Focus On The Graffiti

Hi, guys!
I do apologize for the lame title. I mean, here is a pic of me wearing a t-shirt with FOCUS written on it, posing in front of a graffiti wall. I know, not the most witty title but I kinda like it! I'm sure all of my readers will catch up on that :)
Anyway, had a really good day dating with my mom today. Got a really cute sandals that's perfect for summer and a red block heels that I fell in love with. Pretty much a successful day.
Wishing everyone a great weekend, as well!

Melbourne Vacation Diary

Hi, guys!
Proven by the length of this post, I was more aware of taking more pics for le blog. Perhaps because we took less pre-wed photos here but anyway, here are the couple of days I spent in the endearing city of Melbourne.

Exploring Yarra Valley

Hi, guys!
Do excuse the overexposed photos, my uber smart fiancee forgot to bring our DSLR camera battery so we ended up make do with my Fuji X100T camera. I have always wanted to visit Yarra Valley mostly because I want to try the exhilarating hot air balloon ride there. Unfortunately, our full schedule couldn't work with that ride. But I'd make sure to try that hot air balloon ride in my near future!

Belle & Her Book in State Library of Victoria

Obviously I have no interest in yachting. My fiancee picked the book.
Hi, guys!
I do relate to Belle a lot, I love love love reading and I have always been feeling out of place since I was a kid. So this title is a nod to Belle and it seems goes pretty well with my title :)
Another spot I want to highlight from my Melbourne trip is State Library of Victoria. I saw this place in one of my friend's instagram post and not only this place is super photogenic, it serves well to my book worm side. 

One Sunny Day in Brighton Beach

Hi, guys!
I thought I'd kickstart my Melbourne posts with three separate outfit entries so I can give more in-depth explanation and minimise the length of my Melbourne vacation diary post. Obviously I started with an outfit post from one sunny day in Brighton Beach.
If you want to see the bathing boxes, you do need a car, in my opinion. The last time I went there, we use public transportation and ended up walking A LOT. This time however, we did rent a car and it was such a big convenience for all of us. Especially for my mom and my little nephew. The parking lot is super close to the bathing boxes.

Sydney Vacation Diary

View from Mrs. Macquaire's Chair
Hi, guys!
I have a confession. I was a terrible blogger during my Australia trip. I was so focused in getting our pre-wedding photos taken perfectly that I forgot to snaps my surroundings. Despite that fact however, I will try my best to recreate the 5 days that we spent in Sydney from March 12th to March 16th.

Prom Dresses for Your Inner Princess

Hi, guys!
Today I will talk about Disney Princesses. I'm sure each one of you watched the live action Beauty and The Beast movie. I do love Emma Watson as Belle and it seems like every single ladies are fixated on Belle lately. Elsa is also somewhat still very much popular. I am excited about Aladdin live action movie and can't wait to see who they cast as Jasmine! It is an exciting time for us who grown up around those characters. What better way to channel your inner Princess than donning a pretty dress?

Surf The Crimson Wave

Hi, guys!
I hope you don't mind another sponsored post. I am getting married and currently building our dream house so every penny counts! But anyway, today we're going to talk about Aunt Flo. And in case you're not familiar with the urban term, Aunt Flo is an urban slang for menstruation. And can't we all relate to the illustration of the Menstrual Island above? I know I can. I believe most of my readers are women so we are all kind of a pro in terms of surfing the crimson wave month after month. 

O My Darling Harbour

Hi, guys!
This set of pics are from Darling Harbour. Another iconic place in Sydney. I do love the contrast between the modern tall buildings and the rustic pier. Obviously, I went with a striped top to give a nod for fellow sailors out there. I'm cheesy like that.

Keeping this post short and sweet so we all can enjoy our weekend. Have a good one, all!

Meet Cute with Koalas

Hi, guys!
So happy to finally start posting photos from my Australia trip last month. Opening this series with one of my favourite activity that we did, a meet up with cute koalas! On my last visit to Australia back in 2012, I went to Taronga Zoo so this year we decided to go country and check out Koala Park Sanctuary which is a privately owned sanctuary for Australia's native animals. Obviously, the entrance ticket fee  (AUD$27) is much cheaper than the fancy Taronga Zoo (AUD$42). We came a little late and the park's staff was already done feeding the koalas. However, he kindly let us in for a little bit just to take some quick snaps.

Luscious Locks in Seconds

Hi, guys!
Based on the title, you, my brilliant readers, would probably guessed that it's a sponsored post about hair extensions. I do love love my halo hair-extensions to death and would recommend this method to any of you who's feeling insecure about their thin short hair. So yeah, for my fellow friend who long for luscious locks, look no further than Equeena Hair Store. It is an online store so put on your smart buyer's glasses and make sure you match your hair colour perfectly, know the kind of textures you want. and of course, the suitable length.

This store basically provides all your cheap hair extensions needs.  If you are overwhelmed with the so many options, let me lead you to Brazilian hair extensions. The website says that this type of extension is usually more shiny and more silky than others. They come in straight, wavy, or curly options depending on what your need is. If you have naturally straight hair, I would recommend getting the straight, since you can always curl it with your curling iron. Or if you only want to wear this extension on special occasion where you always have your hair nice and wavy, you can go with the way extension. The price ranges from $20 to $68.

If your natural hair is not silky, because I do understand the struggle to have nice shiny silky hair, fear not! Equeena Store also sells Indian Hair extensions which the website said, is thick and coarse. I do love the body wave option below, it looks very Victoria's Secret Angel runway hair. Or if you want a more everyday look, just go for the straight option.

For closure, there is the latest tech in hair extension world called Lace closure. Basically it's the parting area on your scalp. Sewn-in or bonded weaves usually require lace closures to cover the top area where the track hair or weaving hair gets sewn/bonded down. This process often creates an area called the “horseshoe” where some hair gets left out. Closures can be used to cover up that area and add some decorative style to enhance the weave. Always make sure you tint the materials used on your closure so that it matches your scalp. When you properly tint the closure it makes it easier to part, pull back or twist your hair in any style you want without drawing attention to the closure. It's  pretty cool era we live in, huh?

Anyway, for more info you can always email their customer service :
I'm sure one of their lovely CS will be happy to help you find your perfect hair extension match.

Thank you for reading and I'll see on my next post about my Australia trip.
Have a productive Monday, all!

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