Summerbird Bed & Brasserie

Visited Summerbird about two weeks ago and had a yummy apple pie with a hot cup of cappuccino. To my surprise, the place was rather empty, only three other customers were there. We went around 4PM. Service was good. The place is cute and small, although not as small as I expected. I guess a group of 6 or 8 people can still sit comfortably. This place is also a hotel, which you can check out all about the rate and the room at their website
The interesting fact is, you can also do prewedding/engagement photo session here!
I hope everybody is having a great April so far!

Summerbird Bed & Brasserie
Jalan Ksatriaan 11 (Pasirkaliki) ; very near Bina Bakti
Cafe opens everyday from 07AM - 11PM
Phone : +6287866372473

Included below is the menu


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