Traditional Valentine for a Redefine You

Hello, lovey dovey people!
Valentine's Day is only less than three days away. Have you found your V-day outfit? Besides the usual pink and floral prints, why not wear something more traditional and ethnic-y? Trust me, you'll still get the romantic vibe. Here in Indonesia, we are best known for our batik and Dhievine, a new local brand is presenting batik in an enchanting and youthful way!

Dhievine is an online store based in Semarang which provides batik apparels and also charming accesories. All of their designs are truly unique and even quaint in some way, thanks to the endless choices of patterns from batik. All of their items are carefully and thoughtfully made by experienced crafters. They also produces very limited number for each item hence you will find no copycat around you! What's more fun is, Dhievine provides design and sewing service on their workshop (do make appointment first). Just click Dhievine Contact Page for more details.

I had a chance to wear their batik skirt (see here and here) and I absolutely adore how the fabric is so smooth and silky against your skin. My last experience with batik had been a very ithcy one and even a smelly one. I'm sure all Indonesian who was obliged to wear batik every Friday understands! However, no worries when you are buying Dhievine items! Their batik doesn't smell at all and it's very light making it perfect for our tropical weather.

Dhievine is launching their special Valentine collection soon! Only 8 designs! Two tops, two mini dress, two long dress, and two skirts. A very limited collection indeed.

Above pic is a personal favorite of mine because of the pretty pastel colors which reminds me a lot of spring! The patchwork stitches are hard to do since you need to think of which colors go with which colors!

The special Valentine collection is an absolute darling, combining batik with lace and tule fabric to create a rich and luxurious items. I love the laid-back designs which they are concentrating in since batik is usually correlated with formal occassions. I think this items will be perfect for a casual hang out with friends or a semi formal event  such as a sweet seventeen party. The price starts at Rp. 192 thousand until 309 thousand. I think it's a fair price for such a high-quality items!

Dhievine got their inspiration for design from Indonesian villagers back in the day where they wear batik to the rice fields and also to the parties. I think they are trying to combine both looks and create an item which is versatile yet very wearable, both old school yet very "now". When you put it on, you will feel classic, yet cute, maintaining the tradition with elegance.

Do visit their Dhievine website for more batik galore. And mark your calendar on 14th February for the launching of Special Valentine Collection!

Have a nice day, all!


  1. cute collection :)

  2. Dhievine is one of my favorite shop :-D

  3. Happy Valentine's day!
    such a cute collection!

  4. wow great !!!
    Maybe we follow each other!?
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  5. those are unique outfit. nice share :)

  6. those are unique outfit. nice share :)

  7. I do love it!

  8. Cute collections! Love the patterns and colors :)

  9. Super love all of the collections stev!! :)

    crunchy cheese me

  10. such an inspiring post,
    happy belated val's day ☺

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