One of Those Days

Just a short and sweet post!
I have a loooong day ahead of me. It's one of those days where I have to bring my homework to work, hopefully will be able to sneak in shower in the afternoon, and fighting my urge to sleep at a night class with my non-stop runny nose. Oh yes, it is one of those days that I don't wish to have it any other way.

Anyway, thanks to Fhenny from Style Frontier for this tres chic watch which I won from her giveaway. Merci, Mademoiselle :)
Plus, this top is a hand-me-down from sissy. Visit her blog at Little Thing About Life!

Wishing everyone a more relaxing day than mine!

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flower headband - thirfted, vintage top - from sis, denim skirt - Topshop, heels - Rotelli

The Shape of Things to Come

I hope all of you had a good week so far!

Mine has been a tiresome one and I have been feeling expectionally unenergized lately, hence, the lack of post. Boohoo. Days have been longer yet I feel like I don't have enough time to rest and just do things out of leisure without watching the clock. But well, dreams don't come cheap, darlings! Things are really coming into shape and I am super excited for this project we are doing. I definitely will share the great news when it's ready :)

Absolutely in love with this bag. I especially adore the soft blue color and the delicate white ruffles! Wonderfully vintage. I also seem to develop more and more love for anything pink. Oh the horor! said my 20 year old self. Never really liked pink until two years ago..

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend!
Yes, it's one day away..

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white shirt - vintage, pleated midi skirt - c/o Auburn and Ginger, ring, blue vintage bag, and pin - c/o, pearl bracelet - H&M, pink heels - The Little Things She Need, 

A Smile Speaks Them All

~Happy Valentine's Day, all~

I guess a post is long over due!
My sincere apologies for falling off the grid of blogging. You can visit as I am regularly blogging there as a contributor! :)

"There are hundreds languanges of love around the world but a smile speaks them all" - Unknown
Have you smiled today?

Do you know, it takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 muscles to smile? According to, smile is really good for your health! It boosts your immune system because you are relaxed, it releases endorphin which is a pain killer, it also releases serotonin which is a "feel-good" hormon. Not to mention, smile makes us approachable and attractive. And most importantly, smile is our own most natural Patronus (if you don't know this term, go watch all Harry Potter movies right now)! Try to smile, and then try to think something negative but keep that smile. It's impossible right? It's definitely proven that smiling keeps you away from negative thoughts. And you know what they say, your life is only as good as you think it is.

As the very wise Mother Theresa once said "For the smile is the beginning of love"
So smile often, my dearest, and let spread the love cause I do believe there's no such thing as too much love.

Have a very smiley day!
(Although yes, another Monday is upon us, do remember to smile)

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top, earrings, belt, and bag - c/o, skirt - Maize, sandals - Charles&Keith

Traditional Valentine for a Redefine You

Hello, lovey dovey people!
Valentine's Day is only less than three days away. Have you found your V-day outfit? Besides the usual pink and floral prints, why not wear something more traditional and ethnic-y? Trust me, you'll still get the romantic vibe. Here in Indonesia, we are best known for our batik and Dhievine, a new local brand is presenting batik in an enchanting and youthful way!

Dhievine is an online store based in Semarang which provides batik apparels and also charming accesories. All of their designs are truly unique and even quaint in some way, thanks to the endless choices of patterns from batik. All of their items are carefully and thoughtfully made by experienced crafters. They also produces very limited number for each item hence you will find no copycat around you! What's more fun is, Dhievine provides design and sewing service on their workshop (do make appointment first). Just click Dhievine Contact Page for more details.

I had a chance to wear their batik skirt (see here and here) and I absolutely adore how the fabric is so smooth and silky against your skin. My last experience with batik had been a very ithcy one and even a smelly one. I'm sure all Indonesian who was obliged to wear batik every Friday understands! However, no worries when you are buying Dhievine items! Their batik doesn't smell at all and it's very light making it perfect for our tropical weather.

Dhievine is launching their special Valentine collection soon! Only 8 designs! Two tops, two mini dress, two long dress, and two skirts. A very limited collection indeed.

Above pic is a personal favorite of mine because of the pretty pastel colors which reminds me a lot of spring! The patchwork stitches are hard to do since you need to think of which colors go with which colors!

The special Valentine collection is an absolute darling, combining batik with lace and tule fabric to create a rich and luxurious items. I love the laid-back designs which they are concentrating in since batik is usually correlated with formal occassions. I think this items will be perfect for a casual hang out with friends or a semi formal event  such as a sweet seventeen party. The price starts at Rp. 192 thousand until 309 thousand. I think it's a fair price for such a high-quality items!

Dhievine got their inspiration for design from Indonesian villagers back in the day where they wear batik to the rice fields and also to the parties. I think they are trying to combine both looks and create an item which is versatile yet very wearable, both old school yet very "now". When you put it on, you will feel classic, yet cute, maintaining the tradition with elegance.

