March Favourites

Hi, guys!
Can't believe it's the end of the month already. Honestly, March has been a pure bliss despite its up and down. I'm just so grateful that I'm still happy, healthy, and alive surrounded with loving family and friends. What more can a girl want? But anyway, here are some items that I have been loving in the month of March.

My Kopi O! Bandung Review

Hi, guys!

It has been a while since my last foodie post, so here it is another resto review of My Kopi O! located at Jalan Trunojoyo in my beloved Bandung city. We went there on a Sunday, which was our second visit, and the place was packed as per usual. First impression was not bad at all since we went there just for snacks and coffee so we decided to come back and try our luck for a lunch date.

Touches of Green

Hi, guys!
Happy St. Patrick Day to our Irish friends. I obviously don't celebrate St. Patrick Day but I thought I'll join the merriment by incorporating touches of green in my neutral palette outfit. Borrowed this Coach Swagger bag from my mom for the green colour and with a little help from my bushy leafy friends as the background, voila touches of green.

Apologies for slow reply in everything, I'm still currently down under in Melbourne. Promise to reply everything by the 22nd of March :)

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Engagement Day

Hi, guys!
I hope you don't mind another couple update from me since I don't have much time to shoot outfit photos, I guess I'll just post about my engagement day last Sunday. In Chinese tradition, two family gathers and introduced each member of the family to the other party. After that, as a symbol, mother of the future groom put on a necklace on the future bride as a symbol that now she is tied to the future groom's family. And yeah, that's pretty much it. After that the future bride's family entertain the future groom's family with lots of good food. And by a lot, I mean a lot. I don't feel like eating again until the next morning.

There's a more traditional ones called "Sangjit" which involves exchanging lots of goods (6 to 12 trays) consisting from household items to personal items like clothing or make up for the ladies. We didn't do that since both of our family are not that traditional and took a more modern simpler route with only 2 trays. I do however, love our matching outfit oh so very much! It's traditional for the bride-to-be to wear a Mandarin collar or cheongsam. Big shout out to my friend Felice for creating our outfit :)

LBDs Assemble!

Hi, guys!
For those of you who understand the titles, hey there, fellow Marvel fans. I'm typing this in the middle of a packing breakdown. I always get overwhelmed whenever I try to pack for my travels mostly because I want to bring the whole closet with me. But in the midst of chaos, I thought I should just bring a bunch of little black dresses, rely on accessories for a pop of colour, and call it a day. These are my top four little black dresses that I plan to bring! My favourite is bottom right since it has a longer hemline and very ladylike, altho it still looks super cute with a white slip ons.

Flower Power for Every Hour

Hi, guys!

Spring is just around the corner and there's no better time than now and the next couple of months to rock your floral outfit. Here I compiled three floral outfit because this season is the time to launch your flower power for every hour.

White All The Way

Hi, guys!
Sharing with you some pics from our pre-wedding video session last week. For those of you who is not familiar with the concept, here in my country we usually did a shoot a couple months before our wedding day for footage to be mixed in on our same-day-edit video, you know, just for some variation. We'd sure added a little bit more jazz with our smoke bomb! I definitely had tons of fun playing with the smoke bomb despite the smell.

February Favourites

Hi, guys!
It is a new month and I'm excited to share with you some stuff that I have been loving in the past month of February. With 28 days, I do feel like it's a short month but March has lots of exciting things happening too so I'm not exactly sad that February is over. But anyway, let's get started!

My first favourite is definitely this beautiful bouquet of roses from my fiancee that he got for our Valentine's Day dinner. It actually has some glitter all over the petals which I'm not too fond of but I don't care. I just love love love flowers and seeing them in my room just makes me happy.

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