Spring Breakers

~Hello, April~

Spring is my favorite season of the year. The air is cool but not cold. No hot sweaty days that makes your hair damp and lifeless as well! It is indeed the time for pastels, florals, and anything lace under the warmth of the much missed sunrays while having a picnic in your favorite park.

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Have a great April, all!

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flower crown - Inspired by Luce, flowery sunnies - Curious, lace top - gifted from aunty, polkadot pink dress - LuceDale, blue bag - c/o Laku.com, bracelet - c/o Juerii, semi boots - custom made by Juice String

Good Old Highwaist Skirt

Good Friday is tomorrow!
Thank you Jesus for what You did on the calvary. We are only sinners yet You love us so much. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Are you celebrating Good Friday? Me and my family are going to church tomorrow. Despite the fact that I am grateful, my church often replay that movie The Passion of The Christ on the crucifying scene.. Which was dreadful and horrible and I get bad dreams at night. But I can't not watch it because I want to make sure I never forget how much Jesus loves me. THAT so much pain is how much He loves us.  Like Queen Elizabeth says, grieve and pain is the price we pay for love.

To the outfit.. 
One day I found my way to a highwaist skirt and I never looked back... I am a curvy (hourglass) girl and my smallest part is my waist so this is the perfect silhouette for me and all of you curvy girls out there. Curvy is not a matter of weight. It's a matter of the proportion between your bust, waist, and hips. My bust measurement is pretty much the same with my hips (only one inch difference) and my waist is well defined.  Even girls with tiny tiny hips can be curvy. More info HERE to find out which category you belong to! 

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blouse - from a boutique at Haji Lane, Singapore, orange cat printed highwaisted skirt - c/o SheInside, oversized bag & owl necklace - c/o Laku.com, loafers - bought it on my trip to Melbourne last year (click here to see my vacation diary on Melbourne!)

Singapore March 2013 Visuals

Sleepy bare-face for a morning flight. Dress c/o Laku.com, mint blazer by Forever21, flats by Marie Claire
Stayed at Mandarin Orchard. Ate too much bacon than I should.

Botak Jones steak is super cheapo and super yummy. Located at Youth Park right across Cathay Cineleisure. Steak ranges from Sing$12 to Sing$18 with two side dish. My suggestion : go for cheese potato one (that's the yellow-y one in the pic). Too yummy to be true. Too small portion for me!

Visited Singapore Sea Aquarium at Sentosa. For Sing$20/person it was not bad at all. Long quee tho! Turned out we visited during Singaporean students holiday. Oh well..

Another must eat for me. Subway! Healthy, tastes good, and definitely make it a meal with Raspberry Cheese cookie and iced lemon tea.

Pastel galore for spring at Forever21 at underpass between Ion and Wheelock Place. Don't forget to visit Rubi, Cotton On, Topshop, and Uniqlo while you're there for affordable stylish items to complete your closet. Scored a blazer for 30% off and two vintage-looking chiffon blouse. Tips : Forever21 accesories are all super cute and adorable and cheap (earrings, bracelet, and necklaces range from Sing$2-Sing$15). Perfect souvenirs for your gal pals.
Must eat too! Street ice cream with rainbow bread. Only Sing$1.50!!! Not that healthy but tastes soo good and so Singapore. I love Cappuccinno Choco Chips flavour. 

My all time favorite store in Singapore ever. Buy 3 items you get about 5 dollar off/piece. Buy 6 items you'll get 10-15dollar off/piece. Bought so many with zero regrets. Their items are cutting edge, with all the latest trend, with good quality and cheap prices! This one is located at Orchard Central which is bigger and has more items you can choose. But the one at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is quite nice as well. Better visit both as each store has some different pieces sold.

This one is actually available here in Indonesia. But somehow the one in Singapore always tastes better (all those walking must be clouding my judgement). Must eat for me to. Old Chang Kee Curry O'. For only less than Sing$2, why not eat it everyday. Available practically everywhere. 

Sissy and I during boring one and a half hour flight with our similar glasses. Good bye and thank you for reading!

Just some snapshots from my 4 days trip to Singapore. Some taken by DSLR some by IPhone so you might notice the quality difference. Anyhow, Google Reader is shutting down this July so please follow this blog via bloglovin so you can keep up with my posts. You can easily import the blogs you are following now by GFC to bloglovin. Just go to www.bloglovin.com. And CLICK HERE to follow me there! See you at bloglovin :)

Happy midweek, all!

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Half of A Shadow

A very good day to you!

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates either here in the blog or in my twitter or in my Lookbook or in my Chictopia. I have been preoccupied with life and despite tiring, I am absolutely grateful I can still have things to do, responsibilities to answer to, and so on..

