Blending In

Should've probably chosen a better setting for my peachy outfit cause it looks like I'm trying to blend in with the background!  I always like contrast in my photographs so lessons learned :)
This super-spring outfit is what I wore last Sunday for a meet up with a few friends hence it was a Sunday well spent. Anyway, if you haven't noticed already, I've worn white bottoms in the past three posts which means I really really like white pants and shorts! How can you not? They are super fresh and chic and just perfect for this time of the year. It's a must have for every fashionista.
Anyway, I'm excited for Captain America : Civil War! #teamcap
Who's watching it this weekend? 

Saved by The Bell

Saved by the bell sleeves! I have been on a rut in terms of keeping my outfits fresh and fun. Yes, I will never get tired of floral and highwaist skirts but you guys are probably get sick of it. So here it is, my savior out of the monotonous regime of flare skirts : the bell sleeve.
No kidding, I want to pose like a disney princess all the time. Altho, these kind of sleeves are really not meant for eating and I'm not the most careful person! However, that doesn't stop me from ordering another bell-sleeve-esque top. This style is just so romantic and classic at the same time so I guess it's okay to have at least two of them in your wardrobe.
Will you rock a bell-sleeved top?

Wishing everyone a great day!

Easy Breezy

Put together this easy breezy outfit for watching Huntsman : Winter's War last weekend. Wanted something that is fuss-free because I wasn't feeling that well (headache all day boohoo) and here is what I came up with. This white pants has been my go-to bottom choice these days not only because it's comfy, it's also very spring. Despite my insecurities about my thighs (not everyone is blessed with thigh gap) I decided to just man up and put these photos up. 
Anyway, I'm not sure why everybody hate the movie. I mean this one is so much better than the last one! At least, it has more action scenes and better visual effects too, IMHO. Click Read More to read my ramblings about this movie (spoiler alert)

Color Me Lime

This simple lime dress had me fall in love at first sight that I just have to get it. The choker neckline is a fun trend and I have two more tops with this kind of neckline already. Granted, on hot days this neckline feels like choking you but on colder days it kind of gives you warmth!
Do you like this choker neckline trend?

This set of photos are from a rooftop garden in one of the mall here in my town. I didn't expect much but I guess spring has truly arrived! Everything is in full bloom and every flower is just oh-so-pretty. Definitely will come back again for more outfit photos :)
Wishing everyone a great midweek!


Rocking this lovely dress that I have prepared for a wedding weekend next week! I thought I try it out and since the weather was lovely today (altho it rains shortly after I took these), taking photos seems to be a very good idea considering this rainy season seems to be endless!

Talking about a wedding, I was approached by the kind Sherry via email about Cocomelody , a website that provides designer wedding dresses. Which is the perfect timing because my boyfriend and I just started talking about our own wedding! It's serendipity, really. I have been having a tough time deciding what kind of wedding dress I would want on my big day and Cocomelody has everything from beach wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, ball gown wedding dresses, and even short wedding dresses, all in all, any trend of wedding dresses 2016 will be there.

I am really torn choosing a silhouette between this sleek and modern semi-mermaid dress with gorgeous beadings or the more classic A-line with to-die-for lace details.

Be sure to check out their sale! The mermaid dress above is now $390 from $1100 and the A-line dress is now $350 from $500. Hurry visit their website because the sale ends at 4/29.

Click read more for details of my dress :)
Have a great day, all!

Summerbird Bed & Brasserie

Visited Summerbird about two weeks ago and had a yummy apple pie with a hot cup of cappuccino. To my surprise, the place was rather empty, only three other customers were there. We went around 4PM. Service was good. The place is cute and small, although not as small as I expected. I guess a group of 6 or 8 people can still sit comfortably. This place is also a hotel, which you can check out all about the rate and the room at their website
The interesting fact is, you can also do prewedding/engagement photo session here!
I hope everybody is having a great April so far!

Lady Boss

Monday requires putting on your favorite dark colored blazer and feel like the lady boss that you are. As for the pink peplum, I really want to wear pink these days because people around me are in Japan right now and their feeds are filled with beautiful cherry blossoms. In case you haven't, check out my trip to Japan last year by clicking Japan Travelogue :)
Well, wishing everyone a great Tuesday!

Something Blue

Currently my favorite blue number that I wore to a wedding weekend at The Royal Santrian, Bali. Aannd.. I'm a little stuck on what to write. Hmm.. Let's see.. The wedding was beautiful and very touching. There were plenty of heartfelt videos. The food was ah-mazing! It was buffet style so we can take as much as we want. It was really hot but by some miracle my make up and hair didn't completely ruined. There were fireworks at the end of the dinner which was pretty cool because I love fireworks !
Well, I guess that's all for now.
I hope everybody will have a good weekend!


Has anyone seen Batman vs Superman?
I don't understand why a lot of people seems to be bored or disappointed with the movie. Yes, the beginning was a bit boring with lots of talking but halfway there the pace is picking up and I actually really enjoyed the movie. Maybe the fact I watched it on a 4dx theatre has some factor too.
Funny story! When I was waiting for my boyfriend while he was getting popcorn for us, a lady around 40/50s approached me and asked me if there's any kind of discount/freebies if you wear a Batman/Superman t-shirt. I was like .. "no" and explain to her that I just wear this Superman t-shirt for fun to show that I root for Superman. I'm cheesy like that.

Well, wishing everyone a great start of the week!

Strudel's Signature Bandung

Something simple that I wore to visit Strudel's Signature a few weeks back. This one is actually about a week before I left for Bali and I got home from Bali 2 weeks ago.. I know, I have been terrible with blogging but I'm starting to get my groove back!
Anyway, Strudel's Signature is quite new, about two or three months since it's soft opening. The place is spacious with high ceiling so that's a big plus! You can definitely bring your whole squad here. I only tried their strudel and love it. Will update more once I tasted their meal menus :)

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