Pastel Perfect

Pastel perfect on a cloudy day. Don't let the blue sky behind me fool you! I got no sunshine on the location of my shoot yet my background is crystal blue. Hmm.. Global warming?
Still can't get over how cute my yellow bag looks in photos (and real life). I am still battling to get the grey one or not because I'm not one of those person who stocks one item they like in plenty of colors. I believe one's closet should be as diverse as possible.

seafoam top - Zara, shorts - Velvet, wrapped bracelet - Tory Burch
yellow sling bag - Cloxvox, brown heels - Nine West

Wedding Photos with Fuji X100T

I finally took the plunge and bought Fuji X100T last Wednesday. Brought it out for a spin and test shots at my sister's wedding and super duper pleased with how all the photos came out! All pics went through resizing, cropping, and color editing only. Granted, since it's my first time taking photos with X100T, some photos were blurry and dark (especially in low light area). A little bit of tinkering in Photoshop fixes it just right. Considering the compactibilty and the results, I'd say I get what I paid for :)

Capital 8 Bandung

Just a quick review of Capital 8 located at Ir. H. Juanda no. 72 (also known as Dago area. right across Kartika Sari Dago). The place is spacious and it has a bit of vintage flair in terms of decor, which I do like. However, the back area is more industrial. Food is good. We didn't order the recommended ones because it was too pricey for me. Waiters and waitresses gave an okay service. Overall, not a bad place to visit at all :)
Anyway, have a nice weekend....
My sister is getting married tomorrow. So excited!  :D

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