The Time of My Life

"As long as you're around, your life is too. So just as you shower love and affection and attention on the husbands, wives, parents, children, and forever friends who surround you, you have to do so equally with your life, because it's yours, it's YOU, and it's always there rooting for you, cheering you on, even when you feel like you can't do it. I gave up on my life for a while, but what I've learned is that even when that happens, and especially when that happens, life never gives up on you. Mine didn't and we'll be there for each other until those final moments when we will look at each other and say 'Thanks for staying until the end.'
And that's the truth."
The Time of My Life - Cecilia Ahern

Just finished reading The Time of My Life novel by Cecilia Ahern. Such a fun and interesting book! I really love how our life is perceived as a living breathing person and when we feel like crap, that life looking like crap as well. And when we are content and productive, that life looking sharp and handsome. Personally, not a must read book, but it's fun to fill in those times at night when you are waiting for the dreamboat to take you away..

How is your life lately?
Mine has been a busy one and I'm sure you are all too with the exams are coming up. One thing for sure, let's not forget to put attention to our own life. Appreciate your brave-relentless-self and never forget to indulge yourself everytime you accomplish something. Cause in the end, the only thing you can count on to get things done is yourself. Trust me, been there done that. No one can do it better than you :)

Have a great day, all!

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Hopefully you all are having a good day!

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mustard blazer - JessJess, vintage blouse - Down Memory Lanes, chiffon skirt - c/o Oasap, ring and watch - c/o, flats - Bellagio

Sponsor Spotlight : Lovely Leony Evelyn

There are endless options in terms of Online Brands out there. So it was my pleasure to bring attention to one of Indonesian local brand Leony Evelyn (
 The brand was established in 2012 by Leony Evelyn who graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai. We shared a common goal, Leony Evelyn and I. We both adore injecting vintage flair to our modern outfit. Obviously, you can see how the collection has a slight vintage feel...

I especially adore the high quality this skirt has! It's slightly shiny and with a pair of pumps and a blazer will be perfect for work or even a night out in town :)
Plus, the perfect color choices between black, red, pink, and silver are just a solid prove how tasteful this brand is. The pink, red, and white bangle is also from Leony Evelyn and it's the perfect finishing touch for my pinky yet mature outfit.

Leony Evelyn also kind enough to give The Sweetest Escape readers a discount code!
Check it out on the left size of this blog..

You can see the shiny fabric live on the video.

Anyway, went to Bakerzin for a lunch meeting with sissy and a friend. Who know Bakerzin meals are as good as their desserts??

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Hopefully you all are having a good day!

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top and deer necklace - c/o, skirt and bangle - c/o LeonyEvelyn, outer - Magnolia, shoes - Bellagio

Best Deals in Zalora

Hello, readers!
So happy to be back writing about something else about my travel.. Haha. As fun as it was to walk down the memory lane. It often makes me sad when I finished posting about my vacation diaries.. 

Back in Indonesia, we have Zalora ( which is the biggest online retailing store in Indonesia. It sounds like they only deal with clothings and shoes and etc.. but wait for it, they also sell home decor and sports gear! Now I have never encountered a website which provides almost everything except selling food! LOL. Their website is easy to navigate and you can find your wish item easily. The best thing is, Zalora has NO SHIPPING FEE for Indonesians! Now, isn't that what every online shopper addicts have been dreaming of?

My favorite part about Zalora is their new partner Nine West. Nine West has the most stylish shoes and not to mention how comfortable they are.. Spring this way come and there is no better way to welcome it than with a new pair of yellow heels! Another bonus? Zalora provides Nine West items with 50% off retail price.. Ah.. I can definitely feel my bank account is screaming..

The yellow is perfect to be paired with your favorite spring dresses. It will also be a great pair of heels for your summer soirees which just around the corner, right? The yellow will add a pop of color to any whites skirts and tops and make you the centre of attention :)

If you are not a yellow fan, this heels also comes in white. But still preserve its beautiful cut-outs!

Now you will feel lucky to read this to the very end because Zalora is kind enough to provide my readers a Rp 50,000 vouchers with minimum purchase of Rp 200,000! The voucher code is 


It is valid until the end of May. Less than one week away..
 Chop chop! Head to now!

Vacation Outfit + Diary = When in Thailand...

Hello, dear readers!
This a lengthy and loaded-with-photos post so get yourself in a comfy position and read on :)

Pictures below was what I did when I went MIA for a week. On May 9th, here in Indonesia we had a long weekend. Hence, me and my friends (another 10 of them!) decided to escape to Bangkok, Thailand! All pics taken by IPhone so apologies for such blurry pics on some of them..

