Dipping Into The Kid's Pool

Earlier today I went to my nephew (I'm an aunt. My, I'm old!) birthday party. 
I was invited as an individual. I'm kinda not sure what that means. 
But I had no plans for the weekend, therefore I gladly came and try to be the nice aunt.
I couldn't help but feeling out of place. Like dipping into the kid's pool when I'm not supposed to.
But after half an hour I started to enjoy myself and just being a kid!

I wore a retro top and a vintage skirt (it looks vintage, so I assume it is) for the occasion. I love the skirt, it moves as I move. That didn't sound right. But anyway, it's secondhand and I got it from an online store. 
I have a rather acute problem in online shopping. The thrill of ripping those package wrap! I'm as excited as a child on Christmas morning.

I'd like to introduce you to Danson. He is the son of Dan. I know. Dan's son. How smart!
Danson loves attention. Especially from her aunties. And his aunties loves him back.
Danson is not the birthday boy (although he is also my nephew) but he outshined the birthday boy in the most witty and graceful way.

Oh, and Danson loves to be taken picture with his mouth hanging open.

It is rather sad that I didn't get the pictures of the birthday boy. He was tired and agitated and won't stop complaining to his mom because of blinding flashes of his photo call (I was an hour late. Sorry, Raphael!). But I did get the picture of his birthday cake.

I'm having the worst stomach cram (thank God I was fine earlier today) and I'm going to lay in bed hoping I fall asleep (unlikely) and escape the pain.
I'll catch up with all of you lovely bloggers on Monday.
I hope everybody is having a great weekend! 


  1. aw, danson's so cute! haha is that food in his mouth? LOL ...and i'm totally into that printed blouse!

    come check out my GIVEAWAY :)

  2. cute photos !!
    i love the last shot :)

    take care and have a good weekend !

  3. lovely outfit!! and cute photos!!

  4. Lovely outfit ;-)


  5. he is cuteee


  6. such cute photos! and i really like your outfit x


  7. cute boy and his name is awesome ;) love your whole outfit, you look young and fresh in it :)

  8. danson's such a cute lil prince! anw loving ur bag ;) xx,barbiejunk

  9. This is the most adorable post ever!

  10. yuppp..every style have their stories..but for now,i like somethin weird like my post..hehehhe

    so wanna exchange link?

  11. love the colors in your skirt and your nephew is adorable!!x

  12. You look amazing Stevia ! And Danson is sooooooooo CUTE :)

  13. love your skirrrt!
    nice boy and very nice blog here :)


  14. great pics ♥
    & i'm following (:

  15. Such a cute pattern on the blouse. And your witty and graceful nephew... charming!

  16. Aw, you look very classy for a family get together. The tights and all. I like children's parties! They have goodie bags!

    Thank you for linking us-we've linked you back! :)

    Bea from A plus B

  17. SO ADORABLEEEEEEE! (And I don't just mean little Dawson.) (And now I sound like a creep trying to hit on you.) (I'M NOT!)

    Okay, not that that's settled...

    But REALLY. All about this post is just OH SO ADORABLE. I think saying "my nephew" would be pretty mighty cool! Happy birthday to him!



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