A few of you asked about the title of the book which I quoted on "The Sandstorm Chases You". It is indeed Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I am in love if you can say, with Nakata character in the book. Perhaps because I can relate to him.. He once said that he only have half a shadow than a normal person and that makes him a little bit different. Throughout the end of the book, Nakata was driven by this willpower to do something without knowing the reason. He just has this ultimate full faith that he HAS to do it even though he doesn't know why. In the end, he died, peacefully, with half a shadow and I was left feeling rather empty inside. Like losing a good friend.

In some way I do feel like Nakata sometimes. That I'm lacking something, like I'm only half of what I'm supposed to be (I guess it's time for a boyfriend? LOL). Also, as a Christian, sometimes I do things that I don't even know why I'm doing it, but I know I have to do it because that's what God wants. I guess I have to follow Nakata footsteps, just keep the faith. Oh, and Nakata does this thing where he can sit completely still and not be bored. He just look around and not even thinking.. Which also remind me, I need to be still.. I need to surrender to Him. Often I try so hard to get the things that I want until I forgotten what He wants for me. 

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent - Exodus 14 : 14

So be still, my darlings, let God take full control of your life and fill that half of a shadow you're missing.

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vintage blouse and dress - Down Memory Lanes, vintage bag and flower headband - thrifted, ring and bracelet - H&M, white heels - Bellagio

PS. I know you are all bored with the background. I am bored with the background as well. Fear not, I am off to Singapore this Saturday. This blog will be a little quiter even more than usual for about a week. Will definitely take outfit pics with a change of scenery. Lord know I could use some! :)

Pastel Play

It is Spring right here in Bandung. Well, to be fair, we don't have winter at all so basically we see green all year around. But the sky has brighten up and although rain still pours down every now and then, we definitely greeted with the sunlight more than a month before. Hence, the pastels are all out to play. Thanks to Khaloong for this delicate pearl collar necklace! It adds just enough elegantness (is that a word? I'm not sure) to a somewhat sweet humble outfit. Loving the white and pastel colors combo these days. Couldn't get enough of them!

Anyway, I'm sorry if I haven't been blogwalking and replying comments as per usual. I have been out of it lately. I mistyped a lot. Miscommunicate a lot. And even didn't get a good night sleep very often. My unexpected post was up there not for nothing. Life has been a series of unexpected events. Not that they are unfortunate. That I haven't quite seem to figure out. But a girl should keep her prayers hard, her faith in check, and belive things will work out for the best.

Sunday Music is Holy Ground by Taylor Swift

And I guess we fell apart in the usual way.
And the story’s got dust on every page,
But sometimes I wonder how you think about it now.
And I see your face in every crowd.

Wishing everyone a super duper sweet weekend!

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flower headband - thrifted, pearl necklace - c/o Khaloong, top, watch, and belt - c/o Laku.com,  white outer - Orange, skirt - Cotton On, flowery bag - Forever21, white sandals - Charles&Keith

My Blues

If you are a long time reader (if not, check out the last post), you must have noticed that my hair suddenly gotten longer overnight.. Thanks to the secret shampoo.. which is not existed. Ever wonder how people get those luscious locks? They seem to own it effortlessly which is quite annoying cause I personally always envy girls with long healthy looking hair and strive to have one like them! But long hair requires exhausting care and I personally can't afford long hair because it starts to fall. The answer for those? Cheap human hair extensions of course. 

At first I thought human hair is way too creepy but then again, the plastic ones look.. well.. plastic while the extension from human hair looks more natural and if you choose the right shade, it looks like you do have super long hair! The benefit of owning a hair extension is you can have long seductive shiny hair anytime you want. It seriously gives you a more glamorous look, or even a whimsical one when it paires with a flower crown like I do. The downside is ofcourse, the weight and the heat from all those layers. But I really think Spring is a perfect time to try something new! And you can get your own hair extensions online here.

I have been using IPhone since January and I absolutely head over heels with all the accesories (example, my IPhone cover. cue : crazy cat lady in the house) ! One of my weakness other then vintage items, is adorable good-for-nothing item. Hence, this blue macaroon shaped pluggie with pink ribbon for IPhone just begging to be mine. Fine, pluggie can actually protect the hole used for ear phones from dust, so I guess it has one benefit.. Thanks to JelyShop for this absolutely darling pluggie! Follow their Instagram : @JelyShop and do not hesitate to shop there cause the items are super cute with cheap prices!

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blue vintage dress - Heritage Factory Outlet, flower crown - Inspired by Luce, blue vintage bag - c/o Laku.com, bow ring - gifted from a friend, white sandals - Charles & Keith, macaroon shaped pluggie - c/o JelyShop

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