Throughout the whole holiday, we stayed at Baiyoke Sky which is the tallest building in Thailand! You can go all the way to 84th floor which was a revolving deck and you can see pretty city lights of Bangkok.. The hotel is quite dashing with our room in 34th floor but breakftast was kind of bland and were not all that yummy. For four nights we got a total of around 12 thousand baht (Thailand currency) per room. It's about US$405. Quite reasonable considering it is a five stars hotel! We had no complains at all.. Well, except for the breakfast. And the tricky elevators! I mean, from the ground to the lobby there is a different elevators.. And then from the lobby to the room.. Another different elevators.. Tricky! But there's a little mini market in the lobby which I think it's neat and important for last minute snacks and drinks in your room. More info about booking and rates ->

View from our room in 34th floor!


On the 1st day which was a Friday (we went on a Thursday via Tiger Airways on 3.45 PM flight and arrive at 6.45 PM, with immigration and baggage pick up took forever, not to mention trying to find our driver; we rented a mini bus, more info at the end of the post; and then checking in, we got settled down in the hotel around 9 PM. Grabbed a quick dinner then sleep!) we all went to Pattaya. Located less than two hours away from Bangkok via bus/cars. First stop was Mini Siam. It's a place with miniatures of world well-known buildings. And there's a special area for Thailand's miniatures as well. This is officially a tourist spot as it's a fun place to take narcisstic pictures to update your social account profile pic *winkwink*
Ticket is 300 baht (around US$10). Open everyday from 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM.

Light day dresses are essentials when it comes to vacation dressing in a tropical country. This one fits the bill with the dainty vintage prints from The Editor's Market. Make sure to bring your chic and trusty sunny. This one is from a local brand Riots Barbie. Sandals and bag are Mango.

Next stop was Pattaya Floating Market. There's a ticket fee but I forgot.. I guess 100 baht? 
Not very recommended considering we were too busy wiping away our sweat instead of watching people selling items while rowing the boat on the  the dirty super brown water.. There are neat stores selling Thailand's souvenirs and some unique Thai street food. It wasn't all that bad anyway. 

We stopped by in a mall, I forgot the name, for strolling around and enjoying the cool air of air con. Later that night some of us watched ladyboy show at Alcazar. I didn't watch but my friends told me it was okay. Not all that great but it was an enjoyable show. After Alcazar, we all went to see Big Eye. It was one of the worst decision in my life. It was a +21 show and just pure awkward. Oh the horror!
For Alcazar, the show is 6PM, 7.30 PM, and 9PM. Ticket starts from 500baht/person. While Big Eye, the entry fee is 1000baht/person.


Day 2 was a Saturday so by an absolute vote, we went to Chaktucak Weekend Market ( you can guess, this place only opens on weekend). It's a really vast area with soooo many little stores all to cater your thirst in fashion with jaw dropping cheapo prices. Plenty one of a kind items. Actually, Chaktucak also has different sections for bedding, households, pets, even antique items. But we only went to the clothing area. We took off from hotel (by taxi, make sure you ask to go straight to the destination and try to have taxi who are willing to keep their meters on) 9AM and got back to hotel around 4 PM. It was literally a 'shop 'til you drop' day.

Later that night, after a quick shower in the hotel, we decided to went to Central World which located near our hotel ( by foot around 20 minutes walk) for dinner and some sight-seeing.

We ate at Bar b q Plaza. Good food good price. Some languange barrier but the menus were also available in Romans so we just point and order. LOL

The top and skirt (+belt) is what I bought from Chaktucak. Not bad at all, right? :)


Grand Palace and Wat Phrae Kew located in one area. We entered from the Wat Phrae Kew (royal temples, obviously, that much gold and gems are up there for nothing) which was ridiculously gorgeous with all those beautiful details! Entry fee is 400 baht. Open everyday from 8.30AM to 4.30PM. The Emerald Buddha was under construction or something so we couldn't see it. Too bad cause one of my friend was really curious! I was curious as well but too busy dealing with the heat to feel dissapointed.  Anyway, if you ever want to visit Grand Palace and temples, make sure you wear proper outfit. Which is no sleeveless top and bottoms must hit below the knee. No sandals are allowed either. No sexy here! That was exactly what the securities will call you if you wear revealing outfit.. Which was kind of a compliment in a strict way..

White crocheted top is one of the trick in tackling the heat. Enough holes for the wind but still proper to visit the sacred ground. Midi pleated skirt in pastel color was my choice and this one from Auburn and Ginger is a personal favorite of mine. Those slightlly oxford-ish shoes I scored at Chaktucak the previous day. My saviour! I mean, I wore a yellow flats when I left Indonesia and even though color blocking is still trending, that is just not what I was aiming when I thought about this outfit.

The Grand Palace. It used to be the residence of the royal family but not anymore and now it is function as a hall to hold royal events.

