Humming Silly Show Tunes Sometimes

I mostly spend my TV hours on Disney Channel so it's not out of the ordinary that you can find me humming to Phineas and Pherb or Shaun the Sheep opening songs. There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation the school comes along just to ends it.. So the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it.. Like maybe... *this is the part where I'm humming*

Why rambling about humming? Well.. Earlier this week I went to a recently opened cafe called Hummingbird! I know. I'm inexplicably witty with words! 

The food was standard and not that good. However, the beverages are surprisingly tasty! And the cakes are all so tempting.. (hey, there, calorific chocolate fudge!)
I love the interior. Mostly dominated with nude wooden stuff.  I'm sure the designer was trying to give us a nest vibe or some sort of... While waiting for our mother to bring home some yummy slimy worms... Oops. I mean, while waiting for the chef to cook us our delicious meals! 
It's quite a cozy place. Spent at least 4 good hours there!

Hopefully you're not having a Monday blue!

Youth Has No Age

"To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent - that is to triumph over old age."
-- Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Despite the fact that I took aerobic classes twice a week, English course every Tuesday and Thursday, helping out my dad with his waterpark, and attend a fellowship every Thursday (just started though!) I'm so deeply grateful that I still have time to give back to the community.

Earlier today me and a bunch of friends went to a nursing house. There were a short sermon, some singing together, and giving parcels. Old people are fascinating. I live with my grandmother. She's 87 years old and still rocking! She's healthy and every now and then she's still making me my favorite foods.

Me and three other friends spent a good one and a half hour wrapping 100 parcels consist of apples, crackers, and shredded meat the day before. I did feel like a complete grandmother after standing and bending for so long without a break.

I hope we can appreciate and respect our elders in every way we can.

I Close My Eyes and I Can See A Better Day, I Close My Eyes and Pray

Devastating news from Japan. The country was hit by an 8.9 R earthquake approximately 14.45 Japan time. Then tsunami came 2 hours after. Please keep your prayers for those in Japan.
Indonesia got a tsunami warning but thankfully, God is still merciful and we are left unharmed.

I wore a flowery scent perfume when I took this picture and I was surrounded by bees! (fine it was only too. but still) Oh my.. That was definitely one of the most terrifying experience I ever had. I was super scared and running around like crazy. The bees just wouldn't stop! My friend told me to just stand still (easy for him to say, HE wasn't attacked by a swarm of bees!). So I did. I stood perfectly still. Thank God they finally realize that I wasn't a flower (sometimes I wish I were one though!) and leave me alone.  

There are more pictures but I haven't met with my friend again. And this is the only self picture I took with my camera. Oh! My autofocus is back! So happy!


It's amazing how busy I get when I'm no longer studying and the fact that I'm unemployment makes it even more perplexing. I've been helping out my dad on his recently opened waterpark . Do help and click that Like button! :)

I make proposals, taking pictures, putting up that facebook page, locker-shopping, deciding which drinks will go to foodcourt area, making letters. And all sorts of stuff. I'm a little confused of what exactly my role is on that waterpark. But I tried to make myself believe that I'm helping my dad instead of making him more dizzy.  Fine, I wasn't really busy with helping my dad, I also been trying to get my shop up and running again. I'm selling my preloved clothes, bags, and accessories. Do visit!

I'm not selling international though. Since the price is seriously low, I'm pretty sure that the shipping fee would costs a lot more than the item's price. However, if you live anywhere in Indonesia, check out March Collection album! I'll be waiting for your order!

I also start taking aerobic classes again. With all-you-can-eat all day long everyday, I really need those exercises. And now I have sores all over my shoulders and practically all of my limbs. Heaven. I also took placement test for an English course. Classes starts in two weeks so I supposed I will be busier then. Yes! 
I hate sitting doing nothing at home. I tend to eat more. LOL.

Today my sister and I went to watch The Eagle. The story was really by the book yet I'm truly pleased! I'm easily impressed, I know.  As long as it has a happy ending, I'm a satisfied customer. Yeah to happy endings!


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