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Saved the best for last.. 
Infinity pool is always a good idea.. Especially in this island.
Good bye again, Bali. 
You have been hot and sunny. Thank you for the memories :)
Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday.

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