Flower Bells

It is Wednesday and we are halfway through weekend! Yippie..
Is everyone healthy tho? My teachers are sick and even my manager was sick a few days ago! But everyone is all right now and I really starting to think my time is due. I feel slightly dizzy and nauseous now. Lying in bed for a few minutes before heading out for a karaoke night! 

How is your week so far?

headband - thrifted, collar - Fevelle, dress &belt - thrifted, sandals - Charles&Keith

I was lucky enough to find this store, Fevelle, where it sells a detachable collar. As you might well aware, I have a slight obsession over peter pan collar. Now that I have a detachable one, my obsession is well fulfilled. ;)
My sister and I found this flower bells everywhere around our house so we decided to held a mini photoshoot. Have you checked my sister's blog? If you haven't, you can click the picture of the girl with the brown hat on my left bar! 

I hope everyone stays healthy! Eat and sleep well, will you? <3

To That Place Where Flowers Bloom

How is everyone in blogsphere? 
My internet connection has been down again. Aish.. Seriously, I just don't want to complain anymore. Such a waste of a young heart don't you think? All sorts of nasty feelings like anger, jealousy, envy, and ungratefulness? I am just grateful that I still have my God, my faith, and my family. That is enough for me.

Lately I've been really into poems.. I watched a Korean reality shows where 7 men were required to make a poem. One of them has a 7 year old son with a heart condition and he dedicated a poem for him. Here's a fraction from what I remember..

"Let me be your dream when you're sleeping. 
Although I am far away, but I always want to be in your gaze...

Giving you a puppy like you wanted.
Always by your side.
So I can send you away to that place where flowers bloom."

I teared up like an idiot when he was reading his poem. And the fact that his son is in Philippines while he's in Korea makes it even more heart-wrenching. He wants to be by his son but he also has duty to fulfilled in Korea. My only hope is that there is some miracle and his son will be just fine. 

hat - Chaussure Modest, blouse - Miss Selfridges, skirt - Gaudi, stockings - a stand in Taman Anggrek Mall, oxfords - Marks&Spencer, bag - a gift shop in Ciwalk

Wishing everyone a thankful weekend :)
I will be away at Jakarta for the weekend but I'll try to squeeze in some time to do blogwalking!
Oh and thanks to my sister for taking this lovely pictures. She has such an eye. Do visit her blog. You will be pleased with her cheerfulness and lively words.

These Too, Shall Pass

Hello, dolls!
So I decided to attend the wedding anyway. It was held in Jakarta and we went straight home after the party so I am slightly sleep deprived right now.. However, I feel like sharing this story to you. I just love the message this story has. Now sit tight and listen carefully..

Once upon a time, a King called his trusty worn-by-age hammersmith and asked him to write something on his royal ring. The King said "Write something that you can conclude from you entire life experience so it will also be a life-lesson for me."

For months the hammersmith made the ring, and even more troublesome, thinking what to wrote in the ring. Finally, after prayers and fasting, he wrote what he thought was important on that royal ring and handed it to the King.

The King read the sentence with a smile, it says "THESE TOO, SHALL PASS"

At first, the King didn't get the whole grasp on what was written in the ring. However, someday, when he was in a deep thoughts about complicated royal issues, he read the writing on the ring, and he was suddenly felt less worried. "These too, shall pass," he repeated in his heart.

At another circumstances, when the King was having the time of his life, he also accidentally read what was written on the ring, and he became humble and contemplated what was around him.

These are all correct. When you are facing a giant problem or when you are over the moon about something, remember this sentence "These too, shall pass."
When you ponder on this sentence, it will lead you to a well-balanced life. Everything in this world is a deciduous leaf. Nothing lasts forever. Hence, when you are in trouble, no need to stress your head out, it shall pass. And when you are on the top of your game, enjoy it while you can, but be humble about it, because that too shall pass...

top - thrifted, necklace - vintage from Mom, skirt - Nikicio, bag - Hobsch, shoes - Sisterz

I purchased the skirt from Nikicio a week ago and I am so happy I splurged! Although it was already at 50% off I still think I spent too much money on a skirt. LOL. However, when I opened the package, I wasn't disappointed at all. The fabric is so soft and breezy and the pattern looks gorgeous, shimmering under lights. Ah love.. <3 

And regarding questions about my sister's camera mentioned two posts ago, her camera is IXUS 115 HS. Sorry for the late reply! I've been unbelievably busy lately. Boo..
I will stay busy until tests are over! So many homeworks and recap of chapters I have to do!
Perhaps by the end of December? Do bear with me, readers...

Daylight Robbery

Miss blogsphere so much!
I can't believe I've been isolated from the world wide web since Saturday.. And survived. LOL. Apparently, my modem was struck by lightning! It has been raining every single day all day long that my friends and I called Bandung as Forks (yes, that city from Twilight movie with its never ending rain) And earlier today the techie from the modem company finally came and did his magic.. 

I am well aware that daylight robbery is actually doesn't mean that a thief steal daylight.. But in this case, I think I will implement the literal meaning of this clause. It is just such a quaint term that I couldn't help to use it as the title. The day I took the picture, the light was strangely super cooperative resulting in whimsical pictures! I guess I would say I steal the lights into my pictures cause as soon as I finished with the photo shoot, rain fell!

 hat - Chaussure Modest, dress - JessJess Shop, accessories - all gifted from friends!, 
tights - White Shop, shoes - Bata

I can't believe it's halfway through weekend already! (actually, I can ;p) Two more days and we shall have our resting days, dear friends! I have yet another wedding invitation this weekend.. Not sure if I will come or not as I have the worst cramp right now.. Boo.. Going to drink a hot sweet tea and take a nap :)

How is your week so far?