Do visit their Dhievine website for more batik galore. And mark your calendar on 14th February for the launching of Special Valentine Collection!

Have a nice day, all!

China Doll

Along with the new blunt bangs, I acquired a new nickname as a "doll". I don't like labeling people, but this one is actually flattering! One of my dream was to married Ken cause he has the most perfect hair and teeth and always seems oh-so-fashionable.

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrates it. May all of us have a prosperous year ahead. Gong Xi Fat Choy!

I will be spending the Lunar New Year with my big family in Jakarta. We don't pray to the ancestors anymore but we really love the tradition of gathering in one of the eldest son in the family (since my grandparents are gone, except for my adorable grandma from my mom's side :)) and just catching up on everything.

Wishing all of you a very oriental weekend!

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cheongsam top - (X)SML, brown belt - CottonOn, nude highwaist shorts - Velvet, kitten heels - Rotelli

Sunshine Corporate

I love big breakfast and I can not lie..
This one from Hummingbird is a must try. Although you have to share it with someone because it is way too fulling! And, what a better way to start the day than wearing bright cheerful tonal color such as yellow and orange. Both colors remind me of the sun and I personally think it's important for all of us to always bring your own sunshine!

Have a jolly day all. 
And don't forget to eat your most important meal of the day :)

yellow shirt, belt, and watch c/o, skirt c/o Dhievine
collar pins - c/o Romwe, wedges - Zonzo

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For The First Time

Hello, blogger friends.
I hope everybody had a good weekend.
I feel like I have been a little distracted lately. I keep typing about clothes and what I think about the clothes but I never actually talk.. Is that even make any sense? 

Anyway, when was the last time you did something for the first time? It doesn't have to be big. Maybe the first time you successfully tackle that parallel parking. Or like me, presenting for XG News video for the first time. Which was weird and awkward but still, fun and a learning experience anyway.

There's a thrill when you are doing something for the first time. You don't know what you're doing. You don't know what's gonna happen. And you might even feel that old pal of fear creeping in. Most of the time people avoid things that they don't know. As humans, we are attracted to the familiar things in life because it's safe and we are just camping around in our comfort zone. And it's a trap. Trust me, comfort zone is scary because it feels and looks safe but it's actually keeping you away from all the things God has prepared for you. So yes, do things for the first time anytime you can. If it's not life threatening or against the law, by all means, do it.

First time baking that challenging Opera cake, first time camping under starlights, first time trotting that 15 centimeters high heels, first time you kiss, first day at work, or simply the first time you listened to one whole CD without pressing that next button! My point is, life is too short to not doing things. Most people I know regret things they didn't do and laugh off the silly or even the big mistakes they did in the past. has great tips when you are doing something for the first time. 1) Ditch the perfection! It's your first time, perfection is second. 2) Forget what others think. People are actually kinder than your brain thinks, when you are open about your inexperience, they will actually encourage you. 3) The time you spend doesn't matter. You are learning. Remember when you're a kid? Your mom was so patient teaching you all those alphabets. Give yourself a break. 4) Plan and prepare. If possible, plan and prepare as much as you can. You will gain more self-confidence! 5) Prepare for the second time. It doesn't hurt to take notes!
So might this Monday to come, we all will try something for the first time!
Do tell me what was the last time you did something for the first time? Or even better, your plan of doing something for the first time! :)

vintage blouse - Down Memory Lanes, flowery skirt - Gaudi, flower crown - Inspired by Luce, pink heels - The Little Things She Need, Gummy bag - c/o 

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Vacation Outfit + Klapa Bali Review

Daydresses are my achilless heels. I definitely will have difficulity to say no to a super cute daydress. They are just super practical and unfailingly reliable to make you look polished and chic yet casual at the same time. This one with the soft colors is a darling and there's a bow in the back but I forgot to take pic of the backside.. What's important is that you need at least one perfect daydress. It will look like you try to look good, but in fact, you don't have to think at all! You just put it on and you have a look. How convinience, right?

dress - c/o, bag - Gaudi, sunnies - Zara, watch - Guess, sandals - Marie Claire, hat - Bali

The pictures above were taken at the entrace of Klapa New Kuta Beach. It's a lounge resto with a pool. The place is absolutely worth to visit! The entrance fee is 100 thousand rupiah per person but you can exchange the entire 100 thousand rupiah for food and drinks which are not too pricey. It's quite standard cause with 600 thousand rupiah we were able to buy six drinks, two pizzas, one calamari, and one nachos. Not bad at all, right?

The views are absolutely breath-taking and the beach (you need to take stairs down to go to the beach) is even better then the one in Karma Kandara! Although the waves are bigger and there are more rocks. Didn't take any pics of the beach, unfortunately. The whole atmosphere is just super beachy and relaxed, like nothing can annoy you, well, except for the heat. But that's probably just because we went there at 12 o'clock. The waiters are all super helpful but food and drinks took too long to come out. And it wasn't even that crowded..

Hopefully everyone will have a great weekend!

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