Good morning, lovely people!
I had a refreshing morning walk with my dog. It is such a nice therapy. Just you, your dog, and the crisp of clean morning air. Of course, exchanging smile with other dog-walkers and joggers make your walk even more pleasant. I had a small chat with a kind grandpa. He's 83 year-old and still do morning stretching everyday diligently! He has 3 cats and was worried my tiny dog will be overwhelmed. Thankfully, my dog is more interested with the kind grandpa than the cats! He praised my dog for being super handsome and super clean (haven't bathe him in 2 weeks thanks to rainy days.. Psssstt!). It is amazing how a small smile from a stranger makes your heart floats to the air..

top - Vintagers, belt - vintage from Mom, skirt - Bugis Market Street, Singapore, flatforms - Zonzo

I purchased this flatforms a few days ago and the first thought came in my mind is to paired it with my maxi skirt. Is that strange? I couldn't imagine a better pair actually.. ;)
The tan color of my flatforms seem to match perfectly with the green on my skirt. I just threw my comfiest loose top to finish it off. It comes out better than I had in my mind. Now can I get tips from you fashionista out there on how to wear a flatform? I can't think of any but dresses and this maxi skirt..

The flatforms looks better from the side, in my opinion! ;p

Layered with a leather jacket and this outfit is fall appropriate! It is sort of unexpected for me to wear a leather jacket. Yes? No? But I actually think the whole outfit works. Thoughts?

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