Macau Vacation Diary

Hello, guys!
Last series of my vacation diary is from Macau. It's always a bittersweet feeling every time I'm finishing up a vacation diary posts. But anyway, it was one sunny day in Macau as you can see from the pic above which is The Ruins of St. Paul.

Shenzhen Vacation Diary

Hello, everyone.

I am feeling slightly better now. Two days after I got my wisdom tooth pulled out and the pain is almost gone. Just a slight discomfort because of the swollen cheek. But anyway, today I am sharing with you my Shenzhen Vacation Diary. 

We head to Shenzhen in a bus from Hong Kong and arrived at dinner time. After dinner and hotel check in, we went to Luohu Commercial City which is a mall. I wouldnt recommend going there since I didn't shop anything. The items are too old school, something that your granny would wear. There were good choices of fake branded bags, which I had no interest in. But anyway, the next day was a city tour for one day only and it was on day four. Read my day 1 to 3 vacation diary here.

Hong Kong Vacation Diary

Hi guys! I just had my wisdom tooth pulled out so yeah.. not in the best condition to blog but I want to put it up today so apologies if I keep everything short and sweet :)

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