Dress Like Diane

Not gonna lie, Princess Diana is one of my favorite royalty (may she rest in peace) but another Diane I love is Diane Lane. If she looks familiar, it's because she just appeared at Batman vs Superman as Martha Kent; Superman's mother. Doesn't she looks amazing? I will do anything to look like her when I'm 51 year old. 

But back to the dress! In case you haven't noticed, navy is one of my favorite neutral color right after white. I love the fact that this shade can be worn at daytime but dark enough for night time event. The one shoulder neckline is also flattering for all kind body shape. If you want to dress like Diane, click here for a direct link to this blue number. And if you're not a fan of this dress, worry not! More Celebrity Occasion Dresses at Star Celebrity Dresses webstore.

When you do decide to purchase from Star Celebrity Dresses, in which you can choose any color you want, make sure you order ahead of time because there is a 24-30 days waiting time to make your order. And if you're in a rush, there's a rush order in which the waiting time is 14-20 day. You dk need to add $30 for rush order.

Well, I do hope you find this post useful somehow. I'm currently still enjoying Singapore' heat and having fun with my friends.
Wishing everyone as fun weekend as I'm having!

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Ah summer.. Sun's out, beach on! It's the time when hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, and most importantly; life gets better. And everybody favorite place to get all of the above is the beach because we girls just wanna have sun, right? Obviously, you can't be at the beach and not wearing your cutest swimwear, so here I compile my top 5 picks from Zaful.

In case you haven't heard, monokini is the new bikini so I included three of them. And yes, I will most definitely wear number 1 (top left) which is Geometric Cami High Waist One-Piece Swimwear; with it's super fun prints and waist cutouts, it's super flattering and sexy and the same time. Altho the floral one (bottom left, link here) will also be really cute with a see-through kimono. For more options on all kind of bikinis, you can check it out at Zaful.

I am currently in Singapore so do bear with me if I response very slowly to all of your comments and emails. Will be back on Saturday but I did scheduled a post for Friday as per usual.
Wishing everyone a great midweek!

Tea Field Wandering

Having a @helloemilie moment (check her IG page! She has the most beautiful photos)
Survived one hectic Monday and just glad that this day almost end. These photos are from two weeks back when I went tea field wandering on my way to work. Yes, I am quite blessed with such a gorgeous view on my commute. Obviously I didn't wear the hat later on! Anyway, keeping this post short and sweet because I have to pack for my trip to Singapore this Wednesday. So excited!
I hope everyone had a productive Monday.

Navy Dress Inspiration

Hi, guys!
I was browsing for a dress inspiration just because I have this fabric that's been sitting around for a while. So I stumbled upon Lunss and just check out how beautiful this navy bridesmaid dress is? It has a little vintage flair with its bateau neckline and the fit and flare silhouette. I also like the fact that the fabric is organza so it has that little shine and although my fabric is lace but I think it will work.

Those bridesmaids look very happy with their dress and they should! They all look great in the same dress but of course if you're a bride to be, you can choose custom made bridesmaid dresses so it will have the best fit and the most flattering style for each girl.
Those red heels are the perfect accessory to add a pop of color as well as their gorgeous hand bouquet! The white looks so pretty against the dark blue.

Well, thank you for reading and I hope everybody is having a very happy Sunday!

Grafika Cikole Bandung

Grafika Cikole is a camping space located near Tangkuban Perahu. You can also do flying fox, ATV, paintball, and pick strawberries. All in all, a very family friendly place. The green houses in my background are also rooms where you can stay in. To get in, you need to pay an entry fee for 25rb per 2 person which you can trade with snacks and drinks. 
I do love the weather! It was sunny but the air feels crisp with breezes every now and then thanks to the many pine trees. I went there around 9AM and the place was already filled with families and groups. I also spotted a couple doing engagement shoot.
Anyway, wishing everyone a nice weekend!

You Grace Me With Your Cold Shoulder


The cold shoulder/off shoulder trend is taking the world by the storm ever since last year and this summer there is no sign of stopping for this particular trend. I can definitely see the reason why this style is so loved by the crowds. It's sexy but not too revealing and it looks great on any kind of body shape since it exposes only a little skin. All retailers are practically racing to produce off shoulder tops or dresses and that's good news because it means more choices for us!

I took the liberty and chose three dresses with cold shoulder details from www.zaful.com .  I can honestly say I would wear all three of these dresses but my favorite is number 2; short sleeve off the shoulder solid color dress. The light blue color is perfect for summer and pairing with with a gladiator sandal will make sure you'll look super trendy yet comfortable at the same time.

I chose dresses instead of tops because we need an easy breezy outfit for hot summer days. Putting on a dress means you can save time choosing your bottom part. Anyway, if you want to see more options, you can find all kind of dresses at Zaful. I do like the selection of dresses that they have. All very on trend! I do have concern about sizing, there's no details about the dress sizes.. They do have sizes guide but for all size dresses, I expect to see a more detailed size.

