Vermont Restaurant Bandung

Visited Vermont located at Jalan Karangsari no. 10 (right next to Jubilare/Swarga) yesterday. There weren't any sign on the street so I actually missed the place and had to turn around. But that's probably because this place only opened a mere week before, so that's totally understandable.
My first impression was "wow this place is fancy" and I love fancy places because it'll give me excuse to dress up and don't I love getting dressed up. Haha. I just thank the Lord upstair that this one is not another coffee shop. I mean, I'd live out of coffee and brunches, but really, Bandung has too many hipster coffee shops with those achingly similar industrial interior. 

Overexposed Roses

Apologies for such overexposed photos! My camera is really weird.. When the photos look great in the camera, it will be underexposed on my laptop. Hence, I'll bump up the brightness of the photos resulting in these overexposed photos. Huft.. Any idea? My camera is Fuji X100T.. Any input will be appreciated! :)
Anyway, hopefully everybody is having a great week <3 p="">

Spatula Bogor

Spatula is a bakery and cafe located in Sentul City. So I guess it's not exactly in Bogor, but it is super near! They are famous for their pizza and it definitely live up to expectation. Place is small. First floor is the bakery (my pandan bread was pretty good) and second floor is the cafe Spatula bakery accepts delivery. In my understanding, based on the menu, Cafe Molinari is in charge of drinks menu.

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