So Cool Like Ice Tea

Afternoon, bloggers!
The weather has cool down since a few days ago and I couldn't be happier! It is nice to be reunited with my cardigans and jackets. 
Apologies for my lack of posting. It has been almost a week since my last post. If you're Indonesian and in the middle of the hurdle of Lebaran, you would understand my lack of time to post!

Anyway, happy Eid ul-Fitri 1432 H to those who are celebrating!
I, personally, don't celebrate it but I do looove "ketupat". It is super yummy!

Here are a set of pictures I took a day before I left to Korea. I was going to use it as a scheduled post but I couldn't find time to do so back then.
hat - Chaussure Modest, necklace - vintage from Mom, top - Velvet, shorts - bought it from Bugis Street market, bow bangle - Forever21, wedges - BTC

And for those who are dealing with Hurricane Irene, please be safe and stay dry!

I promise I will be back on my regular posting schedule by next week <3

Kiss My Kimchi Day 2 to 4

I thought it would be too much of a drag if I continue posting per day about my trip so I thought I should just sum it up to one last post. I promise I'll stop gushing about my trip on the next post :)


on the gate of Everland

after we took this pic, we realize that we were LEFT BEHIND. it was hilarious

samgyetang (chicken and ginger) dinner

the hustle and bustle of Myoung Dong Street

We had an early flight so after breakfast we headed straight to Incheon Airport. Below is a picture with our local tour guide. He is so funny and his novice Indonesian keep us entertained throughout the whole tour.

Kiss My Kimchi Day 1

Warning : heavy pictures post

Anyeonghaseyo, bloggers!
Wow.. It has been too long! I have been back home since August 18 but I just need some rest and sorting out about 1000 pictures into about half and then uploaded them to facebook and then tagged so many people and my two friends from Jakarta suddenly come to visit and I had to take them on a tour in my town and then  here I am!

I was in Korea for a short and sweet 4 and a half days. Then I spent 2 nights at my friend's house in Jakarta before I went to my dad's waterpark and then I'm FINALLY home.. Home sweet home. 
Anyway, here are a fraction of my days in Korea. This is day one. Enjoy!

a six and half hours flight, here we come!

arriving at Incheon Airport!

boarding on  a boat to get to Nami Island

Chicken BBQ lunch at Nami Island

Winter Sonata (a well-known Korean drama TV show) was shot in this island

It was so hot we need to cool down with ice cream! Look how tall the ice cream is!

this is just darling. I want to live in Petite France!

the kind 'ahjussi' (a formal way to call male elder) explaining about how they make dried seaweed

on the second floor, we can wear hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and take pictures!

I feel at home with this outfit, I don't want to take it off!
shabu-shabu for dinner
after checking-in, a few of house went out to wander around our hotel which is located around Hongik Univ area
street food : tteopoki
 And that's all for now.
Come back for Day 2 on Wednesday! <3

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