One Sunny Day in Brighton Beach

Hi, guys!
I thought I'd kickstart my Melbourne posts with three separate outfit entries so I can give more in-depth explanation and minimise the length of my Melbourne vacation diary post. Obviously I started with an outfit post from one sunny day in Brighton Beach.
If you want to see the bathing boxes, you do need a car, in my opinion. The last time I went there, we use public transportation and ended up walking A LOT. This time however, we did rent a car and it was such a big convenience for all of us. Especially for my mom and my little nephew. The parking lot is super close to the bathing boxes.

We went there on a Saturday around 10.30 AM and the place already had a few eager tourists who were busy taking photos of the bathing boxes as well as locals who actually want to enjoy the beach. I wouldn't suggest to go there around midday since it gets pretty hot.
If you did rent a car, you need to search Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes instead of just Brighton Beach.  The beach itself is very clean and all the bathing boxes were so well-kept. The sand is soft and not irritating to the skin at all. I was barefooted all the time I was there.
If you're curious as to what the bathing boxes are for, I did took a peek inside on one of the opened box and inside I saw a surfboard, a lifeguard, some beach towels, and an umbrella. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a snap of it.

And that's pretty much it about this adorable bathing boxes. I will definitely come back when I visit Melbourne in the future. After taking cute photos, you can relax and enjoy the calm waves.

Have a great midweek, all!


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