Out of Goodbyes

This picture is meant to be blurry, my darling bloggers (a complete lie. I had no idea it was blurry from camera little screen!) to add a little sense of mystery and coolness. Oh my. I can't even lie correctly anymore! That is not a good sign.

Somehow I managed to steer away from self-absorbing and vain activity of taking pictures of myself with my camera. And I found myself not missing it. How sad! I sincerely apologize for all unreplied comments. I'll get back to you soon! And sorry for the boring indoor pictures. This thesis thingy is crazy. Good news is, I'll be free as soon as 15 December (due date to collect soft copy of myt hesis) whether it will be a good news ("I finished it!") or a bad news ("I didn't finish and forced to extend." Hopefully not!) I will be back to my regular blogging schedule.

For now, I'm out of goodbyes!

I have been obsessed with baby collar lately and finding myself buying tops with that type. I never really like spotty stuff. I don't think I owned anything polka dots except for this top (since it has a baby collar!).

Another dancing video! I know. I have been quite addicted to this useless activity. Somehow I found myself able to dance to 7 songs right now! Here is one of them. And it's an old song. But it is super catchy and super . . . meaningless. But fun anyway! The song is Bo Peep by T-ara.

Cause My Friends, They Are So Awesome

I have to change my thesis topic! I'm practically dying right now. But my friends quickly shot me with ephinephrin and bring me back to life. They are awesome.

A friend of us is having her birthday today!! She's 20 and she's the cutest thing. She invited all of us for a birthday lunchie at Nanny's Pavillion. My aim was of course, comfort, but also chic laid back. Hence, the blazer and the shorts. And I was really tempted to wear heels, but opt for my yellow flats.

It's been a while since I post a hang out post (what?). So here it is. City Walkers Part 2 will be uploaded soon! (although, don't get your hopes up).

That's her and her boyfriend. Happy bday, Drin! *kisskisshughug*

City Walkers Part 1 : Outsiders

A little stressed out about my thesis (I hope you are not bored with that sentence). Our new thesis supervisor is what we have been expecting. Unfortunately, he does not like my topic. And I'm on the brink of extinction. If I have to change my topic, I won't have enough time, and.. well.. let's just say I'd DIE. I need your prayers, my sweet fellow bloggers!

But who cares about that, right?
Last week me, my sister, and a friend took a little trip to Jakarta Old Town. It was a two hours drive and the traffic was terrible! I felt really bad for my friend who was driving. But the trip was absolutely worth every damn minute we spent in the traffic. We had tons of fun there. Just being a complete tourist.

Jakarta Old Town is a little piece of past left in the middle of a metropolitan city.
There were museums as well. Indoors pictures are coming up! (next week of course. I haven't find the urge to blog lately. I have to force my lazy ass to sit and arrange words. Will always reply comments tho cause your comments are keeping my spirits up *winkwink*)!

It Is Important Not Necessarily To Be Strong, But To Feel Strong

It is obviously someone's quote. I think it was Christopher McCandles who said that (yes, I watched Into The Wild way too much). I just like that sentence. 

For a short girl like me, I definitely have no horse power strength. But I'd like to believe that I have a strong heart that would endure through anything. Whatever problems you have going through in your life, I hope we can rise above the occasions and soar like an eagle (err.. yeah. I watch too much Animal Planet). 

To be honest, my best advice is to always smile! And just keep a light fun spirit in your heart. And karaoke is like the best medication ever. Fighting, everyone!

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - Christopher Robin to Pooh.

I played with the colors a little bit. It turns out a little different. Althought somehow I like it!

Here's one with photographer of the day. I need to enslave him more *evilgrin*

The Magical Date and My First Vlog

I feel obligated to post on this magical date!! 10 October 2010. 10-10-10. I have to be quick tho. I only have 10 minutes left! Oh, I don't think I can make it!

Five things you need to know before watching this video :
1. The song is How Come by Brown Eyed Girls. You can watch the original version here .
2. I'm coordinately challenged. So do excuse my awkward movements
3. This is just for fun
4. Do let me know if you don't want to see this . . . ummmm . . . 'form' of self-expression. For example : omigosh, your movements are dizzying (quite literally). You should just stick to stoic pictures, honey!
5. Again, this is JUST FOR FUN

I promise I'd come back on Tuesday/Wednesday with a real post.

Oh, and I just watched Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps. Click here for a review. No spoiler, I promise!

Yup, just passed this magical date. How sad! This video uploading thingy is quite a test of patience.

Baby Collar

I think that's the right term. Some call it Peter Pan collar. I really think baby collar sounds better!
After two and a half months of waiting, this dress finally finished! I love how this dress turns out. It fits me perfectly. I just added a little white belt for a shape. And voila!

My sister, her friend, and I, managed to squeeze in a little time last weekend to do this photoshoot.
I have always wanted to shoot around this ... er... little wall-less house? I'm not sure what it is called. I know it's Indonesian name "saung" but I have no knowledge about how international people call it. Oh well.. Architectural terms has never been my strongest suit (remember the "balcony" and "porch" thing?)