Next stop was Wat Pho where a statue of 46 meters Reclining Buddha located. This statue is plied all over with gold. Not to mention, mother pearls decorated the eye and the feet. Luckily, the door is way to small for anyone to steal this statue! Wat Pho is located within a walking distance from Grand Palace. Open everyday from 8AM to 5.30PM. Entry fee is 50 baht.

We went straight to Platinum Mall near our hotel for lunch and then some more shopping! Didn't take any pics as we were to busy shopping. I actually like Platinum. Besides the fact it is fully air con, the items are more on trend than the ones in Chaktucak. I got some pretty good finds although the prices are surely better in Chaktucak! Men fashion has more options here, my male friends say..

Pad Thai for lunch. Sort of a vermicelli cousins. Quite yummy. Not as good as I had in mind tho..

Later that night (after a quick shower) we went to Asiatique for a night sight-seeing (we had dinner at McDonalds right in front of Platinum, how non-tourist I know, but we were starving after all the shopping!)  Asiatique is a darling riverfront area and I fell in love with the antique setting here and there. A true riviera heaven in the middle of Bangkok. Very much worth to visit even tho it was quite far from our hotel. About 20 minutes ride with taxi. There are beautiful restaurants and original local brands of fashion stores.


On the last day our sole clear destination was Madame Tussauds. I visited the one in Hong Kong although they all pretty much the same, it's always fun the be a total tourist and take pics in every single corner. Entry ticket is 800 baht but we got an early bird ticket (you must enter before 12 noon) for 400 baht. Such a good deal! Madame Tussauds is located at Siam Discovery Mall. Open everyday  from 10AM to 9PM. You can book early bird tickets online HERE.

We had lunch at Evaime. The tom yum (the red soup one in the middle) was sooo good! Steamboat for lunches is definitely my new obsession :)

The Loft is located at Siam Discovery as well and worth a visit. So many adorable stuff here! I actually scored a cute passport cover for less than 200 baht! And I FINALLY found a line pluggie which I have been obsessing about since I went to Japan..

Suvarnabhumi Airport!

To be noted :
1) We rented a minibus which can carry 12 persons. It costs 1200 baht for a pickup from airport to hotel. 3500 baht for a one day rent to Pattaya from 8 AM to 8 PM, additional fees per hour is 30 baht. Contact info : Mr. Tom (081-776-1920 / 084-900-8494)
2) Be careful when you are riding a tuktuk or a taxi. Make sure you told the driver to go straight to the destination. Most tuktuk and taxis will take you round and round stopping at souvenirs stores or something like that because they get a cut when they bring tourists in. Also, try to get a taxi who are willing to turn on the argo/meters. Most taxis already fix a price from one point to one point. But make sure you do your bargain! They overcharged tourists all the time..
3) Also be careful of pickpockets! I make sure I keep my bag in my sight all the time.

And here we are at the end of the post..
Thank you so much for reading and so sorry for excessive pics and words. I just need to get it all in one post since I still have 2 posts left from my Japan trip.

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Wishing everyone a great Sunday!

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Vacation Outfit + Diary = Universal Studio, Osaka

On the second to last day of my Japan trip (over a month ago.. My, time flies!) we all went to Universal Studio in Osaka. While DisneySea is all about Disney characters, Universal Studio is all about movies produced by Universal Studio. There are plenty of rides and shows pretty much the same with DisneySea but different vibes. It's slightly more mature than Disney-thingy ofcourse!

The ticket fee is 6,600 yen for adult (1 day free pass). There is also an "Express" ticket which saves time and energy! More info about ticketing ->


This HollyWood Dream roller coaster is one of the main attraction in Universal World. You can see the line to know how popular this ride is! I didn't ride one.. Roller coasters are definitely not my cup of tea! But a lot of people seems to like it! I guess they just love the adrenaline rush which I always get when I go out on a shopping spree! So much less harmless than riding a twisted upside down roller coasters..

This one is neat! There are infos about the time of the shows and how long it takes in a quee for rides. Very useful! 

This SpiderMan ride is also a favorite! You can guess, I didn't ride one.. So you probably ask what exactly was I doing in there?? Well, I did took plenty of pictures! Shopped some souvenirs. I also ride Back to The Future which is a 3D simulation. Watched Sesame Street 4D. Watched Terminator Show (pretty cool combining screen and stage acts!). I also make sure I ate enough churros!! The best I tasted so far..

My favorite part about visiting theme parks are their ah-mazing architectures down to the smallest details. I feel like I did transformed into some kind of old school American world and all..

So sorry about MIA for a week. More about that on the next post..
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Anyway, wishing everyone a good day!

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hair bow - gifted, navy blue outer - CottonOn, printed shirt & black velvet skirt - The Editor's Market, flats - Bugis Street's boutique, pinkish bag - Mango, sunnies - WeAreAllCurious 

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