Blending In

Should've probably chosen a better setting for my peachy outfit cause it looks like I'm trying to blend in with the background!  I always like contrast in my photographs so lessons learned :)
This super-spring outfit is what I wore last Sunday for a meet up with a few friends hence it was a Sunday well spent. Anyway, if you haven't noticed already, I've worn white bottoms in the past three posts which means I really really like white pants and shorts! How can you not? They are super fresh and chic and just perfect for this time of the year. It's a must have for every fashionista.
Anyway, I'm excited for Captain America : Civil War! #teamcap
Who's watching it this weekend? 

Anyway, I am OBSESSED with this nail color New Orleans : Let Me Bayou A Drink by O.P.I.
It's a neutral very pale pinkish color that will keep you safe all spring long! I highly recommend it.

top - Zara // skorts - Look Boutique Store // mini Antigona bag - Givenchy
watch - Michael by Michael Kors // sandals - Zara


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