Err.. For non-Indonesian blogger, the title can be translated as freedom, independence, and free-of-slavery. It's August 17 and we are celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day. Woohoo! And of course, being the dork that I am, I wore a red-and-white ensemble, our flag colors.
And it shocked me that apparently nobody had the same idea in mind! I ended up being the only walking flag while I was out for lunch. How embarrassing!
And I know it's a little late, but . . . Happy Fasting for the Moslems!

I insisted to take a nice picture that involving this abandoned and ruined chair. But I'm not that creative or brave (that chair has some serious rusty nails and incredibly dirty) so above is the best pose I can give you.
I love how sad this chair look. All alone and broken. It's weird, I know. I've been very unstable lately.

Anyway, I'm back to my university area. And away from home has been.. A BLAST. Are you kidding? It's only been 4 days (I've been here since August 13) so I don't have that homesick thing just yet. Give me a couple more days and you'll find me crying myself to sleep missing home-cook meal my mom, my dad, my grandma, my little sister, and of course, my puppy.

The past four days I've been catching up with my friends and I have tons of pictures though I'm not sure I'll find any outfit-post worthy pictures there. But I'll keep an eye out!

The sort-of-bohemian top is used to be my mom's. I borrowed this a couple times and she ended up gave it to me since she hardly wears it anymore. Thank you, mom! So glad you're coming to visit this Saturday. Yeay motherly hugs and advice (more like grumbling and telling me what to wear, but I love her anyway)!

As you might noticed, there are some changes in my blog (as if you've been reading my blog! but just play along for the sake of my sad pretentious act, okay?).

First, there are new tabs in the headers.
I decided to divide my posts into 4 categories (I finally figured out the use of labels)
1. Outdoors-y = this would consist of posts from . . . duh, outdoors pictures!
2. Hanging Out = this would also consists of posts from outdoors (indoors pictures is a possibility too), but more focused toward food and beverages and you can expect to see a glimpse of my friends and my family here (whom I kept oblivious about my blog. Ssshh!)
3. Around The House = I try my best to give pictures with new and refreshing backgrounds but there are days when I'm just too lazy to drive around and looking for nice secluded spot (not to mention the weather here has been unpredictable and raining every 4 hours). Therefore this category would consist of pictures taken either indoors or slightly indoors (a.k.a around the house)
4. Others = giveaways, awards, you know, others, you can put in anything here!

Second, the background. I just woke up in the morning and I hated it. So I changed it.

Third, the banner. Since I changed my background, I thought I should match the banner as well. Resulting this rather cool and artsy (at least, I THINK so) banner.
In the picture is actually my housemaid, holding a rainbow-colored umbrella in our backyard (don't ask me why). It's so colorful I couldn't resist to take a snap! And here's the result. Of course, with my poorly-educated editing skill, I managed to change everything else into black and white and keep the umbrella colorful. And it's been my laptop background since forever (yes, it's a quite old picture!)

Wow, I talked (or typed) too much. This is the result of an unemployment student waiting for her thesis guidance schedule. It's due on August 31! I have another 2 more weeks of doing nothing. I'm actually glad and concern at the same time. I mean, my sister already started her thesis with her supervisor and I'm still on ground zero. My faculty is crazy. How am I supposed to typed and come up with at least 75 pages thesis in less time than other faculties? Oh so Lord, help me!

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