Lux Dubai

Dubai is a relatively young city and it's definitely lives up to expectation in terms of making you go all "wow" thanks to their futuristic architecture and lavish culture. I literally spot a sport car every 5 minutes.  Above is me standing in front of Burj al Khalifa which is a SEVEN stars hotel built on a man-made island. They made an islad 200 meters from the shore line and then built the hotel so we actually have to go across a bridge to get inside.

The Treasury

From Israel, we continue our tour to Jordan to visit its most famous tourist attraction : The Treasury. Standing in front of the tomb also known as Al Khazneh, I cannot help but to feel how small my world is. There are so much more treasures out there waiting for us to give insights about what an amazing place this planet is, in which we have to preserve everything so our grandchildren will have the opportunity to have their own experience with the wonders of the world.

Promised Land Part Two

Picture above is Armageddon Valley where the last battle will occur according to book of Revelation. It was such a gorgeous view that I can't even imagine any battle will happen here. Anyway, around 30 photos in this post, so much more friendlier than previous post.

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