How to Wear : Culottes Pants

This culottes trend is very exciting to try! I wasn't sure if I'm going to pull it off or not but then again, as I always do with other trend, I just try them on and took some photos. I don't look so bad, right?
Granted, these kind of shorts are not the most flattering type so here are a few tips to keep in mind. One, make sure you wear heels! Two, just keep it simple. Black culottes are the best bet since it looks a lot like a skirt in most photos. Three, if you're a shortie like me (I'm 156 cm or 5 foot 2) choose the shorter version because the long/midi version is just going to drown you and make your bottom half looks bigger than it really is. 

Rockabilly Inspired Bridal Shower

Two weeks ago, me and a bunch of friends threw a bridal shower for my big sis. She really like this girl on instagram that has rockabilly style so we decided around that theme! This is probably my favorite decor so far. I absolutely love the red and black contrast. Naturally, I wore red and black that day. Oh, and all the girls wear red lips!

Effortless Chic with Tied Tops

Happy weekend, folks!
I found people always look effortlessly chic on weekends. I finally found the perfect tied top to create that elusive feel! A tied top is quite popular here in Indonesia especially Jakarta. I haven't seen many in Bandung. I do love how it cinch in the waist and just super flattering on every type of body. I combined it with a 3/4 pipe pants and my oldie but goodie black loafers plus a chain necklace for a finishing touch :)
So what do you wear for a lazy weekend?

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