Thank God for Scheduled Post Option

By the time you're reading this, I'll be away, maybe in my dean office, giving my thesis proposal, being questioned and scrambling for words to answer his confusing questions. (God bless the scheduled post option--which I just recently discovered. Such a dork). Wish me luck!

It's another vintage post. I got the top from secondhand online store. Can't remember which, cause there's like tons of them!
And it's only Rp 30rb (about $3). Best deal I ever made in my life. 

It has 4 gold buttons, the color is kinda fading away, but I thought it makes it even more vintage.

Apologies for my facial expression. I only had 5 hours of sleep the night before due to my stomach cram. I didn't get much sleep because the pain was like stabbing and ripping my stomach apart. 
I never had this much pain before (yes, I'm having my period). 
Perhaps I should make another appointment with my gynecologist. My ovary is not the best in town. I used to have cyst in my ovary. But after extensive medication pills, the cyst all gone! Let's pray it's not another cyst issue.

I know, who wears ankle boots in summer? Well, apparently I do. Again, the sun rays might deceived you, but it was another chilly and windy morning.

An enlightenment for my TOEFL score! Ms. Papas (ETS Test Security Specialist) released my score, but the middle name is still missing. She said she haven't received the documentations I sent 10 days ago (Indonesia have the worst mail service ever) therefore she can only release the score. I mailed yet another requested documentations (express this time). Hopefully this time it will arrive safely so I can get the name corrected.

Have a great midweek everyone!

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