Wot Batu Bandung

A simple stone bridge for the soul to cross and linger on – is how Sunaryo explained this place to me. Wot Batu is Old Javanese for stone bridge. The words like the stones themselves are rooted in the past. That it is the soul that crosses tells us that for him the bridge is also a metaphor for a spiritual journey.”

Tony Godfrey (Art Writer)

Wot Batu (http://www.wotbatu.id) is an art space that exclusively display stone scluptures by Mr. Sunaryo, a famous sculpter from Bandung. There is an entrance fee of Rp 50.000 (around $3) in which you will get a bouqlet and a warming welcome drink ( a ginger something, it was sweet and hot at the same time). Also, to my surprise, you get a guide that explains all of the meaning behind each art. I tried to keep an open mind throughout the tour but can't help feeling sleepy. 

Camera is not allowed, strictly a phone-camera only and there are security that will tell you to not use your camera. 

These photos are from two months back so I barely remember which stone has what meaning but Mr. Sunaryo emphasizes a lot about how life is temporary and death is eternal so we must live our lives well and in tune with nature; and to always remember that there is a sky above this sky that we can see (meaning to always stay humble because there is always someone that is better than you).

Orange is The New Black

It's not even October but I'm already itching to take out my orange tops already because orange is the new black, right? And no, I have never watched the TV show. People say it's really good, tho.
I love this Miami Fever lip shade by ColourPop as well. The burnt deep orange is all I want to wear this fall. That and Burberry's Rosewood shade. Maybe I should share with you some of my favorite lipstick shades for fall and winter. But that's for another post.
Wishing everyone a great midweek! 

Trend Report : Chokers

Hi, guys!
The 90s are all the rage with culottes start to be a normal day to day pants once more. Now, we are graced with the comeback of chokers.  It has been here for a while and I think fall will be the peak of this choker trend. I still remember the days when I was obsessed with Lizzie McGuire and she rocked chokers like no other. From plastic, lace, to the bedazzled ones, there's no choker Lizzie fear to wear. Obviously, let's steer clear from looking like a blast from the past and donned a more trendy chokers.

Black is always a safe choice and I kinda channeling cowboy/ranger style with the tied up chokers. The effortless way to wear your choker is to wear something that has low neckline, from v-neck to an off shoulder, the choice is yours. Your top doesn't have to be black, but if you're aiming for the "too cool for trends", definitely put on a black top + chokers = I'm cool without trying. Add a bold lipstick and you're all set.

What do you think of this trend? Will you wear chokers?

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