But anyway, there were rumors this place is rather dangerous because there is a crazy person who likes to hang around here from time to time. However, I was really curious! Hence, we braced ourselves (and our chaffeur as a backup force) and prepared to run to our car as soon as there's a strange sighting. Luckily, it was a smooth sailing! No scary lunatic around. Ah.. The things we do for beautiful pictures!

There is an exciting news! Wikifashion created a page for me. Thank you, Wikifashion!
Wikifashion is  project created for and by the fashion community. It was created out of the desire to have a central location where fashion lovers can find and catalogue information (including photos and videos) related to anything fashion. Do check out their web and contribute!
I know it's silly (since they probably create a page for a gazillion people per day) but I think it's so cool that someone that I don't know recognize me and my little blog. It's an amazing and warming feeling!

I have a strange fascination with vintage beetle cars. Perhaps because I was so addicted to Mr. Bean series (he is just too funny!). Everytime I see one parked and nobody's around, I always want to take pictures with it! And there were TWO of them. Jackpot!

It's almost 1 AM. I really really need to finish my chapter 3 and go to bed. Oh, I have to wrap a giveaway gift for my thesis supervisor. Yes. She is leaving is in the middle of the chaos. But she will be replaced. I'm not sure on why she is leaving. She was crying so I don't have the heart to judge (hence, the giveaway gift, I feel bad that she cried! Although it wasn't because of me). I just hope her replacement is a much qualified (and more caring or helpful to his/her students!) supervisor.
Wish me luck, bloggers!

Love Binds Everything

Thank you for all your kind get well soon wishes. I'm all better now!

It has been a while since I read a good book. The last one was The Host by the very brilliant Stephenie Meyer. And before was heart wrenching The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. 
For now, I'm currently immersed with Sophie's World. It's an amazing book by Jostein Gaardner about a basic guide to philosophy through a 14 year old eyes, Sophie. 
It was first published in 1991 and has been translated to another 53 languages. 
If you happen to stumble upon this book, do take it home with you and read it. It's rather deep and poignant. My kind of book!

The title of this post came from this book. I read the Indonesian version, so this is a rough translation according to my rather poor English :
Empedocles believed that there are two forces that work in nature. He called it love and quarrel. Love binds everything, meanwhile quarrel, tears everything apart.

How very true!

Anyway, here are pictures from a couple months ago during a photo session at SIS. Our photographer FINALLY release it. LOL. Enjoy!

Under Medication

I was sick since last Wednesday. Like can't-get-out-of-bed sick. My mom had to come all the way from Bandung just to take care of me. I went to the doctor after 2 days of fever and now I'm currently under 5 different medication and pills (and one eardrops, I have an ear, nose, and throat problem) which I have to take every 8 hours. I believe the pills have some sedative effect cause I dooze off every now and then. And it's extremely difficult to stay up.

 (taken from my 7s mini fuji instax. I should show it off to you sometimes!)

I took the pictures a few weeks ago. I never get around to post them because.. Well.. I forgot. I'm sure I had a good reason not to post it before.. I guess I had better pictures back then.. 


Did the stupidest thing!
I think staring at numbers and financial statements for hours increase my clumsiness level.
I accidentally deleted my blog roll!

Anyway, for international and local bloggers who has linked me, would you kindly email me at steviatepi@gmail.com with your blog link? 
I tried to traced back. But it's so difficult. I would hate to see any of you who has exchanged link with me not linked back! So please do contact me.
And anyone who wants to exchange link, you should absolutely email me too :)
So sorry for the foolish act of me!

We Sit, We Eat, We Talk, We Love

I had the bestest time with some of my favorite people yesterday. 
I won't say much, you can check out the story here.

I wore my favorite lace top and a tiered skirt and a white wedges.
Added a ring and a bangles to complete the look. And of course, a watch.
I had comfort and cute in mind. 
I think I accomplished it quite well.

Newly 21

Yes, I'm officially 21 years old now. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures as I was too busy accepting "happy birthday", saying "thank you" in return, poured with hugs and kisses, trying to juggle my presents with one hand and shaking hands with another. 
The party was a huge success. I love my big family. Almost all of them came. And it was nice celebrating my birthday with so much love around me.
Although I did blinded with some camera flashes. It was uncles or cousins perhaps. I'd get back to you if I get a hold of their pictures.

I feel an outfit post has long overdue. So here it is. I'm still preoccupied with my thesis. But I managed to get up super early (6 a.m. That's like dawn for me) and took these pictures (yes, I feel super guilty abandoning my blog for so long I force myself to get out of bed)

There were joggers and dog walkers. They stare a little bit. But after 5 months of blogging, I have learned to be oblivious.

And the sun finally high in the sky. 
I have to admit, I enjoyed the photo session very much. It's usually really hot around here (even when it is fall) except when it's raining. But in the morning, the weather was so clean (it was raining really hard last night) and fresh and surprisingly chilly!

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