Surf The Crimson Wave

Hi, guys!
I hope you don't mind another sponsored post. I am getting married and currently building our dream house so every penny counts! But anyway, today we're going to talk about Aunt Flo. And in case you're not familiar with the urban term, Aunt Flo is an urban slang for menstruation. And can't we all relate to the illustration of the Menstrual Island above? I know I can. I believe most of my readers are women so we are all kind of a pro in terms of surfing the crimson wave month after month. 

And if you're the lucky and blessed few, you can get a 9 months leave from riding the crimson wave by getting pregnant! I am quite excited about the thoughts of growing a baby inside my belly some time in the future but I guess it's more of a nervous/scared excitement. If you are pregnant, well, many congratulations! I always believe babies are the way to a more mature selfless you. I watched my big sister having so much joy (and honestly, a few frustrated tears) with my adorable nephew. She is currently having another baby and this pregnancy seems to be a much smoother sail then her first one's.

On her first pregnancy, she did experienced breakthrough bleeding once in her 3rd month. If you're experiencing this, you don't have to jet away to the nearest hospital, you can use this website called Check Pregnancy to see if you should go the doctor or not. There are 5 reasons a breakthrough bleeding could happen during a pregnancy : 1) Implantation Bleeding 2) Breakthrough Bleeding 3) Miscarriage 4) Ectopic Pregnancy 5) Uterine Fibroids

Breakthrough bleeding during pregnancy should never be heavy. Some women will experience spotting, but if you experience a decent volume of blood, make sure that you check yourself to your doctor. For more information click

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