Day 6 : The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Osaka

On our second to last day, once again it was drizzling and the weather was 4 degree Celcius. As someone who is used to 20-30 degree Celcius all year long, I was freezing my butt off even after all those layers. As you can predict, I wasn't all that excited to spend a half day outdoors. But what can we do? Besides, I want to check out the latest addition which is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Can we all say Wingardium Leviosa?

To enter the Harry Potter, you have to get another ticket that will tell you what time you can get in. It is done because the place will be too crowded and the line for rides will be too long if everybody goes in at the same time. My friend who visited last year couldn't get a ticket (I believe because it was holiday season and it was summer) so we were very fortunate that we can still get in! From my ticket, I couldn't enter if I go there before 11 or after 12. There is no time limit as how long you can spend time in there tho.

I like Harry Potter. I practically grow up with the books and the movies. I did feel a little sad that the movies are over but I'm not the one you would call a fan. I read all the books and yet I enjoy the movies more, surprisingly enough. I was this close buying those wands but luckily, my mother was right beside me to snap me out of my Harry Potter world. The Hogwarts miniature (not that mini tho) is definitely the highlight! The songs from Harry Potter movies are also played over and over again creating a true wizardly experience. (PS. Don't waste time souvenir shopping inside Harry Potter, you can get Harry Potter souvenirs at all souvenir shops near exit)

My mom and I had lunch and then watch Terminator 4D and then watch some acrobatic yet very fun show. We then wander around from store to store trying to get away from the cold wind until it was time to regroup. Thankfully, after lunch, the sky clear up for a bit and we all can rest our umbrellas.

We went home the next day on 11 AM flight. The airport was so crowded that it actually took us one and a half hour for check-in and immigration. We made it to the boarding room just in time when they start boarding into plane.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next post :)


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