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Karina Kurniawan

Congratulations, dear

Will email and directmssg you in a sec :)

Her quotes is so profound and so true. Love it.

"we are all little weird and life's a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,we join with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love -anonymous"

To other candidates, thank you so much for your participation

Your quotes are all incredible
I'm sending all my love to you

Stay in tune for another giveaway! *sometime in the future, I spotted a cute belt today on my shopping trip*

A Beachy Taste in The Middle of The City

For all of you Bandung peeps out there, you should definitely check out this cafe. Azzura.
It just opened and as I sat on the white chair with blue cushion, I'm in the mood for lying around on the beach.


I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

It's a song I just discovered. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
Listen to it here

"I'm forever blowing bubbles
Pretty bubbles in the air
They fly so high
Nearly reach the sky
Then like my dreams they fade and die"

Maja House

Went to Maja House for a night out a few days ago. Can't say I have great pictures. It was too dark and I was too incompetent to take decent pictures. Most are blurry. Some I manage to save.

Little White Dress

Below are pictures of designers sketch for Bella's wedding dress on Breaking Dawn movie.

Down The Rabbit-Hole : An Alice Inspired Post

"ALICE was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank and of having nothing to do"

 "--and burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it, and was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the hedge."

"Very soon the Rabbit noticed Alice, as she went hunting about, and called out to her in an angry tone, `Why, Mary Ann, what are you doing out here? Run home this moment, and fetch me a pair of gloves and a fan! Quick, now!' "

Anniversary, Quotes, and My 1st Giveaway

Happy one month anniversary, dear blog! Okay, technically, it is a little late. It should be 5 June but I was too preoccupied with . . . stuff.
Anyway, to share this great merriment, I thought I would do a little giveaway.  *Participating on PhieGarage's giveaway has educated me to do this*

I wore this similar necklace a few posts ago but with different picture. Mine was Alice with Mr. Rabbit. While this one has a twin with wings, trapped in a bird cage. It's sort of creepy. But when I saw this, I thought it looks really cool.

The Weather Needs To See A Shrink

In the morning, it was actually toasty and warm. And when I exited the theater, it was raining and windy. I think the weather needs to see a shrink for a serious amount of time. 

What's your summer color? I'm really liking this color. I'm not sure what its name though. I suppose, green pastel?

cross ring, Forever21; other rings, Miss Selfridge

jumpsuit, Bali Island ; peacock necklace, Forever21; bag, Charles&Keith; sandal, Charles&Keith, watch, Singaporean street market

Check out my sis's ring. It's a bunny!

Great Minds Think Alike

That was the only thing that came up to my mind when I saw me and my sister were wearing the exact same clothes. From the Bali top, to the black legging, to the Longchamp bag. Unbelievable. Thought it was rather funny. I felt like I was six years old again. Back in the days, our mom loved to dress us in the same dress with different colors. Or the same overall with different pictures. Hilarious.

top, Bali Island ; legging, unbranded; bag, longchamp; sandals, Charles&Keith


Apologies for the low quality of the pictures. I didn't have the mean to documented my outfit today. (I was a little nervous to see the blood test result) But this happen rather rarely. So I feel obligated to post. 
You see, my sister and I, we're not that much alike. In a fashion department. I only borrowed her clothes about 5x for all my life. So to have a matching outfit like this. It is definitely worth a post.

Give A Way!

So I thought I try my terrible-bad-reputation luck on this giveaway. (Trust me, Bella Swan, even with vampires and werewolves around her,  is much more luckier than I am)

These rings are so lovely and irresistible!

Click THIS LINK to join the giveaway. Who knows my bad luck is your good luck?

It's PhieGarage's first giveaway! Let's show some love!


I'm done looking for summer and settle for whatever it is that the weather offers. And today, it was raining almost all day with heavy winds. Therefore, my decision to wear shorts was a catastrophe. Good thing I wore a long-sleeve (I had some minor flu) . Oh. The irony! Long-sleeve on summer. But as I said, I make my peace. 

top, online store ; shorts, unbranded ; watch, singaporean market street ; ring, a hand-me-down from my aunt, studded bag, Charles&Keith ; studded flats, Rubi

While waiting for our chauffeur to pick us up, me and my sis took some pictures. Twas a fun chilly day!

The Green Who Stole My Heart

I feel very green today. You know, due to the all green on me. Green forests are more and more decreasing. I love green. Anyway, less leaves mean less oxygen. And that's why global warming is happening. And I think global warming is an extremely concerning topic. I do all sort of  things that I'm capable of to slow that process. Though I can't take shower for LESS than FOUR MINUTES. I mean, seriously, who showers in 4 minutes? I need at least fifteen! I suppose if you're in a hurry that's permissible. And I had two cup of coffee today. So ignore my babbling.

hat, unbranded ; necklace, design by Aki ; ring, vintage ; t-shirt, Zara ; skirt, Gaudi ; wedges ; Charles&Keith

I'm not sure why, but I think wearing my hat like this is a little creepy.

I found this hat and this Alice in Wonderland necklace on my shopping trip yesterday. And that's a watch from my latest trip to Singapore. Anyway, after I-lost-count-times of visiting Singapore. I FINALLY took pictures in front of Merlion statue. It's the symbol of Singapore. You know that Singapore actually comes from "Singa" and "pore". Singa is a lion. And "pore" means country. So it's a country of lion. Boy, that's not intimidating at all! Anyway, I had fun there. Had some cute purchases too. I bought three watches. I have a thing with watches. I wear them everyday. Therefore it's absolutely understandable why I bought three watches.

Oh, and that's my mom. It was just the two of us. And I think I spent less than 36 hours there. As I said, it was a very short trip. But it was worth the exhaustion. I got to breathe new air and feels new atmosphere. Met new people. Met a cute cashier guy at an Indonesian restaurant. And met that taxi driver I met last March when I was visiting too. Oh, and shopping of course.

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