Anyway, wishing everyone a great midweek and I will talk to you again on my Friday post.

Oldie But Goodie

Hi, everyone!
Just received a wedding invitation from my uni' friend and while I was rummaging my closet trying to find a dress to attend the wedding this weekend, I found this oldie but goodie purple lace dress. I haven't worn this dress in about a year or so and so happy that it still fits me considering I have been eating more carbs than ever. I just wish I have a silver heels to match my belt; but I guess pairing this dress with black heels is not looking too bad either. The square heels will make sure my shoes won't dig in to the grass at the garden party theme wedding.

Abura Soba Yamatoten Bandung

Abura Soba Yamatoten just opened a few weeks back here in Bandung but apparently the place has opened for a while in Jakarta. If you're not familiar with soba, it's different from ramen and udon; a bit more chewy and usually served cold but here the soba is served warm. You also need to add vinegar and chili oil before you eat it.

I went there on a Saturday night and the place was packed. We actually had to wait for a little bit to get our table. This place is by no mean small, as you can see, the space is decent but because there are so many tables, it's a bit tricky to walk around. I guess they are trying to mimic ramen shops in Japan which usually have teenie tiny small area. I like the ambience, it feels very busy but not hectic. Food came out relatively fast considering it was a full house. Service was great, no mixed order whatsoever. Price-wise is a bit pricier than your usual ramen but nothing outrageous. There is also rice menu if you don't feel like eating soba. I was told their side dish chicken karaage and potato salad also worth trying.

Still Monochromatic


Headaches make me go for a no-brainer black and white look all day everyday. Checking in real quick since I missed my Monday post with this still-monochromatic outfit. I guess it helps that I own quite a lot of colorful bags to make sure I have a little pop of color. By the way, just how cute my top is? It's lace and it has this flowy bell sleeves. I can't even describe how much I love this top.
Wishing everyone a healthier midweek than me!

North Point Kitchen & Lounge Bandung

Hey, guys!
In the spirit of holiday (we are having a Ramadan week for our moslem friends; happy Ramadan to those who celebrate it, by the way) I thought I'll post another foodie post just so my Indonesian reader especially that lived around Bandung and Jakarta will hopefully get a new idea on a restaurant to try out with their friends/family. This one is about North Point Kitchen and Lounge located at Siliwangi which opened a few months back so it's not that new but they haven't have a Grand Opening just yet.

The place is very easy to find and spacious which is a big plus because you can bring your whole squad here. It does says lounge but I don't think it will be a true lounge in daytime, maybe at night tho. It is semi outdoor altho there are some areas that have air conditioning. Looking at their menu, I feel like this place is some sort of a food court because they do have different tenants. They have Japanese food by Sawa Udon, sandwiches by Sukha Delights, Gellato by Mixolato and obviously, a selection of main course meals and desserts by North Point.

56 Degrees Cafe Bandung

Back again with another foodie corner post! I don't declare myself as a foodie but I do enjoy good food and trying out new places to eat! Luckily, my Bandung city has never run out of cafes/restaurant that pops open pretty much every other week.
This one is 56 Degrees Cafe, Deli, and Grill located at Paskal Hypersquare. This one is right across Three Bears Cafe. It has three floors and the third floor being the most photogenic one. As per usual like any other cafe located at Paskal Hypersquare, the cafe is long and narrow but it was cozy enough for me. Not sure what the theme of the interior is, maybe just homey?

All-American Vibe


Happy 4th of July! I hope everybody is enjoying their long weekend. Here in Indonesia, due to Ramadan celebration for moslems, we are having one week holiday which means seven days of pure bliss for us. My Bandung city has been very crowded with traffic jam everywhere but it does not hinder us to enjoy our free time together. Planning a meet up with my friends who have been scattered all over as they are all coming home for the holiday. 
This adorable dress is a thrifted find and it fits me like a glove. I need no alteration and the light fabric is a dream on a hot summer day. Added this recently purchased denim jacket that I got for 50% off from New Look for that all-American vibe since it is the U.S.A Independence Day.
Well, wishing everybody a nice holiday!

A Late Bloomer

Such a relief that weekend is upon us once again. I don't have any big plans but I did just got home from a luncheon with a few of my friends whom I have missed! Do you have any plans this weekend? 
Anyway, above photos is just me in a super spring outfit (you can say, I'm a late bloomer in terms of using floral pieces) and low-key trying to show off my beloved BB Alma.. ;)
This bag is my very first luxury bag purchase and it's still very darling to my heart. When I first purchased it, I've worn it every single weekend and adjust my outfit around it. That's just how much I loved it. 

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