Meet Cute with Koalas

Hi, guys!
So happy to finally start posting photos from my Australia trip last month. Opening this series with one of my favourite activity that we did, a meet up with cute koalas! On my last visit to Australia back in 2012, I went to Taronga Zoo so this year we decided to go country and check out Koala Park Sanctuary which is a privately owned sanctuary for Australia's native animals. Obviously, the entrance ticket fee  (AUD$27) is much cheaper than the fancy Taronga Zoo (AUD$42). We came a little late and the park's staff was already done feeding the koalas. However, he kindly let us in for a little bit just to take some quick snaps.

There are also other animals such as kangaroos, wombat, dingoes, and of course as the pic above show you, wallabies. They do look a lot like their big brother kangaroos. The only differences are the size, wallabies are smaller, and they generally have more varied colour pattern. We also saw the smallest penguin in Australia. He/she looks a little lonely in her big habitat tho. 

We went there after a rainy morning so the soil and the pathways were not very appealing but the habitats were all well-kept and we didn't noticed any foul odour. Just the usual grass and soil smell. We do wished we had came earlier so we could feed and hold one of the koalas. But honestly for AUD$27, if you just want to see koalas and kangaroos, this is a much practical option than Taronga Zoo. Altho, in Taronga Zoo, you get all those comfort with beautiful pathways, decoration, maps, and of course, a great food court.

Went for something simple with my off shoulder white dress. Top it off with a hat for that safari vibe.

Wishing everyone a great midweek!


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