Mount Fuji visuals (Day 4)

Bright and early on day 4, which was a Monday, we went straight to Mount Fuji. It was around 3 to 4 hours drive from Tokyo. There was a little bit of traffic and we only went up to Station II when we supossedly go all the way to Station V (higher) because there were traffic jam on Station IV (on 2013 I went to that station). We all agreed to settle for Station II because we know the view will be pretty much the same and it will saves us time to spend more minutes shopping at Gotemba! Ah women and their shopping.. It's a neverending love and hate relationship.

beanie and scarf - H&M // yellow sweater - Zara
blue blazer - Forever21 // jeans - Alcott
ankle boots - Clarks // bag - Longchamp
watch - Daniel Wellington

After two days in a row of clouds, wind, and drizzle, we were so excited that Mr. Sunshine decided to grace us with his presence. Two of my friends told me they couldn't see Mt. Fuji at all because of the rain and the dark clouds. We were blessed indeed! Do you know, it was said, that if you able to see the tip of Mt. Fuji, you will get anything that you want that year! Eventho we couldn't see the tip of the mountain, we were pleased enough with the warm weather. 

 View from Station II. So much better than in Station IV (too much fog there)

After a very brief stop at Station II, we were taken to Gotemba Factory Outlet. Everybody shopped! I do think it's quite a complete shopping experience. You have luxury brands such as Ferragamo, Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and there are more contemporary brand like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Coach, and Issey Miyake. There is even a Lego and Disney Store here! Food was also pretty good at their food court.  

 A crepe and ice cream break after all those shopping before another 2 hours bus ride to our hotel.

Later that night we pushed on to Shizuoka area. We stayed at Ito Danko En Hotel which is a Japanese style hotel. In international hotels, you can't go to the lobby with your yukata or even with a pair of sandals. Meanwhile, in Japanese hotels, they are more laid back. Not only at the lobby, you can wear your yukata out to around the area of the hotel (I wore one to a convenience store across Ito Danko En Hotel). Also, they provide onsen (Japanese style common bath).  

 This sake is really good! It's sweet and light.

My past experience when staying in around Mt. Fuji area has not been pleasant tho. In 2013, the hotel we stayed in was somehow scary. With dimmed lighting, long winding alleys, and an overall bad feeling hovered around me. As you might already know, Japan is famous for their scary ghosts! So if you're one of the ghostbusters, Japan is a hotspot for sure. Luckily, Ito Danko En Hotel proves me wrong! I thought all Japanese hotels are like my previous hotel that I stayed in 2013, but this one gives us a true Japanese experience without being scary. Well, not too much scary ;)

Next post, the most beautiful and neat city of Kyoto will be up on the blog.


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