Singapore March 2013 Visuals

Sleepy bare-face for a morning flight. Dress c/o, mint blazer by Forever21, flats by Marie Claire
Stayed at Mandarin Orchard. Ate too much bacon than I should.

Botak Jones steak is super cheapo and super yummy. Located at Youth Park right across Cathay Cineleisure. Steak ranges from Sing$12 to Sing$18 with two side dish. My suggestion : go for cheese potato one (that's the yellow-y one in the pic). Too yummy to be true. Too small portion for me!

Visited Singapore Sea Aquarium at Sentosa. For Sing$20/person it was not bad at all. Long quee tho! Turned out we visited during Singaporean students holiday. Oh well..

Another must eat for me. Subway! Healthy, tastes good, and definitely make it a meal with Raspberry Cheese cookie and iced lemon tea.

Pastel galore for spring at Forever21 at underpass between Ion and Wheelock Place. Don't forget to visit Rubi, Cotton On, Topshop, and Uniqlo while you're there for affordable stylish items to complete your closet. Scored a blazer for 30% off and two vintage-looking chiffon blouse. Tips : Forever21 accesories are all super cute and adorable and cheap (earrings, bracelet, and necklaces range from Sing$2-Sing$15). Perfect souvenirs for your gal pals.
Must eat too! Street ice cream with rainbow bread. Only Sing$1.50!!! Not that healthy but tastes soo good and so Singapore. I love Cappuccinno Choco Chips flavour. 

My all time favorite store in Singapore ever. Buy 3 items you get about 5 dollar off/piece. Buy 6 items you'll get 10-15dollar off/piece. Bought so many with zero regrets. Their items are cutting edge, with all the latest trend, with good quality and cheap prices! This one is located at Orchard Central which is bigger and has more items you can choose. But the one at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is quite nice as well. Better visit both as each store has some different pieces sold.

This one is actually available here in Indonesia. But somehow the one in Singapore always tastes better (all those walking must be clouding my judgement). Must eat for me to. Old Chang Kee Curry O'. For only less than Sing$2, why not eat it everyday. Available practically everywhere. 

Sissy and I during boring one and a half hour flight with our similar glasses. Good bye and thank you for reading!

Just some snapshots from my 4 days trip to Singapore. Some taken by DSLR some by IPhone so you might notice the quality difference. Anyhow, Google Reader is shutting down this July so please follow this blog via bloglovin so you can keep up with my posts. You can easily import the blogs you are following now by GFC to bloglovin. Just go to And CLICK HERE to follow me there! See you at bloglovin :)

Happy midweek, all!

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  1. I'll be coming over to Singapore too this end of April! Thank you for sharing your visits, will go there when I arrive :D xx

  2. Singapore looks amazing and the food seems delicious ^^


  3. seems fun ciiii. wish someday i can go there to. nice shots ci. anyway, i've followed you on instagram. hope you would follow me back @ekatheresia ^^


  4. All pictures are just amazing! :) Lucky you, I wish I was there right now hehe!

  5. make a haul post from singapore ,ci :P
    anyway long time no visit your blog ☺
    and i do really love your outfit lately. so inspiring!



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