Oh.. I noticed the new followers! I have to admit, that I am totally lame at replying comment :(
If you want a quick response, just tweet me @EscapeSweetest with your link and I will follow you back ASAP! <3

Back In The Days

Really love spending time with my family.. Teehe.. They really are God's given treasure.
Just some random pictures back in the days.. About a week ago, I guess.. Hope you like these pictures taken by my sis using her digital camera. Her camera has a lot of features and I am super jealous.. I borrowed her digicam like all the time.. ;p That's the benefit of having a sister right? You borrowed and lend stuff all the time you forgot which items belongs to whom.. The questions of "that's mine, right?" or "i think this is yours.. but I'm wearing it already. So.. I borrowed it for today, okay?" are basically our daily conversations..
Anyway, my sister has started a blog. She ditched ours to make her own blog and I am really happy that she started to understand the joy you get from knowing people all over the world by blogging and sharing a common interest :) Do click Little Things About Life and show her some love!

Using poster effect..

Fish-eye effect..

Toy-camera effect!

But my all time favorite is definitely miniature effect. The camera blurs everything above and below and only the middle area is focus..

Miniature effect of me wearing a top from Maize and a Topshop skirt with Pull&Bear bag..

This one is taken with color accent effect. Notice the black and white background??

That is all.. Hopefully not too much picture..
I have to go.. I have a wedding to attend to.. 
Happy weekend! <3


Good morning, lovely people!
I had a refreshing morning walk with my dog. It is such a nice therapy. Just you, your dog, and the crisp of clean morning air. Of course, exchanging smile with other dog-walkers and joggers make your walk even more pleasant. I had a small chat with a kind grandpa. He's 83 year-old and still do morning stretching everyday diligently! He has 3 cats and was worried my tiny dog will be overwhelmed. Thankfully, my dog is more interested with the kind grandpa than the cats! He praised my dog for being super handsome and super clean (haven't bathe him in 2 weeks thanks to rainy days.. Psssstt!). It is amazing how a small smile from a stranger makes your heart floats to the air..

top - Vintagers, belt - vintage from Mom, skirt - Bugis Market Street, Singapore, flatforms - Zonzo

I purchased this flatforms a few days ago and the first thought came in my mind is to paired it with my maxi skirt. Is that strange? I couldn't imagine a better pair actually.. ;)
The tan color of my flatforms seem to match perfectly with the green on my skirt. I just threw my comfiest loose top to finish it off. It comes out better than I had in my mind. Now can I get tips from you fashionista out there on how to wear a flatform? I can't think of any but dresses and this maxi skirt..

The flatforms looks better from the side, in my opinion! ;p

Layered with a leather jacket and this outfit is fall appropriate! It is sort of unexpected for me to wear a leather jacket. Yes? No? But I actually think the whole outfit works. Thoughts?

Little Blue Elephants

It's weekend! *dancing*
I am going out tonight but I thought I post this set of pictures that I took two weeks ago but completely forgetten in my so many folders that just said "set 1, set 2, set 3, and etc.." I'm up to set 15 now.. And when I was just about to delete some, found these! :)

hat - Mars&Venus, dress - Gaudi, denim jacket - Vintagers, shoes - Juice String

This jacket has been an essential piece to my wardrobe. I love the washed out color that creates such a vintage feel. I wear this item relentlessly that I guess.. the color faded away and it becomes even more washed out but I actually prefer it that way.. And with colder days coming up, I am all set with my denim jacket!

The dress is just super adorable and it has become one of my favorite dress. The length is perfect and the prints.. The little blue elephant prints are the one that made me fall in love in the first place. A dear friend gave it to me as a birthday present. She lives in Jakarta so the fact that she still remember my birthday let alone sent me a birthday present actually brought teary eyes the day I received the package. Worry not, when I see the dress, I was all smile again <3

Hopefully these little blue elephants make you smile as well!
Happy weekend.. ;)

Cookies for A Good Cause!

How was Halloween, bloggers? I can't wait to do blogwalking and see all your scary Halloween outfits <3!
I was originally planning to dress up as a scout girl.. Can you tell? But I couldn't find time (seems to be my biggest problem these past two weeks. Time oh time..) to make the sash with the badges and also I couldn't find the hat.. Oh well.. There's always next year. Besides, here in Indonesia, we don't really celebrate Halloween. Which is a huge relieve for me as I am not a huge fan of anything horror-related... ;p

hat - Fiore, top - D'fash Butik, belt - Cotton On, skirt - Bloopendorse
shoes - Juice String, box bag - TickTock Vintage

I cannot get over how comfy my shoes from Juice String are.. Besides the platforms and the heels, they manage to create a sense of walking in the clouds... Okay, I'll stop now. This is probably one of my favorite outfit so far. I love how the all brown colors seems to blend in together although they are all different shades of brown :)

What is your weekend plan?
For Bandung bloggers, I urgently suggest to go to Trademark at PVJ! (follow their tweet @Trademark_bdg)
I managed to went there an hour before opening party, (Nidya from Shimmer Bliss was kind enough to send me an invitation for the opening party which with a sad-heart I must declined due to my English course schedule!) thanks to my friend who is one of the tenant there. We sneaked in pass the security.. LOL. It seems there are a lot of gorgeous stores that will drained your bank account. Must keep my shopping-instinct in check!
My friend's store is DemigodDenim and there is also InstaxShop! The couple that owns InstaxShop is the cutest couple there is.. Seriously.. They are the perfect model for the store :)
Sending my love to both stores and yes.. all other stores!

Enjoy your weekend :)

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