I'm done looking for summer and settle for whatever it is that the weather offers. And today, it was raining almost all day with heavy winds. Therefore, my decision to wear shorts was a catastrophe. Good thing I wore a long-sleeve (I had some minor flu) . Oh. The irony! Long-sleeve on summer. But as I said, I make my peace. 

top, online store ; shorts, unbranded ; watch, singaporean market street ; ring, a hand-me-down from my aunt, studded bag, Charles&Keith ; studded flats, Rubi

While waiting for our chauffeur to pick us up, me and my sis took some pictures. Twas a fun chilly day!


  1. thanks for the comment, you're way too sweet! :) and i always feel weird when i wear long sleeves in the summer as well, haha. at least you look fantastic!

  2. same weather here. it's also been raining too! lovely shoes btw :)

  3. I love the photographs !
    You have skill !!

    Care to follow me back ?

    Alice H :D

  4. Adorable photos! I like your top, despite the long sleeves :D

  5. oh jeez :D love the accessories and the photos ^^ so fun!


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