Pepper Buns and Coffe Bandung

It's always fun when a nice place opened up near my home. It is literally a 10 minutes drive from my house and the plus point is, no traffic jam! Pepper Buns and Coffee opened less than 2 months ago. Obviously they serve hamburgers and coffee but I went there a few days ago and they have new menus of pasta dishes.

Three Bears Cafe Bandung

Three Bears Cafe (the Korean writing says cafe in English) is the latest hip place in Bandung. Can I just say I am so so happy to live in a city (which is NOW is getting colder, thanks God, I can finally pull out my favorite blazers) where the youth are all amazingly creative and continue to make Bandung a truly pleasant city to live in with so many hang out places to choose from. Okay back to business, this cafe is a fusion of Korean and Japanese food. I love Eastern cuisine to the death and this place actually take it to another level by making those menu with Western twists such as a ramen burger. I do love the interior. It's cute without being too cute while the ambience is warm and inviting.

Standing In The Sun

In case you haven't been on board with watching Scandal, you probably don't know the term “standing in the sun”
It was once a very trendy thing in Scandal. I think everyone can relate about wanting to stand under the sun, both figuratively and in the literal way. The sun seems like a bright hopeful state where everything is clear. Nothing foggy or in grey area for sure. All color seem so vibrant making you excited about life. I will always forever standing in the sun :)

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