Last Minute Halloween Costume : Wednesday Addams

black dress - vintage, detttachable white collar - , white stocking - H&M, black mary jane heels - Charles&Keith

Trick or Treat!
I was originally going to be Annie from the Broadway Show but I lack of curly red hair and I couldn't find any wig with the description. Thus, I decided just to be Wednesday Addams instead. It's a super simple Halloween costume. All you need is a black dress preferably with collar cause she has this school girl look, also, braid your hair, and then completed with a pale make up. Lots of people carry a beheaded doll but I don't want to send the wrong message.

Hopefully everybody is having a great Halloween night.
Stay safe and don't forget to brush your teeth after all those candies.

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Put Your Best Pink Heel Forward

floral crown - Inspired by Luce, pale pink blazer - Mango, white tee - c/o Sacs Et Chaussures, stockings - PVJ booth, pink heels - Little Things She Needs

People judge you in the first seven seconds when they saw you. They gauge your attitude, your posture, eye contact, and facial expression. And you'll never know who will be your next boss, your next bestfriend, or even your future Prince Charming. So my suggestion is try to always smile and look confident. Stand up straight and relax your facial muscles so you don't look stress or angry. If you do look like that, people might just think you are an angry and stressful person. And well, that's not exactly  attractive. Thus, I always try to smile more and put my best pink heel forward.

How adorable this pink heels are! I love the fact that it's pink, obviously. But it also has the perfect height to walk around in for all day long. The white tee is from Sacs et Chaussures. Although I am not a t-shirt person, I thought I tried it out once in a while. I actually amazed how the tee made the whole outfit looks more "free". Sacs et Chaussures sells clothes and accesories. My favorite is this adorable yellow mustard shorts with studs.

Have a great Monday, all!

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PS. Is your Halloween costume ready for the show this Wednesday??
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Vacation Diary : Pulsing City of HongKong

Hello, these are pictures from my super short trip to HongKong (4 and a half days  and 3 nights) last July. 
Yes, long due but I only got around to the pictures now (considering, I left my camera charger at home). Enjoy!

Touch down in HongKong. Pic was taken at Causeway Bay area where we were staying.
 With some of my favorite people here.  Miss them tons!
Our very 1st meal in HongKong at 11PM. We are that rebellious indeed.
Our 1st dimsum dish the next morning. Yum!
Ni hao ma! Day One walking around Harbor City, Kowloon, and also Mongkok for some shopping time.
Mr. Obama needs some support so out of love, we visited him at Madame Tussaud and help him solved some international issues.
At Victoria Peak. Loving the city lights..
Last stop for Day One. Symphony of Light at Victoria Harbour. Our feet was so sore we ended up sitting on the floor. It was worth it tho!

Day Two : Ngong Ping 360 to see the Giant Buddha.

One of the tastiest mochi I have ever encountered in my life. Maybe after taking all those steps kinda clouding my judgement too..
We spent the rest of the day shopping at Tung Cung factory outlet which is really close to Ngong Ping. They have many many brands with a fraction of price. We spent the night at Causeway Bay area visiting the famous 6-stories-Forever21.

Day Three : DISNEYLAND!!!
Yes, we wore matching t-shirts. Yes, we are that nerdy.

Got our geek on with eating any food that shaped like Mickey/Minnie Mouse.
Must do when you're in Disneyland, eat anything shaped like Mickey/Minnie, wore matching t-shirts, take pictures with a character, and of course, watch the Parade and the fireworks!
Day Four : Ocean Park! 
Must see : Ocean Theatre and Whiskers Theatre
Must visit : Old Hong Kong, Sea Jelly Spectacular, and The Grand Aquarium

A group shot one last time before we go home on the 8AM flight the next morning..

Don't forget to visit my HongKong Shopping Report post.

For Indonesian, have  a blast on this long weekend.
And for everyone, please enjoy your weekend!

