2 Days Edinburgh Itinerary

Hi, guys! 
I have been having cold and cough in the past two days but I'm feeling better now which is why I forced my drugged ass brain to type this post because if I don't, we might never see the end of my UK Trip posts. LOL. So here are our itinerary for 2 days stay in Edinburgh.

Day One

We took the train from Liverpool and around four hours later, arrived at the historical city of Edinburgh. We had an uneventful lunch consisted of sandwich and chips inside the train and took an uber to our hotel (Ibis Hotel Southbridge, I highly recommend this hotel, right in the middle of the city and a Costca next door!). After checking in, it was already around 3PM so we took a walk and soak in the loveliness of this Scottish city. 

After the walk, we took an Uber once again to Camera Obscura. It's a 5 stories building with lots and lots of fun interactive things to do. I had fun for sure and for 15 pounds per person, it wasn't a bad price really. My favourite thing about this place is definitely its rooftop. We get to see the skyline of Edinburgh and also, the view of the castle!

You should definitely add Camera Obscura as a place to visit when you're passing by Edinburgh. After that we had dinner at Thai Orchid which is just across the street from Camera Obscure. The food was okay but nothing great. I do however, appreciate that there's Asian food here.

After dinner, we went to Prince Street for some light shopping at Primark and I spent 40 pounds in one go at a drugstore that sells cheap make up at Superdrug. Yes, write it down ladies, you do not want to miss great bargain stuff in this store.

Day Two

The next day was one of the highlight of my trip : Edinburgh Castle! 
Read all about my visit there by clicking here.

After the castle, we had lunch at Makars Gourmet Mash Bar and had the best coke and whiskey drink. I highly recommend you to try! We just ordered a shot and ordered another cola and just mix it to our own liking. Obviously, mine probably only have like two drops of whiskey and half a glass of coke. LOL.

We then took another Uber ride to Circus Lane and Dean Village which you can read all about these two picturesque places by clicking here.

Next stop was The Elephant House cafe a.k.a the birthplace of Harry Potter. The place was packed but we managed to get a table at the front area. The back area was full since it's where J.K. Rowling used to sit and draft the storyline for Harry Potter with the view of Edinburgh Castle. We shared a slice of red velvet and then off we go to our next destination.

One thing tho, how quaint is this bathroom? The Elephant House cafe' bathroom was filled with scribbled of Harry Potter related writings. Either it be a line from the book, or just a love note to Harry Potter world in general.

From the cafe, we just roamed around the area and trying our best to capture the beauty of Edinburgh both by our own eyes and also our camera, of course. I mean, how gorgeous is that pinky sunset sky?

We ended our last full day in Edinburgh with a walk among the trees at Prince Street Garden and just admiring Scott Monument from every angle. We had an uneventful dinner at this Chinese restaurant which will remain nameless since I wouldn't recommend this overpriced place that doesn't taste good at all.

Next day we were on our way back to London!
Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a fun, cold-and-cough-free weekend.


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