Back In The Days

Really love spending time with my family.. Teehe.. They really are God's given treasure.
Just some random pictures back in the days.. About a week ago, I guess.. Hope you like these pictures taken by my sis using her digital camera. Her camera has a lot of features and I am super jealous.. I borrowed her digicam like all the time.. ;p That's the benefit of having a sister right? You borrowed and lend stuff all the time you forgot which items belongs to whom.. The questions of "that's mine, right?" or "i think this is yours.. but I'm wearing it already. So.. I borrowed it for today, okay?" are basically our daily conversations..
Anyway, my sister has started a blog. She ditched ours to make her own blog and I am really happy that she started to understand the joy you get from knowing people all over the world by blogging and sharing a common interest :) Do click Little Things About Life and show her some love!

Using poster effect..

Fish-eye effect..

Toy-camera effect!

But my all time favorite is definitely miniature effect. The camera blurs everything above and below and only the middle area is focus..

Miniature effect of me wearing a top from Maize and a Topshop skirt with Pull&Bear bag..

This one is taken with color accent effect. Notice the black and white background??

That is all.. Hopefully not too much picture..
I have to go.. I have a wedding to attend to.. 
Happy weekend! <3

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