Peachy Pink

top and culottes - @helostrangers (ig)
ankle strap heels - Zara

Is it peach is it pink? I have no idea. Sometimes a customer would ask is it a peach color or is it a very light pink color? I would just say.. Well.. It looks a lot like the one in the photos.. Haha. Personally, I would say this one is a bubblegum pink. All agree?
Anyway, I have a wedding this weekend. And ... I do not know what to wear! I feel like I have worn everything for all those wedding invites. But I'm sure I'll come up with something :)
Have an awesome weekend, all!

Hutan Babakan Siliwangi Bandung Park

floral top - SugarKleren // green sateen skirt - tailor made
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // MAB mini tote - Rebecca Minkoff
green wrap bracelet - Tory Burch // sandals - Little Things She Need

Hutan Babakan Siliwangi is well .. sort of a park, I guess, which is located in Bandung obviously. I come to know this place from a weekly news on my church and my bf' church. It looks very photogenic in pictures but it's not as impressive as I thought it would be, despite the fact that I do love  how the photos turned out :)

This place is lovely despite the vandalism. And it was rather crowded altho taking photos comfortably is still possible. In fact, there was a family doing a photoshoot there. And another young people in groups doing video shoot of something. I do believe it's a cool spot to take outfit photos! Especially with earthy fall tones like I adorned here.

Anyway, I edited this photo with Photoshop using Creamy Luxe action from
They have ah-mazing actions (you can say.. filter.. altho not quite the same) and if you're familiar editing photos with photoshop, I highly suggest you to visit.

Kimono Outer + Culottes Combo

kimono outer + culottes - Helo Strangers
heels - Zara
Taking a black and white outfit up a knotch with a kimono outer and culottes combo.
Loungewear that you can wear outside is the dream.
Have an awesome Monday, all!

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