February Favourites

Hi, guys!
I know you probably tired of hearing this, but I don't have that many stuff this month. But hey, at least I post on time! If you read my previous post, it has been a pretty busy month for me so I haven't really bought anything new. The eyeshadow palette, liquid lipstick, and the book were all pre-ordered stuff from January. While the nail polish I had for about a few months. But without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of February.

Year of Earth Dog + Life Update

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it!
Year of Earth Dog for this Snake right here seems to be a good one. Although I'm not one to believe in horoscopes either it be the normal zodiac or Chinese zodiacs, it does cheer me up to read about nice things 2018 has in store for me.

It feels weird this year since I'm on the other end of the equation. Instead of receiving hong baos (red envelopes with money in it), last weekend I was busy giving away hong baos. And of course I'm grateful that my husband and I are in a position to give money but it still stings, not gonna lie. Especially since we are on a finishing stage of our new home, money is tight these days. But I'm not going to dive into that sensitive topic. 

ColourPop She Palette Review

Happy Valentine, guys!
Or Galentine, if you're still single, which is totally cool. I actually loved being single. It has so many perks such as you have all this free time to do anything, to wear anything, to eat anything as you please without your significant other blurted out comments that most often than not, bruised your ego. But you know, being married is super fun too. It's like slumber party every night. All in all, just be grateful for what you have.
Anyway, that is a very long introduction. I'm here to talk about ColourPop She Palette from Fem Rosa Collection; which is a collaboration with Karrueche  (American actress & model). I know I'm late to the game since this palette was launched last July but these shades are so perfect for Valentine that I couldn't resist to pick up one last January.

Strolling Around Notting Hill & Tea Time at Sketch

Hi, guys!
I am still coughing and sniffing, my acupuncturist suggest 3 days bed rest so I'll be ready for the upcoming Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. Which I will do while blogging on the bed obviously. But anyway, these set of photos are my second favourites right after my Dean's Village and Circus Lane photos. 

2 Days Edinburgh Itinerary

Hi, guys! 
I have been having cold and cough in the past two days but I'm feeling better now which is why I forced my drugged ass brain to type this post because if I don't, we might never see the end of my UK Trip posts. LOL. So here are our itinerary for 2 days stay in Edinburgh.

January Favourites

Hi, guys!
I don't have that many favourites stuff this month but I did found some new items that I love and worn throughout the first month of 2018. So here it is, without further ado, a few of my favourite things in the month of January.

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