Strudel's Signature Bandung

Something simple that I wore to visit Strudel's Signature a few weeks back. This one is actually about a week before I left for Bali and I got home from Bali 2 weeks ago.. I know, I have been terrible with blogging but I'm starting to get my groove back!
Anyway, Strudel's Signature is quite new, about two or three months since it's soft opening. The place is spacious with high ceiling so that's a big plus! You can definitely bring your whole squad here. I only tried their strudel and love it. Will update more once I tasted their meal menus :)

Interior was industrial and nothing special to me. Service was okay, nothing special either. Our strudel tastes yummy. So does our drink (I believe it was Caramel Machiato). Price wise is normal, nothing outrageous. Parking was difficult. It's best to park at the street, I guess. Included below is the menu.

Strudel's Signature
Jalan Pasirkaliki no. 72 (setelah Pokatiam)
IG : @strudelbdg
Open everyday from 7AM
Saturdays closed at 11.30PM


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