Tied Up

tied top - HeloStrangers (ig @helostrangers) // necklace - Saint Peters
skirt - Atmosphere // bag - Fendi Petite 2Jours
blue bracelet - Salvatore Ferragamo // gold watch - Michael Kors
black wedges - bought in Singapore

So happy to be back with an outfit post :)
This time I'm rocking a tied top yet once again but pairing it with a pencil skirt for a more formal and feminine look. I just love tied top because it cinches in the waist and instantly creates a slim waist. Although I did took some photos from the side and it wasn't very flattering! So make sure you keep facing front when there are cameras around.
Took this photo on one of a restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Will post about the restaurant on the next post! Wishing everyone a great rest of the week.

Day 6 : The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Osaka

On our second to last day, once again it was drizzling and the weather was 4 degree Celcius. As someone who is used to 20-30 degree Celcius all year long, I was freezing my butt off even after all those layers. As you can predict, I wasn't all that excited to spend a half day outdoors. But what can we do? Besides, I want to check out the latest addition which is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Can we all say Wingardium Leviosa?

Kyoto Visuals (Day 5)

beanie & scarf- H&M // sweater - Love Letter
blazer - Forever21 // jeans - Giordano
ankle boots - Clarks // bag - Longchamp

We left early to Shizuoka Station for our Shinkansen ride to Kyoto. It was raining in the morning but we managed to get a little break (altho still cloudy and gloomy) in Kyoto. I absolutely adore this city. It has such an old Japanese feel and people rocking beautiful kimonos everywhere. (psst.. you can rent them and experience what it feels to wear their national outfit). 

Mount Fuji visuals (Day 4)

Bright and early on day 4, which was a Monday, we went straight to Mount Fuji. It was around 3 to 4 hours drive from Tokyo. There was a little bit of traffic and we only went up to Station II when we supossedly go all the way to Station V (higher) because there were traffic jam on Station IV (on 2013 I went to that station). We all agreed to settle for Station II because we know the view will be pretty much the same and it will saves us time to spend more minutes shopping at Gotemba! Ah women and their shopping.. It's a neverending love and hate relationship.

Tokyo Visuals (Day 3)

Day 3 was a Sunday so my mom, me, and my cousin went to church first (which also happened to be Passover Day). After that, we head straight to Harajuku for lunch. Rain pour down since early morning and last for almost the whole day. After lunch we had to navigate our way through small alleys to find the Cat Cafe!

Tokyo Visuals (Day 2)

leather jacket - Zara // scarf - H&M
dress - Asos// hat - Cottton On // 
bag - Longchamp

Day Two on our trip, the others went to Disneyland but my mom and I decided to stroll around Tokyo with one of my cousin who has been living there for almost six years now. He picked us up at the hotel and then off we go!

Tokyo Visuals (Day 1)

So excited to start my Japan diary! I visited the country on 2013 about the same time as my latest visit. I do feel like this time round the weather is colder, but I learn more things for sure.

The Culottes Trend

Fashion world still can't get over the culottes trend a.k.a the hottest pants this season! Black is always in but it's safe; so, when you have a beautiful burgundy color like this, you just have to try it on. Also, can we talk about this beautiful color combo between grey ash color and the wine/burgundy red color?   (don't judge me, I'm not really good at colors)
Anyway, I have to leave this post short and sweet. I am currently still in Japan and I'll be back home tomorrow. Do pray for our safe flight :)
Have a great midweek, all!

Sweet Belly Bandung

Sweet Belly is located in Bandung, for sure, and quite far from my house, around 45 mins drive when there's no traffic. My LOL Ice Cream post had a nice number of pageviews because really, who can resist the lure of a sweet sweet dessert? So here's another new dessert parlour in town! 

In the first photo, I was staring at what looks like a bibimbab dish, but it is actually a dessert! It's called Bibingsoo (38k) and on the back is Gelatto Platter (59,5k). Bibingsoo was not impressive at all. If any, it lacks sugar. My Gelatto Platter on the other hand is good! I chose cheesecake, wildberry, and tiramisu. Place is very small. 

Off to Japan

Hi, fellow bloggers! By the time you are reading this, I'd probably walking around in Tokyo, more precise, at Ueno Park soaking in the beauty of cherry blossoms.
My heart flutter whenever I'm embarking on another adventure. There is no greater joy than to always have an endlessly changing horizon; for each day to have a new and different sun :)

Follow my adventure in Japan on my instagram @steviatepi

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