Has anyone seen Batman vs Superman?
I don't understand why a lot of people seems to be bored or disappointed with the movie. Yes, the beginning was a bit boring with lots of talking but halfway there the pace is picking up and I actually really enjoyed the movie. Maybe the fact I watched it on a 4dx theatre has some factor too.
Funny story! When I was waiting for my boyfriend while he was getting popcorn for us, a lady around 40/50s approached me and asked me if there's any kind of discount/freebies if you wear a Batman/Superman t-shirt. I was like .. "no" and explain to her that I just wear this Superman t-shirt for fun to show that I root for Superman. I'm cheesy like that.

Well, wishing everyone a great start of the week!

t-shirt - thrifted // midi skirt - Lollistories // watch - Daniel Wellington
petite 2jours bag - Fendi // red flats - Nine West


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