2 Days Liverpool Itinerary

Hi, guys!
After Manchester, we took another 2 hours train ride to Liverpool. I must say, I like Liverpool better than Manchester. It feels like a more hip city with more things to see. Maybe because it's the city where The Beatles originated. The weather was colder than Manchester too, with a lot of wind, which my husband love, and I loathe. 

Finding The Perfect Dress after The Prom-posal

Hi, guys!
Was browsing through my Pinterest and this little post came up. Probably because I keep opening up Beauty and the Beast pins. But anyway, HOW ADORABLE is this prom-posal? I also saw another funny one including sushi that said "Sushi is Da Bomb. I was wondering if you'd wanna ROLL (because you roll the rice when make sushi,get it?) with me to the PROM (spelled using actual sushi)" also a few other ones--okay, I might and might not spent another half hour just looking at prom-posal pins.

2 Days Manchester Itinerary

Hi, guys!
I am trying my best to put out my travel posts as quickly as I can since it does feel dragged out. LOL. But.. Here are what we did on our 2 Days in Manchester. 

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