My Blues

If you are a long time reader (if not, check out the last post), you must have noticed that my hair suddenly gotten longer overnight.. Thanks to the secret shampoo.. which is not existed. Ever wonder how people get those luscious locks? They seem to own it effortlessly which is quite annoying cause I personally always envy girls with long healthy looking hair and strive to have one like them! But long hair requires exhausting care and I personally can't afford long hair because it starts to fall. The answer for those? Cheap human hair extensions of course. 

At first I thought human hair is way too creepy but then again, the plastic ones look.. well.. plastic while the extension from human hair looks more natural and if you choose the right shade, it looks like you do have super long hair! The benefit of owning a hair extension is you can have long seductive shiny hair anytime you want. It seriously gives you a more glamorous look, or even a whimsical one when it paires with a flower crown like I do. The downside is ofcourse, the weight and the heat from all those layers. But I really think Spring is a perfect time to try something new! And you can get your own hair extensions online here.

I have been using IPhone since January and I absolutely head over heels with all the accesories (example, my IPhone cover. cue : crazy cat lady in the house) ! One of my weakness other then vintage items, is adorable good-for-nothing item. Hence, this blue macaroon shaped pluggie with pink ribbon for IPhone just begging to be mine. Fine, pluggie can actually protect the hole used for ear phones from dust, so I guess it has one benefit.. Thanks to JelyShop for this absolutely darling pluggie! Follow their Instagram : @JelyShop and do not hesitate to shop there cause the items are super cute with cheap prices!

Also, follow my instagram with the username of steviatepi

blue vintage dress - Heritage Factory Outlet, flower crown - Inspired by Luce, blue vintage bag - c/o, bow ring - gifted from a friend, white sandals - Charles & Keith, macaroon shaped pluggie - c/o JelyShop

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