The Prints Trilogy : Spectacular Sky

Second part of the trilogy! Are you excited? I kinda am. 
Never done this kind of thing before. Should've done it more often. 
It was a lovely sunny day when I had the photo shoot and you can see the clear blue sky. I've never seen it so blue before (maybe I just didn't realize it)! It makes me so grateful to God for creating such a magnificent place for us to live in!

I took the pictures the same day on my last post. Can you spot the similarity?

Somebody tell me about the blue blue sky.

I wore my favorite kimono dress that I purchased from online store based in Bali I wear this everywhere. To movies, hang out with my friends, birthday dinners/lunches, family occasions, just everywhere.

Still soaking the sun. Enjoy it while you can, people.
I'm also enjoying the last seconds of my holiday. By the 16th August, I'll be back to my hectic schedule of university student. Not to excited about that, but I do excited about meeting my friends! I miss them more than I thought I would be. It's a funny thing. Missing people.

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