Flirty Fuschia

I have never been a fan of fuschia but I do admit it looks absolutely darling in pictures. Not to mention how it flatters my pale yellow-ish complexion. I made this dress for a cousin's wedding and this fun number is starting to grow on me. Not to mention the lace details. Lord have mercy on me and anything lace (and flowery prints!).

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Mama San Kitchen Bar and Lounge Bali

I visited Mama San Kitchen Bar and Lounge last January on my short holiday to Bali. I was planning to do a review but I sort of forget everything! LOL. Do pardon my forgetful self. Hence I'm just going to post some pictures and left you with the fact that Mama San is a great fancy place to have your Asian fusion meals. I love the food and my friends enjoy it too. Price is quite expensive so be ready to spend some cash. I guess you'll have a hearty meal with 200k rupiah / person.


This dress is a darling and a must have for you who loves flowery prints and elegant looks. Other plus points about this already pretty dress are the little sleeves and the backdetails. I don't have much confidence about my upper arms so that little sleves helped a lot to conceal excess flesh. Anyway, the title snatched from my current favorite perfume, Florabotanica by Balenciaga. Which I think, suits very well with the dress. 

Hopefully you will have a lovely day ahead!

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