Cause My Friends, They Are So Awesome

I have to change my thesis topic! I'm practically dying right now. But my friends quickly shot me with ephinephrin and bring me back to life. They are awesome.

A friend of us is having her birthday today!! She's 20 and she's the cutest thing. She invited all of us for a birthday lunchie at Nanny's Pavillion. My aim was of course, comfort, but also chic laid back. Hence, the blazer and the shorts. And I was really tempted to wear heels, but opt for my yellow flats.

It's been a while since I post a hang out post (what?). So here it is. City Walkers Part 2 will be uploaded soon! (although, don't get your hopes up).

That's her and her boyfriend. Happy bday, Drin! *kisskisshughug*

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