Pungopang Korean Dessert PIK

Pungopang Taro (38k)
Coconut Island Dark Choco (45k)

After Mottomoo we decided to visit another recently opened dessert place called Pungopang. Appearantly, it's an authentic Korean dessert. Place was actually quite spacious and I do love the beach-y cheerful interior with plenty of orange and yellow colors. The boat shaped seats are also adorable. Perfect for hangout with friends and family :)

Mottomoo Hamburg PIK

tied top - HeloStrangers // necklace - Saint Peters
bracelet - Salvatore Ferragamo // watch - Michael Kors
skirt - Atmosphere // bag - Fendi Petit 2Jours

Mottomoo Hamburg located in Pantai Indah Kapuk area is a Japanese restaurant that put emphasizes on obviously, hamburgs. I do love hamburgs but not sure how it will taste with Japanese spin. As it turns out, I quite love it! Granted,, if I was feeling a bit nauseous, I would probably will not go with this one tho. However, all of our food came out rather fast and they all tastes pretty good :)

Tied Up

tied top - HeloStrangers (ig @helostrangers) // necklace - Saint Peters
skirt - Atmosphere // bag - Fendi Petite 2Jours
blue bracelet - Salvatore Ferragamo // gold watch - Michael Kors
black wedges - bought in Singapore

So happy to be back with an outfit post :)
This time I'm rocking a tied top yet once again but pairing it with a pencil skirt for a more formal and feminine look. I just love tied top because it cinches in the waist and instantly creates a slim waist. Although I did took some photos from the side and it wasn't very flattering! So make sure you keep facing front when there are cameras around.
Took this photo on one of a restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Will post about the restaurant on the next post! Wishing everyone a great rest of the week.

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