Sweet Belly Bandung

Sweet Belly is located in Bandung, for sure, and quite far from my house, around 45 mins drive when there's no traffic. My LOL Ice Cream post had a nice number of pageviews because really, who can resist the lure of a sweet sweet dessert? So here's another new dessert parlour in town! 

In the first photo, I was staring at what looks like a bibimbab dish, but it is actually a dessert! It's called Bibingsoo (38k) and on the back is Gelatto Platter (59,5k). Bibingsoo was not impressive at all. If any, it lacks sugar. My Gelatto Platter on the other hand is good! I chose cheesecake, wildberry, and tiramisu. Place is very small. 

Sweet Belly Ice Cream
Jalan Lombok no. 53 (one complex with Don Woori)
10 AM - 10 PM
022 426 1338
IG : sweetbelly.id


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