I Want My Fireworks! (Lots of Not-Me Pictures)

Every year, my uni has this festival at the beginning of the semester (around second week of August. This year, it started from August 12). They call it, duh, UPH Festival of course. It's some sort of a welcoming party for the new batch.

It has all kind of stands with alluring street food and beverages with cheaper price than our food court (yes, we are that cool, we have our own food court). It also has plentiful, more-than-we-need but informative seminars (I fell asleep numerous times when I was participating on my UPH Festival) and also concert nights (this year, we had some pretty prestige artists, Mike and Pasto and others, I can't remember) and it's highly anticipated because we would have this huge giant fireworks on closing day (it usually lasts for 3-4 days, mine was a week!) although this year was a little different. Instead of fireworks, we had a digital video mapping.
You can watch it here (thank you, profohms, whoever you are!)

I must say, I was rather dissapointed! I mean, DVM was really cool (you should see it live) but I much prefer fireworks! Last year was AMAZING. I wish I have pictures, but unfortunately, I only had my camera phone. So this should suffice.
UPH Festival 2009 Fireworks
(thank you s73v3n91 !)
I want my fireworks! (picture an annoying whiny little girl)

Despite my disappointment, I went to the festival anyway. Here are some pictures from the festival.

I'm not sure if this is outfit-post worthy but . . . I'll try my best to make it worthy of your time.
I dressed for practicality. It was hot and it was raining (how is that even possible you ask me? I have NO CLUE) so I just put my tee and my jeans. And voila. Very boring, I know, but let me lured you away to my printed tee. Isn't the prints amazing? It's so abstract and I guess it's also ethnic-y.

 There were some creepy guys hanging around in the festival.
I have an innate fear (yet fascinated at the same time) with pantomime. They are just beyond queer for me. And how they stare at nothing sincerely nagging my patience.

Dipping Into The Kid's Pool

Earlier today I went to my nephew (I'm an aunt. My, I'm old!) birthday party. 
I was invited as an individual. I'm kinda not sure what that means. 
But I had no plans for the weekend, therefore I gladly came and try to be the nice aunt.
I couldn't help but feeling out of place. Like dipping into the kid's pool when I'm not supposed to.
But after half an hour I started to enjoy myself and just being a kid!

I wore a retro top and a vintage skirt (it looks vintage, so I assume it is) for the occasion. I love the skirt, it moves as I move. That didn't sound right. But anyway, it's secondhand and I got it from an online store. 
I have a rather acute problem in online shopping. The thrill of ripping those package wrap! I'm as excited as a child on Christmas morning.

I'd like to introduce you to Danson. He is the son of Dan. I know. Dan's son. How smart!
Danson loves attention. Especially from her aunties. And his aunties loves him back.
Danson is not the birthday boy (although he is also my nephew) but he outshined the birthday boy in the most witty and graceful way.


Err.. For non-Indonesian blogger, the title can be translated as freedom, independence, and free-of-slavery. It's August 17 and we are celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day. Woohoo! And of course, being the dork that I am, I wore a red-and-white ensemble, our flag colors.
And it shocked me that apparently nobody had the same idea in mind! I ended up being the only walking flag while I was out for lunch. How embarrassing!
And I know it's a little late, but . . . Happy Fasting for the Moslems!

I insisted to take a nice picture that involving this abandoned and ruined chair. But I'm not that creative or brave (that chair has some serious rusty nails and incredibly dirty) so above is the best pose I can give you.
I love how sad this chair look. All alone and broken. It's weird, I know. I've been very unstable lately.

The Prints Trilogy : Sister Complex

Last, but surely not the least, post from the trilogy. In fact, I saved the best for last!
Do you miss my big sister? Here she is. She's gotten thinner, do you notice that? Go sister go! (I admit it, I'm jealous that she's getting slimmer and I'm gaining weight. Damn chocolates!)

The Prints Trilogy : Spectacular Sky

Second part of the trilogy! Are you excited? I kinda am. 
Never done this kind of thing before. Should've done it more often. 
It was a lovely sunny day when I had the photo shoot and you can see the clear blue sky. I've never seen it so blue before (maybe I just didn't realize it)! It makes me so grateful to God for creating such a magnificent place for us to live in!

I took the pictures the same day on my last post. Can you spot the similarity?

Somebody tell me about the blue blue sky.

The Prints Trilogy : A Sun Soaked Season

As a result of perpetual domestic fight between my modem and my laptop (the third time!) I am currently unable to spend much time on blogsphere. Therefore I would like to apologize for all the unreplied comments. I'll try to answer some now. While for the rest, that doesn't mean I don't like your comments or your blog! I'm  just desperately limited in the time aspect (as I'm borrowing my sister's laptop to blog).

So I woke up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, and had this brilliant idea. A three-in-a-row post with me wearing prints. Of course! I mean, I love prints. What could be a better way to express it? Hence, I came up with the most unpredictable idea ever : trilogy.

As the title stated, it's a sun soaked season and although fall is coming at us in a quicker pace than we hope, I determined to make the best of it. And that's the reason why almost all the pictures are overexposured! (that's just me making excuses. Lousy lousy photographer of me!)

Thank God for Scheduled Post Option

By the time you're reading this, I'll be away, maybe in my dean office, giving my thesis proposal, being questioned and scrambling for words to answer his confusing questions. (God bless the scheduled post option--which I just recently discovered. Such a dork). Wish me luck!

It's another vintage post. I got the top from secondhand online store. Can't remember which, cause there's like tons of them!
And it's only Rp 30rb (about $3). Best deal I ever made in my life. 

It has 4 gold buttons, the color is kinda fading away, but I thought it makes it even more vintage.

Lady Fabulous

I wore this on Saturday for a family lunch and I'm obsessed with this red dress.
It used to be a long dress and I look drowned in it. I got it from online store. It's secondhand of course and it's ridiculously cheap (only Rp 50rb or about US $5). I took it to the tailor and get it shortened. Voila!

It has the prettiest detail ever on the waistline.

The model is so vintage I couldn't help but feel like a little lady (okay, maybe not so little) ready for a tea party at some fancy garden in the middle of nowhere. This dress is officially Lady Fabulous (yes I do love Kurt Hummel from Glee)

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