Effortless Chic with Tied Tops

Happy weekend, folks!
I found people always look effortlessly chic on weekends. I finally found the perfect tied top to create that elusive feel! A tied top is quite popular here in Indonesia especially Jakarta. I haven't seen many in Bandung. I do love how it cinch in the waist and just super flattering on every type of body. I combined it with a 3/4 pipe pants and my oldie but goodie black loafers plus a chain necklace for a finishing touch :)
So what do you wear for a lazy weekend?

LOL Ice Cream Bandung

So happy to finally tried out this ice cream place! It opened last year and took my instagram as well as my path timeline by storm. I feel like at least three times a week I saw a friend posted their photos of LOL ice cream. The price is very reasonable. You'll get three scoops of flavor of your choice with 4 kind of toppings for only 25rb. They have tiramisu, chocolate, cappuccino, bubble gum, thai tea, green tea, cookies and cream, vanilla, mint chocolate, rhum raisin, and mango.

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong xi fa chai :)
Happy New Year! Wishing you more wealth/success.

A few days ago, we're Chinese ethnic celebrated our Chinese New Year and those two sentences are pretty much being thrown out everytime we meet our family member. Most of us wear qipao or cheongsam (Chinese traditional outfit) to our family gathering (we're Asians hold family values very highly) but anything red is expected. We love reds on CNY because we believe the devils are afraid of this bright vibrant color. Red also often symbolize celebration in Chinese culture.

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