Good Old Highwaist Skirt

Good Friday is tomorrow!
Thank you Jesus for what You did on the calvary. We are only sinners yet You love us so much. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Are you celebrating Good Friday? Me and my family are going to church tomorrow. Despite the fact that I am grateful, my church often replay that movie The Passion of The Christ on the crucifying scene.. Which was dreadful and horrible and I get bad dreams at night. But I can't not watch it because I want to make sure I never forget how much Jesus loves me. THAT so much pain is how much He loves us.  Like Queen Elizabeth says, grieve and pain is the price we pay for love.

To the outfit.. 
One day I found my way to a highwaist skirt and I never looked back... I am a curvy (hourglass) girl and my smallest part is my waist so this is the perfect silhouette for me and all of you curvy girls out there. Curvy is not a matter of weight. It's a matter of the proportion between your bust, waist, and hips. My bust measurement is pretty much the same with my hips (only one inch difference) and my waist is well defined.  Even girls with tiny tiny hips can be curvy. More info HERE to find out which category you belong to! 

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blouse - from a boutique at Haji Lane, Singapore, orange cat printed highwaisted skirt - c/o SheInside, oversized bag & owl necklace - c/o, loafers - bought it on my trip to Melbourne last year (click here to see my vacation diary on Melbourne!)


  1. Happy easter for you~ ah, that scene, i never be able to watch it without brust into tears. I watched the movie several times, but the crucified scene always make my heart hurt..D:

    I like your bag btw! you look sweet as usual..;)


  2. You're the sweetest! :) You look so cute, as always. Tomorrow I'm going to church with my sister. By the way, Happy Easter honey! :)

  3. love your skirt soo much!!

  4. Love that pretty print skirt and blouse you paired it with! Have a lovely Easter :)

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  5. Kyaaaa. love love love the video kak ^^
    it's too cute, kkk~
    I love your voice tone.. :D
    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  6. cantik!:))

  7. so adorable..loving it so much :)

  8. such an adorable look. love you very vintage, romantic, classy style.

  9. great idea to make an ootd video!

  10. happy ester stev !! btw i loved your sweet outfit especially your skirt

  11. enjoyed your are amazing.

  12. what a cute look))) Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  13. it's nice to see,
    and hope you have a nice weekend too :)

  14. the vintage touch of this outfit is amazing! The oxfords are so perfectly preppy!

  15. I am amazed by everything you do.

  16. so classy, vintage and fabulous <3

    mind to follow each other? :)


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