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The Journey Is The Destination

mustard blazer - JessJess, vintage blouse - Vintagers, sweater guards - wearcarols, cat printed skirt - c/o SheInside, mustard oversized bag - Tocco Toscano, orange flats - H&M

My new cute little friend, pink owl hand sanitizer with Pink Chiffon scent. So sad they don't produce it anymore!
Hello, I am still alive! Barely.. Tired eyes, tired soul, and tired mind. Just popping in out of guilt and also missing the blogsphere quite bad. The Emerge event was a huge success and I feel so lucky, blessed, and even proud that I am a part of the youth revival. I love serving my God and so happy that I am allowed to serve Him. At the end of the event, I found my self just washed by this wave of exhaustion but at the same time, satisfaction, also a slice of sadness that it was all over. Now, two days later, I found myself missing the people, the stress, and the sore feet. I guess, at the end of the day, the journey is the destination. Surrounded with so many great and kind people for the past six months of preparation, they show me how a real Christian supposed to act. I couldn't feel more blessed.

As for the outfit, the highlight is definitely the sweater guards and the cat printed skirt! I am developing a love for cats. They seem to taking over my instagram feed by storm. And yes, I shamelessly wear a vintage blouse and highwaisted skirt again. My most favorite outfit combination.

Hopefully all of you is having a great morning!

"So don't be afraid to make mistakes, stumble and fall because most of the time, the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wish for. Maybe you'll get more than you could have ever imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end . . . the journey is the destination" - One Tree Hill

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PS. New header by the kind Rachel from Floral Prints and Common Sense (Major love!)
Can anyone tell me which post this illustration of me refer to? You will get a special shout out from me on the next post :)

Pink and Prim

victorian blouse, floral watch, & floral tapestry sling bag - Forever 21, paisley printed skirt - CottonOn, white sandals - Charles&Keith

Can you feel the Halloween vibes?
Cafes and restaurants are surely constantly reminding you to prepare your costume for this Scary Festival. I personally have two ideas but not sure which one to choose! 
How about your Halloween costume?

Just a quick outfit post. I have TONS of things to be done for Emerge and I can't wait to come back and share my three days experience with you guys! If you are located in Bandung for 19-21 October, be sure to visit us and join the merryment at GBI Aruna no. 19! And be sure to tweet us with hashtag #xgemerge2012

PS. This blog will be quiet for about a week. But I'll be sure to continue to update you via my instagram. Don't forget to follow my account at steviatepi

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Collar Collector

 tosca blazer - H&M, orange blouse - HongKong, collar necklace - c/o Juerii, floral skirt - Zara, brown belt - CottonOn, brown sling bag - Carlo Rino, wedges - Zonzo

Yum, Hazelnut Latte with grassjelly!
As you probably can tell, I love collar necklaces. I love anything collar generally. I collect both detachable collar and collar necklaces. Therefore, when collars are gaining popularity, I was as excited as a kid on a Christmas morning. Collar necklaces add a finesse touch to your outfit and seeing them peering through your blazer/shirt collar is like spotting a gem. I have four so far and two of them including this one, are from the kind Juerii Shop. This one has beautiful pearls all around while the other one has white stones all over. (Click here and here to see how I styled it)

I haven't been feeling really happy or healthy lately. It's like the happines and the health is veiled with something that I can't quite place it. I do believe this is only a passing thing and the sun will continue to shine (as same with the pouring rain) and in one of those days, I will look around, and realized "hey, I'm actually happy. And I feel great!" 
Hence, I will keep going, and will be looking forward to that day..

"Even if happiness forgets you for a little bit, never competely forget it" - Jacques Prevert

Hopefully all of you will have a terrific weekend!

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Stocking Up Stockings

Hello, just me and some of my favorite stockings dropping by to say hi. 

Now that the weather starts to cool down, I dust off my stockings box and let my stocking-friends  to breathe. They are extremely happy to see the sunlight again (although only for a brief moments before the rain pour down) and I also very excited to take them for a stroll around the town. Days have slowed down and I got 8 hours of sleep for two days on the row. Definitely feeling much better although there are still so many details to be done for this upcoming event called Emerge. A little bit frantic, but definitely excited! I have a full faith on my team :)

Back to the stockings, the first with the heart prints all over is from H&M. The second with dainty white flowers all over is from Forever21. The third with the tiny tiny pink flowers is from a stocking booth in PVJ mall. And the polkadots with bows one is also from PVJ. I am always on the hunt for cute stockings even in summer. They can take your outfit the next level and add some quirky points to the whole outfit.

Hopefully all of you is having a great Wednesday!

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