Best of Summer

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting so scarcely these days. I have lost my mojo, I have to admit. But after staying away from laptop for two weeks, I do miss the keyboard sounds as weird as that might be. But anyway, it is officially fall and I thought we reminisce a bit about the hot season which has passed, which is the best of summer in my opinion.

Jakarta Aquarium Review

Swirls & Jewels Tank
Hi, guys!
Visited Jakarta Aquarium located at Neo Soho Mall about a month ago and I thought I share my experience there with you! We went there on a weekday so the place was not crowded but it wasn't empty either, there were definitely other people around so it doesn't feel spooky (considering how dim lighted every area is). Entrance fee was Rp 175.000 or around US$13. We got another discount, not sure what kind of discount it was, but we ended up paying only Rp 150.000 or around $11.

The place is much nicer than Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the entrance fee there was so much more expensive. It is quite spacious too! I did thought the aquarium would be a small one. There are upper and lower level. The upper level has more attractions than the lower level. So you'll enter on upper level and exit at lower level. Here is their map.

Those Summer Days

Hi, guys!
We are getting closer and closer to fall and now it's the perfect time to enjoy the last bits of those summer days. So bust out your favourite summery tops and rock them while the weather still allows it. Today I am partnering with Yoins to bring you a few tops that are just too perfect for those sweltering heat. 

First up is a cami or some people might call it tank top. There are so many options and it's so easy to rock this with your favourite shorts. I personally like white shorts for summer because of its versatility so any of this top will make my summer wardrobe complete. 

Another summer staple favourite of mine is a crop top and I love pairing them with them.. again, a denim short, preferably highwaisted. It's just so chic and fun and oh so summery. The cactus printed tank top is sooo cute I would wear it in a heartbeat. I included direct link to each items but if you want to see more of women fashion vest online, just visit Yoins.

August Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting a few days late. My cough seems to take #cantstopwontstop a little to literally. After the usual meds and two consecutive days of 9 hours sleep, I do cough less now, which is good. But anyway, enough talk about coughing, let's jump right in to some stuff that I have been loving in the month of August.

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