These Too, Shall Pass

Hello, dolls!
So I decided to attend the wedding anyway. It was held in Jakarta and we went straight home after the party so I am slightly sleep deprived right now.. However, I feel like sharing this story to you. I just love the message this story has. Now sit tight and listen carefully..

Once upon a time, a King called his trusty worn-by-age hammersmith and asked him to write something on his royal ring. The King said "Write something that you can conclude from you entire life experience so it will also be a life-lesson for me."

For months the hammersmith made the ring, and even more troublesome, thinking what to wrote in the ring. Finally, after prayers and fasting, he wrote what he thought was important on that royal ring and handed it to the King.

The King read the sentence with a smile, it says "THESE TOO, SHALL PASS"

At first, the King didn't get the whole grasp on what was written in the ring. However, someday, when he was in a deep thoughts about complicated royal issues, he read the writing on the ring, and he was suddenly felt less worried. "These too, shall pass," he repeated in his heart.

At another circumstances, when the King was having the time of his life, he also accidentally read what was written on the ring, and he became humble and contemplated what was around him.

These are all correct. When you are facing a giant problem or when you are over the moon about something, remember this sentence "These too, shall pass."
When you ponder on this sentence, it will lead you to a well-balanced life. Everything in this world is a deciduous leaf. Nothing lasts forever. Hence, when you are in trouble, no need to stress your head out, it shall pass. And when you are on the top of your game, enjoy it while you can, but be humble about it, because that too shall pass...

top - thrifted, necklace - vintage from Mom, skirt - Nikicio, bag - Hobsch, shoes - Sisterz

I purchased the skirt from Nikicio a week ago and I am so happy I splurged! Although it was already at 50% off I still think I spent too much money on a skirt. LOL. However, when I opened the package, I wasn't disappointed at all. The fabric is so soft and breezy and the pattern looks gorgeous, shimmering under lights. Ah love.. <3 

And regarding questions about my sister's camera mentioned two posts ago, her camera is IXUS 115 HS. Sorry for the late reply! I've been unbelievably busy lately. Boo..
I will stay busy until tests are over! So many homeworks and recap of chapters I have to do!
Perhaps by the end of December? Do bear with me, readers...

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